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    Unique FFXIV Media

    I want to make a thread where people post FFXIV media (Videos, Pictures, Music etc...) that puts FFXIV in a positive light (Cute, Funny, Cool etc...).

    Anything! .

    Many thanks to all the users who created/found such amazing FFXIV media, thank you for sharing them in this thread, and thank you for your hard work!

    Because the first post of this thread has reached its limit on characters allowed "The text that you have entered is too long (70559 characters). Please shorten it to 70000 characters long." I am forced to split up the organization of Unique FFXIV Media posters in to groups. I apologize for the inconvenience and please allow the links some time to load so they will direct you properly.

    If noticed any broken links/unavailable content, please leave a comment on this thread and I will update/fix or delete/remove it for better convenience. Thank you very much!

    Any NEGATIVE post will not be tolerate and will be deleted ASAP.

    Thank you for visiting this thread, please enjoy the amazing content that is posted here!

    Abadon Destroyer
    Chocobo Sculpture (Thread)
    Moogle Sculpture (Thread)

    Abriael Rosen
    A little something I made to wish everyone a happy Starlight Celebration (Thread)
    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Beta 1 & 2 Press Previews (No NDA Breaks here please) (Thread)
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Story Does Right What the Original FFXIV Did Wrong (Article)
    Final Fantasy XIV Players March to Their Final Battle (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 1: Beginnings (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 2: Awakening (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 3: Confrontation (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 4: A New Beginning (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 5: Madness (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 6: United (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Episode 7: End of an Era (Website)
    Final Fantasy XIV – The Story So Far – Extra Episode: Agent of Enquiry (Website)
    Preview: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – The Seedling of Rebirth Grows and Bears Fruit (Article)
    The Art of Making Final Fantasy XIV Even More Beautiful – A Celebration of MMORPG Creativity (Article)

    Aedida Aldricht
    Final Fantasy XIV heroes (Picture)

    Aegis Corona
    Aegis Faint (Video)
    Bone Ring crafted in Cernit clay (Thread)
    Little coblyn sketch (Picture)

    Aela Delphin
    Eorzea Reborn (Website)
    EorzeaReborn Column (Thread)

    Aguri Greygoose
    Flickr: Aguri Greygoose's Photostream (Picture Collection)

    Akane Maniax
    [FF] FINAL FANTASY XIV Celestial Fragment (Video)

    Aku Kami
    Fianl Fantasy XIV "New Quest" (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV "Not a Turtle" (Video)

    Alaltus Veventus
    The Lalanator (Picture)

    Alerith Rayneheart
    End of Bahamut [Fan Trailer] (Thread)
    FFXIV-Rally Against the Empire (Video)

    Alhanelem Amidatelion
    FFXIV photoshop in Cracked photoplasty contest (Thread)

    Alouei Aspelion
    Picture (Picture)
    Picture 2 (Picture)
    Picture 3 (Picture)
    Picture 4 (Picture)

    Altanas Aidendale
    FF14 Coerthas Journey to Clearwater Lake (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Trailer January 2012 (Unofficial) (Video)

    Altera Cephon
    Altera's orange swimsuit (Picture)
    Altera's white swimsuit (Picture)
    Bard AF (Picture)
    Babydoll's birthday (Picture)
    Babydoll's birthday draft 1 (Picture)
    Babydoll's birthday draft 2 (Picture)
    Chibi-Altera in bikini! (Picture)
    Chibi-Altera the Blackmage (Picture)
    Coffee or Red-bull? (Picture)
    Happy Birthday (Picture)
    Legacy swimsuit (Picture)
    Nyyaaaan (Picture)
    The Moontail family photo: Yuniko, Ayane, Altera and Linora (Picture)
    Tribute to Louisoix base (Picture)
    Tribute to Louisoix base updated 1 (Picture)
    Tribute to Louisoix base updated 2 (Picture)
    Tribute to Louisoix base updated 3 (Picture)
    Tribute to Louisoix base updated FINAL (Picture)

    Alto Erza
    Victor Fitzpatrick (Picture)

    Ami Yami
    FFXIV Windows 8 Icon (Thread)

    Andi Sorell
    Andi Sorell Portrait (Picture)

    Andrien Rousse
    Grand Theft Airship Eorzea (Picture)

    Anony Moose
    CG Midlander (Thread)
    [Loremonger] 1.X Lominsan Story Arc (Thread)
    Relationships of the Twelve (Thread)
    The Echo - Mechanics and Boundaries (Thread)
    The Lore Train at GamerEscape (Thread)

    Anor Enenndhu
    FFXIV : Les Remparts contre Garlemald (Video)
    FFXIV - Remparts : La fin de la sixième ère astrale. (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV - Remparts : Les dernières pensées d'Anor... WHAT ?! (Video)

    Antipika Fonewear
    Pika Team (Picture)
    Pika Team 2 (Picture)
    Pika Team 3 (Picture)

    Archie Adams
    Kazz got swag (Video)
    Lost in data migration (Comic)
    When I'm Bored ffxiv style [video] (Thread)

    Arkine Vanrien

    Rejected... (Picture)

    Artico Deazur
    FFXI-Artico's DeviantART Gallery (Picture Collection)

    Ashiee Horokeu
    Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV (Part 1) The Beginning-Leveling (Video Playlist)
    Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV (Part 2) Leveling and Quests (Video Playlist)
    Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV (Part 3) Endgame and Quests (Video Playlist)
    Let's Play Final Fantasy (Part 4) The Last Days (Video Playlist)
    My Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 Tribute Video (Thread)

    Aster Barnivere
    Aster's "BIGOT" Tutorial (Thread)
    Attack on Yoshi-P (Picture)
    Color Me! (Community Fun Event) (Thread)
    Happy Starlight Celebration (Picture)
    You're a Guildleve! (Community Fun Event #2) (Thread)

    Atamos Vesperae
    FFXIV - Demon's Fate of Nael van Darnus (Video)

    Avani Waters
    Picture (Picture)

    Ayeko Dreameyes
    FINAL FANTASY XIV - Answers (Piano) (Video)
    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - Black Shroud (Piano) (Video)

    Aylis Crescent
    Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage and Dragoon Caramelldansen (Video)

    Ayura Chocolat
    Ayura's game diary: FFXIV's albums (Picture Collection)

    Azarion Destinova
    FFXIV Chat: Voices Of The Ascended (Thread)
    FFXIV CHAT: Voices Of The Ascended Pod Cast #1 (Video)
    FFXIV Chat: Voices Of The Ascended #3 Starting Soon! (Thread)
    Google + Hang Out & FFXIV Discussion (Thread)

    Azee Sonneillon
    Yukata (Picture)

    Azmar Azurewrath
    I found my true companion for the Dalamud falling! (Thread)

    Azure Xanh
    All of Final Fantasy titles logos (5% FFXIV related) (Picture)
    FFXIV ARR Z (Picture)
    Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani - 09 (Picture)
    Invisible Man (Picture)
    Mor D'hona Crystals (Picture)
    Over 9000! (Picture)
    Proposal letter (Picture)
    Quality Test (Picture)
    The Azure Xanh Rangers (Picture)
    The Marmot Beater (Picture)
    Waiting (Picture)

    Azury Ariella
    Azury Ariella's Lore Compilation / Guide -- PLEASE CONTRIBUTE <3 (Thread)
    Pre-ARR LORE Guide! (Help Improve It!) (Thread)

    Belgian Rofl
    FFXIV Jail (Video)

    Bersha Pikmin
    FFXIV Dalamud PS3 [Fan-made] (Picture)

    Blazel Nox
    Final Fantasy XIV - Zero Fourteen Episode 1 (Video)

    Brittany Roseofmay
    ATB-Autumn Leaves AMV FFXIV (Video)
    FFXIV AMV Feint & Boyinaband (feat. Veela) Time Bomb (Video)
    Macro's for new players.. (Thread)
    Tribute to ATB & Final Fantasy XIV amv (Video)

    Buju Fya
    A.S.S. (Picture)

    Calaera Smith
    Making A Voice Heard In FFXIV (Video) (Website)

    Calory Mate
    Yoshi-P and minions (Picture)

    Cameron Alchierard
    Luneris Verneris Firefall Faire Celebration (Video)
    Luneris Verneris Happy Anniversary! (Video)
    Luna Veneris Intro (Video)
    Luneris VS Dodore NM (Video)
    Luna Veneris VS the Great Buffalo NM (Video)
    Luna Venris VS Uraeus NM (Video)

    Captain Subligar
    Ehh stuff I've drawn.... Mostly Subligars (Thread)

    Casslee Moonskar
    FFXIV - A New Era (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV - The Call of the Crystal (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV - The Call of the Echo (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV - The Seventh Umbral Era (Video)
    Goobbue Mount Video (Video)
    TribalCloudXI's channel (Video Playlist)

    Cedri Vastal
    Bad Jokes, Rimshots and Punnyness (Thread)
    Cedri's Coloring Book (Thread)
    Eorzea Trade Association (Thread)
    It Ended With Fire (Picture)
    Songs in your head:: (Thread)
    Violet_Solaria: Violet Voidgazing (Picture)

    Celethien Moonheart
    Celethien Moonheart (Picture)

    Cerulean Raven
    BLM lala. (Picture)
    Ifrit's Defeat (Picture)
    Lalafell WHM & Baby Chocobo (Picture)

    Cesil Rapture
    Final Fantasy XIV character info with Cesil Rapture (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV part 2 with Cesil Rapture (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV tips with Cesil Rapture (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV with Cesil Rapture (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV World of Warcraft Reborn? (Video)

    Chardut Mazzma
    Final Fantasy 14 screenshots (Thread)

    Chinook Sirocco
    I'll miss you (Video)

    Cin Lyhn
    Hydaelyn Live! Episode 0 - Barding, Minions, and and Mounts... oh my? (Video)
    Hydaelyn Live! Episode 1 - A Community Reborn (Video)
    Hydaelyn Live! Episode 2: A Realm Reborn: Now With Less Grinding?! (Video)
    Hydaelyn Live! Episode 3: Legacy Lo-Down (Video)

    Claudus Eiji
    Final Fantasy XIV: "The Beginning" (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: "Voyage" (FFXIV Scenery) (Video)

    Cloudio Onizuka
    Legatus Darnus questioned in Camp Horizon (Video) (Blog)

    Crim Soukyuu
    Crim Overdrive (Picture)
    FFXIV Group Firedance (Video)
    "It will be okay" (Picture)
    Ogre in a cylinder (Picture)

    Dagg Angier
    FFXIV Jobs Wallpaper 1920x1080 (Picture)

    Dalimin Dataru
    Crafting Durability (Comic)
    Crafting: Fulfillment (Comic)
    Crafting: Orange (Comic)
    Crafting Reforms (Comic)
    Crying Minstrel (Comic)
    Culottes (Comic)
    FFXIV - The Fate of Eorzea - Community Team Voice Over (Video)
    Firefall Faire (Comic)
    Firefall Faire: Recovery Operations (Comic)
    Is this a Bot? (Comic)
    Jump (Comic)
    My Little Wipe
    Playing Alone (Comic)
    Scraps: Bounty Hunters (Comic)
    Scraps: Woodpecker (Comic)
    That Might be Funny - 22 (Video)
    The Mask
    You are here (Comic)

    Dantha Kamo
    My Bard AF and Monk AF cosplay progress (Thread)

    Davorok Treewolf
    Memories of Eorzea: Video Edition (Thread)

    Death Caty
    FFXIV " The End " (Video)

    Death Stix
    Nobuo Uematsu - Twilight Over Thanalan (version for symphonic band) (Video)

    Diyne Ikapine
    Amg Miqo'te (Picture)
    Battling a peiste (Picture)
    Box turtles (Comic)
    Coblyn (Picture)
    Marmot will save us (Picture)
    Rikitiki (Picture)
    Sumo Goobbue (Comic)
    Theatrhythmn styled Cid (Picture)
    Theatrhythmn styled Diyne Ikapine (Picture)
    Theatrhythmn styled Midge (Picture)
    Theatrhythmn styled Yoshi-P (Picture)
    Too much dark-matter (Comic)

    Doctor Mog
    Doctor Mog's Youtube Channel (Video Collection)
    Letter From the Producer VII - 5/30/13 (Full) (Subtitled) (Video)
    The Mog Vlog (Let's grow the community) (Thread)

    Doho Fiasco
    Doho Fiasco (Picture)

    Dubstep Ninja
    Requiem for Limsa Lominsa (Video)

    Eagleeyes Siren
    Comic (Comic)

    Echo Aislin
    mclau.tumblr archive (Picture Collection)
    Write your character's name (Thread)

    Eiji Akiyama
    What could he possibly mean? (Comic)

    Eisen Gramul
    Gramul Signature (Picture)

    Eldaena Vonxandria
    War FFXIV AMV (Video)

    Eleen Mirzuk
    Challenge! Let's Make Yoshida on the Benchmark! (Thread)

    Endemerrin Rosethorne
    Animal crackers everywhere (Video)
    Blue Skies Adventuring Linkpearl Opening (Video)
    [Blue Skies - Legend of the Dream Shard] ~ Movie Trailer (Video)
    Curious George goes to the Bazaar (Video)
    Endemerrin on deviant ART (Picture Collection)
    Engineer Class (Picture)
    FFXIV Videos (Video Playlist)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Soul of the Adventurer (Video)
    Garlean naming conventions? (Thread)
    Outer Heaven Linkshell Opening (Video)
    RosethorneCinema's Channel (Video Playlist)
    The Grand Companies of Eorzea (Video)
    The Seventh Umbral Era - A Hero's Journey (Video)
    Touch-up comparison (Picture)
    Touch-up comparison 2 (Picture)

    Enki Oro
    FFXIV Bloggers Directory (Thread)

    Esumi Aoi
    ☆☆ Evil Sirens FFXIV Dragoon Cosplay as Esumi Aoi :3 ☆☆ (Thread)
    [ENG SUB] FINAL FANTASY XIV Cosplay-Act @ AniNite 2012 (Video)
    Final Fantasy By Evil-Siren on deviantART (Picture collection)

    Etoile Souhait
    =X (Picture)
    Hmph! (Picture)

    Evogolist Lunaire (Website)

    Fafnir Nidhogg
    *Kudos* Video Art on French Forums (Thread)

    Faris Ain
    【FFXIV】Moonlight Sonata (Video)
    Kan-E (Picture)
    Self-portrait (Picture)

    Feral Ren
    Final Fantasy XIV: Kiss Me Goodbye(Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth (Video)

    Fidi Fairlight
    60 People vs. Guardian of the grove (Treant) (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Magic Vol.1 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Magic Vol.2 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Magic Vol.3 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Magic Vol.4 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All Cutscenes of Instanced Raids, Strongholds, Primals & Sidequests (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All DoH & DoL Quest Cutscenes (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All DoW & DoM Quest Cutscenes (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All Grand Company Quest Cutscenes (Order Of The Twin Adder - Gridania) (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All Jobquest Cutscenes (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 1.x - All Main Scenario Cutscenes (Video)

    Flasher Fadetoblack
    FFXIV - Firefall Faire (game play of the event and some screens with the rewards) (Video)
    FFXIV - Fly me to the moon (Video)
    FFXIV - Imperial Attack (music: Distant Worlds) (Video)
    FFXIV - Limsa Lominsa all cutscenes (Video)

    Forra Descren
    Welcome Home (Picture)

    Freya Miqo
    The walking, running naked Miqo'te (Video)

    Gaven Bylander
    The Elite 2.0 (From the Ashes) (Video)
    The Elite of Hyperion

    Haziel Wishmaster
    ...Kupo? (Picture)
    Baby Haz (Picture)
    Adorable (Picture)
    FFXIV - 10 Months in Eorzea (Times Like These - Foo Fighters) (Video)
    FFXIV - Crazy Dreamtoad (Video)
    FFXIV - Run Away (Epic Sax Dance) (Video)
    Gobby (Picture)
    Hug me! (Picture)
    Let the bodies hit the floor - FFXIV (Video)

    Hiir Noivl
    1.0 Ul'dahn story arc (Thread)
    Basic Etiquette tips for people new to FFXIV (or MMOs in general) (Thread)
    Nael Van Darnus -- A Love Story (Thread)
    Out of the Ashes I (Blog)

    Ingolf Vogeler
    Final Fantasy XIV ~ The Final Hyperion March (Video)

    Inura Bera
    My Story (Blog)

    Irana Avindar
    I accidentaly the floor! (Video)
    Ifrit Bikini/reindeer run! (Video)
    SO CUTEEEEE (Video)

    Isaaru Durai
    FFXIV Dodore (Video)

    Ishtar Luthien
    Meteor Survivor Ai (Thread)

    The "Unique FFXIV Media" is officially sponsored by The Blue & Yellow Club: The Guild of Nakama [Hyperion]

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    some guys on Mysidia made this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eemeefu View Post
    This thread is not a beautiful or unique snowflake.

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    We have one as well, like 36 vids atm, WARNING* Most of them are in our "hour long" format. We also have several videos posted about FFXI, EVE, and "other" stuff^^. Let us know what ya think^^

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    Jake Roon
    Traveling Jake (Video Playlist)

    Jam Bacchi
    Don't Stay Away (Video)

    Jet Chan
    Aleczan Chibi (Picture)
    Arken Chibi (Picture)
    Gethyn Chibi (Picture)
    Halvaard Chibi (Picture)
    Jet Chan Chibi (Picture)
    Jinkazuya Chibi (Picture)
    Jynx Chibi (Picture)
    Leaping Jet Chan (Picture)
    Momoiro Chibi (Picture)
    Mogglebox (Website)
    Mooglebox Office (Picture)
    Rex (Picture)
    Shevien Chibi (Picture)
    Vyira Chibi (Picture)
    Zanel Chibi (Picture)

    Jinrya Geki
    Happy (Picture)
    Hate for Moogles (Picture)
    FFXIV Some-what Interactive Manga (Thread)
    Legatus Darnus GIF (Animated Picture)
    Letter (Picture)
    Letter 2 (Picture)
    QA Final (Picture)
    Reinheart Valentine the Subligarist (Picture)
    Seraphis Thrallwyn (Picture)
    Time for a walk! GIF (Animated Picture)
    Why Would you (Picture)

    Josh Hanson
    Eorzean Romance Under Dalamud's Shadow - Final Fantasy XIV (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV - Angry Ivan: Origins (Video)
    Impromptu Vacation at Costa del Sol (Video)
    PTB in a Nutshell (Picture)

    Justin Welch
    Devs Please Respond - Relationships of the Twelve (Thread)
    The First Umbral Eras (Thread)

    Kaedrian Liang
    Final Fantasy XIV Videos (Video Playlist)

    Kagato Jurai
    Kagato Juraiventures! Starring Kagato Jurai! (Thread)
    Show your main character (Beta Edition) (Thread)

    Kairi Sgheart
    FFXIV: The Journey (Thread)
    Final Fantasy XIV videos (Video Playlist)

    Kaminto Komouri
    Adventurers (Picture)
    Awkwardness (Picture)
    Congregation (Picture)
    Elezens needed (Thread)
    FFXIV-C.rafting R.ules E.verything A.round M.e (Picture)
    FFXIV: FIGHT! For Eorzea (Thread)
    Kam-tastic! (Video)
    Kam-Tastic: The FUN Video (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 02 (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 03 (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 03 Spread (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 04 (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 05 (Thread)
    Lalafell weekly 06 Special Edition (Thread)
    Minions (Picture)
    The Little People Have Spoken! (Thread)
    Quick Kam Comic Strip (Thread)

    Kara Ell
    Jordan got Nothing

    Kassandra Dawn
    Alothia Starkwood (in pencil)

    Katella Avenlea
    Building our Community with Balance (Blog)
    Building our community with Grace (Blog)
    Building our Community with Kindness (Blog)
    Eye on Eorzea: Building our Community (Blog)
    FFXIV Looting Etiquette Explained (Blog)
    I Remember FFXIV 1.0 (Video)
    Katella's Corner (Blog Website)
    Understanding your Square Enix Account! (Blog)

    Katie Omega
    Best Friends (Picture)

    Kato Kinko
    Fan art support for Final Fantasy XIV:ARR! (Thread)
    IGN blog. One of a kind MMO. (Thread)

    Katrine Youko
    Protectors of E o r z e a. (Video)

    Kaycia Eldren (Website)

    Keisuna Hidae
    ENOUGH! (Picture)
    Kei's Doodle Thread (Thread)
    Twiddle Dum (Comic)

    Kevven Swift
    Camden Valkyrie (Picture)
    Hipster Kevven (Picture)
    Kevven's Chronicles 001 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 002 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 003 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 004 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 005 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 006 (Comic)
    Kevven's Chronicles 007 (Comic)
    Kevven Swift Portrait (Picture)

    Kirol Blackgate
    FFXIV Screenshot thread! (Thread)

    Kittra Thelder
    Kittra's Crafting Dance Troupe (Video)

    Koryn Arcus
    The Official Menphina Magazine Thread! (Thread)

    Kouji Geki
    Awesome Screenshots go! (Thread)
    Bend over (Picture)

    Kula Vermillion
    Bomb, BLM, and Ifrit Paintings (Thread)

    Kuma Nikata
    FFXIV:ARR Online OST Album Cover (Picture)
    Lalafell Akuma (Picture)
    Story Teller (Picture)

    Kyeema Unkara
    Chibi (Picture)
    Chibi 2 (Picture)
    Chibi 3 (Picture)
    Dagaz (Video)
    Echo (Picture)
    FFXIV Cut Scene Collection (Video)
    Firefall Faire (Video)
    Lilith Higoshi (Picture)
    Llen (Picture)
    moments (Video)
    Mugi's Leve (Video)
    Sketch (Picture)
    Sketch 2 (Picture)
    Sketch 3 (Picture)
    Sketch 4 (Picture)
    Team Lalafell (Picture)
    The Fairy Tale NM Hunt FFXIV (Video)
    The Star Onions (Video)
    The Star Onions Group Photo (Video)
    Vash Llen Coram (Picture)

    Kylin Felstar

    Hydaelyn Role-Players (Website)

    Lady Eliniel

    Lady Eliniel final (Picture)
    Lady Eliniel progress (Picture)
    Lady Eliniel sketch (Picture)
    plexiglass 1 (Picture)
    plexiglass 2 (Picture)
    plexiglass Final (Picture)

    Lapulapu Surtur
    What's the story behind your character's name? (Thread)

    Leona Babydoll
    The Path of Straw (Picture)

    Licont Ashontear
    I have a Small Package.... (Video)

    Lina Lux
    Sketch (Picture)

    Linka Sunniva
    KittyLinka's deviantART Gallery (Picture Collection)

    Liones Neshi
    FFXIV Blacksmith sound mix (Video)
    Monk Ability Mix - FFXIV (Video)

    Lokhlae Askaem
    Dreams of Eorzea (Video)

    Loki Jortunn
    Orge Who Couldn't Walk (Video)

    Loki Vanheim
    FFXIV - L'Horloge des Douze (Video)

    Lolita Lollipop
    Lolita Lollipop Sketch (Picture)

    Loraith Asura
    Lets Play Final Fantasy XIV (Video Playlist)

    Lord Shadow
    Monster Family Questions for Fern (Thread)
    Need the Lore Forum's Help on something. (Thread)

    Lorelai Amalia
    In the Sky with Lorelai (Blog Website)

    Lost One
    More FFXIV Char Art! (Thread)
    More FFXIV Character art (Thread)

    Luna Mana
    Lunas Macro Guide... With extra ... (Thread)

    Luna Noxfleuret
    Final Fantasy XIV Doomsday Time-Lapse FFXIV 1.0 Dalamud Apocalypse (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Tribute Music Video Gridania FFXIV 1.0 (Video)

    Lunch Box
    A new FFXIV:ARR fan site in the works (Thread)

    Lute Nevan
    FFXIVbook (Website)

    Magnus Wolfwood
    A graphic design artwork of FFXIV ARR (Picture)
    Marauder logo (Picture)

    Micah Zerrshia
    The Gungnir March (Thread)

    Mihana Zhralyia
    The Twelve: Who were they...? (Thread)

    Mika Azatori
    Darnus Cosplay... I believe I'll die @_@ (Thread)

    Mikan Akafund
    FF14 Mikan Blog (Website)

    Milvaneth Sacrarium
    Whirlpool of flames (Picture)

    Mini Ninja
    Dare I say it? Fan Fiction! (Thread)
    LalaFELL (Video)
    FFXIV is Still Alive Dance Party (Video)
    FFXIV You Are a Pirate (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV version 1 Tribute (Video)
    Post Your Best Scenic Shot ~<3 (Thread)
    Q4 : MrPhoenixcross : Why is Spy so adorable? (Video)
    TomBoy - It's OK 2 B Gay FFXIV Style (Video)
    Ul'dah Built in Minecraft - Progress - (Thread)
    Westette Greenleaf & Chocobo (Picture)

    Miyu Asuka
    Fish bone (Picture)
    Miyu Asuka reference sheet (Picture)

    Moiren Houl
    Final Fantasy XIV hub (Website)

    Molly Millions
    Cracked Materia Guide (Thread)

    Moro Saraneth
    Keeper of the Moon (Picture)
    Lighten touch-up (Picture)

    Moth Volka
    Dooble Drops (Video)
    Faction Leve FF14 (Video)
    Look at this bebe. (Video)

    Mushe Tailspin
    The new bed animations (Thread)

    Muster Buster

    Myranda Alcyoene
    A "handwritten" Eorzean font variation (Thread)
    glamour screenshot (Picture)
    glamour screenshot 2 (Picture)
    Race Heights (Thread)
    Self-portrait (Picture)
    Yet *another* new font, fancy style (Thread)

    Mystina Valeth
    FFXIV Videos (Video Playlist)

    Myuki Kazumi
    The Legacy of Eorzea (Thread)

    Myunie Eleonora
    The End of an Era (Picture)

    Nahaara Khetas
    7th umbral era speech (Picture)
    Commissioned (Picture)
    Commissioned 2 (Picture)
    Commissioned 3 (Picture)
    Commissioned 4 (Picture)
    Commissioned 5 (Picture)
    Cracks (Picture)
    Cracks After (Picture)
    Merry Xmas :3 (Picture)
    Nahaara Khetas Information (Picture)
    Nahaara Khetas tools (Picture)
    Spartan Lalafell (Picture)
    Recoloured (Pictured)
    Skyrimized Nahaara (Picture)
    Whirlwind of Heat (Picture)

    Nariko Star
    /Wave (Picture)

    Natsua Lesca
    Player's Art - 2012 (Video)

    Nan Lowell
    Nan Lowell + Azure Xanh (Picture)

    Neith Alion
    A Short Movie (but a little longer) 2 (Video)
    All jobs in a couple of minutes [video] (Thread)
    Final Fantasy a Short Movie 3 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Short Movie

    Nel Celestine
    Good Morning Eorzea! (Daily Series) (Thread)
    "I Remember" A Final Fantasy XIV to A Realm Reborn Story (Video Playlist)
    Tron Miqo'te (Picture)

    Nemi Chan (Thread)
    XIVPADS (Website)

    Neorei Dawnbreaker
    Unique U.I. (Picture)

    Neruku Hellfire
    Persona and You (Thread)
    Raion Grimoire's Final Fantasy Art (Thread)

    Nhelydes Terendil
    Paint me like one of your french girls. (Picture)

    Nightpanda Mandragoran
    Final Fantasy XIV - A New Era Begins (Video)

    Nights Illusion
    BNYC video introduction (Video)
    BNYC video introduction 2 (Video)
    FINAL FANTASY XIV: ''The End Is Here'' -End Of Eorzea Music Video- (Video)
    Goobbue Lov'N (Picture)
    Hidden Power video introduction (Video)
    Hidden Power video introduction 2 (Video)

    Niqote Amrita
    FFT FFXIV-styled spites (Picture)
    FFXIV - Arado Raid Dalamud Warrior (Picture)
    FFXIV - Rogue Muse BRD Poster Recolour (Picture)
    FFXIV - Sylkis Tea Downtime (Picture)
    Firthing (Picture)
    gaias-nique's deviantART gallery (Picture collection)
    Kawaii Niqote (Picture)
    L'Oreal Paris: BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT (Picture)
    Maki Takanashi NPC Cosplay (Picture)
    Monk Miqo'te comparison (Picture)
    Nique's happy fun time thread ~ Super general discussion (Thread)
    Silly Niqote Amrita (Picture)
    Sophia Ainslade (Picture)
    The moral of the story is... be careful in Ul'dah. (Thread)
    Unique FFXIV Media 100k (Picture)
    Winking Niqote (Picture)

    Noctura Elysium
    A FFXIV Memory The Starlight Festival (Video)

    Noloe Tazier
    An Eorzean Timeline. (Thread)

    Nuinn Nomi
    Dreamy (Animated Picture)
    Picture Diary 1 "TRYING OUT NEW THINGS" (Blog)

    Nuru Sanura
    Flayer, Slayer, Musketeer (Picture)
    Lalafell for you! <3 (Picture)
    Lalafell for you! <3 colored (Picture)
    Miqo'te (Picture)
    Miqo'te Monk (Picture)
    Miqo'te Monk full-body sketch (Picture)
    Miqo'te Sketch (Picture)
    Thief AF (Picture)

    Nyeik Knight
    Mysidia Eorzea's Redemption Teaser (Video)

    Nyx Erebos
    Flippin' Tables (Picture)
    Miqo'te Sketch 1 (Picture)
    Miqo'te Sketch 2 (Picture)

    Oblit Sarabi
    Miqo'te Najla (Picture)
    Miqo'te - Najla and Oblit (Picture)
    Miqo'te Oblit (Picture)
    Miqo'te Oblit II (Picture)

    Obsy Jhyan

    Obsy Jhyan (Picture)

    Olivia Almaren
    Garuda Sketch (Picture)
    Warrior Olivia Almaren (Picture)
    Warrior Olivia Almaren 2 (Picture)

    Paito Maito
    Yoshi-p's Autograph (Picture)

    Pirika Pyo
    Brax Bamf (Picture)
    Moghouse (Picture)
    Moogle Cupcake! (Picture)
    Pirika Pyo (Picture)

    Pokkuri Dynamic
    Pokkuri Dynamic FFXIV Videos (Video Playlist)
    Pokkuri Dynamic FFXIV Videos (Thread)

    Premium Virtue
    Oilpaint (Picture Collection)
    The Darkness Is Coming (Video)
    XIVPADS (Website)

    Professor Cid
    Deviant Art (Picture Collection)

    Punainen Drak
    FFXIV Badger Badger Badger (Video)

    Quintalian Searex
    Eorzean Units of Measurement (Thread)

    Raiku Sama
    Lore of Lalafell (Thread)

    Ramesses Atreides
    The Elezen Gridanian (Blog)

    Ramsey Enten
    Character Height Infographic (Thread)

    Raven Bloomfield
    The Lalafell Strangler (Picture)

    Rei Silverwind
    FFXIV: My thoughts on FFXIV as of 1/9/2012 (and a demonstration of the Combo System) (Video)

    Reinheart Valentine
    サブリメン日記4月号 Sublimen Diaries April Edition (Comic)
    Censored (Picture)
    Translations (JP to English) (Thread)
    Why (Picture)

    Reno Hargrave
    Reno sketch (Picture)
    Reno swimsuit (Picture)
    Reno WIP (Picture)

    Renshi Hyatsuki
    Crafting Südtiroler style
    Fear of Aldgoats (Comic)
    Fireworks in their full Glory (Picture)
    Ishgard Pictures (Picture)
    Live Action Comic! (Comic)
    Not Dalamund...? (Picture)
    Shorts of Eorzea #1! (Video)
    Shorts of Eorzea #2! (Video)
    Shorts of Eorzea #3! (Video)
    Shorts of Eorzea #4! (Video)
    That's CPT to You
    Watch my Back (Comic)
    When a Paladin Smiles (Picture)

    Richter Belmont
    Question regarding the map of Eorzea (Thread)

    Rin Zhu
    Alux (Picture)
    Antares (Picture)
    Bardi (Picture)
    Barometz (Picture)
    Batraal (Picture)
    Bomb Baron (Picture)
    Buata (Picture)
    Cactuar Jack (Picture)
    Capricious Cassie (Picture)
    Chimera (Picture)
    Daddy Longlegs (Picture)
    Deadeyes (Picture)
    Dodore (Picture)
    Downy Dunstan (Picture)
    Elder Mosshorn (Picture)
    Flamefist Ahlygg Roh (Picture)
    Giant Remora (Picture)
    Gluttonous Gertrude (Picture)
    Good King Moggle Mog XII (Picture)
    Great Buffalo (Picture)
    Great Oak (Picture)
    Haughtpox Bloatbelly (Picture)
    Ifrit (Picture)
    Jackanapes (Picture)
    Kokoroon Quickfingers (Picture)
    Lone Coeurl (Picture)
    Lozol Totoloq The Decapitator (Picture)
    Misers Mistress (Picture)
    Moogle (Picture)
    Nest Commander (Picture)
    Old Six-Arms (Picture)
    Phaia (Picture)
    Prince of Pestilence (Picture)
    Pyrausta (Picture)
    Queen Bolete (Picture)
    Queen Gougou (Picture)
    Sargas (Picture)
    Shaula (Picture)
    Shearing Sheridan (Picture)
    Sirocco (Picture)
    Slippery Sykes (Picture)
    Spiteful (Picture)
    Spitfire (Picture)
    Tarbh Uisge (Picture)
    Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga (Picture)
    Unknown Soldier (Picture)
    Uraeus (Picture)
    Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah (Picture)
    Zanigoh (Picture)

    Robert Redensa
    About the Keeper of the Lake and a Theory on Dungeon Names (Thread)

    Rogue Muse
    Living on a Prayer Epilogue (Thread)
    Post your Moonfire/Yukata pics! (Thread)
    The latest dance craze to sweep Eorzea! (Thread)
    What is your Roegadyn name? (Thread)

    Roukiz Sorejn
    Dantha and Momoe (Picture)

    Round Cube
    Pow! (Comic)

    Ryligh Kell
    A heart-felt Thank You and tribute video to the entire FFXIV team (Thread)
    Dalamud Timeline (Thread)
    Ryligh's Youtube Thread (Thread)
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    Saieno Aitsuma (Website)

    Sakeman Fenrir
    S&S Cosplay present, The Warrior Armor! (Thread)

    Scorchy Worchy
    Hokuten Dynasty FFXIV I'm In A Static (Rap Video) (Explicit) (Video)
    lxlScorchlxl's channel (Video Playlist)

    Scott Randyll
    Signed FFXIV Display (Picture)

    Seirra Lanzce
    Letter from the Producer LIVE Part VII - Test (Video)
    Merotic Miqo'te English version (Picture)
    Merotic Miqo'te Eorzea version (Picture)
    Paladin Signature (Picture)
    Radical Roegadyn (Picture)
    Signature (Picture)
    Signature2 (Picture)
    Signature3 (Picture)
    Signature4 (Picture)
    Signature5 (Picture)
    Signature6 (Picture)
    Warrior Signature (Picture)

    Selene Artemis
    A FFXIV Comic: "Happier Times: A 1.0 Tale" (Thread)

    Sephre Rosewood
    A Realm Retold Chapter 1: Treasures Of The Main (Thread)
    A Realm Retold Chapter 2: Legends Adrift. Released at last! (Thread)
    A Realm Retold: Chapter two BLOOPERS! (Thread)
    Final Fantasy A Realm Retold Chapter 1 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Fandub: Auditions (Thread)
    Final Fantasy XIV - My Roedagyn (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: PSA (Video)
    Voice Acting Audition for FFXIV A Realm Retold (Video)

    Seraphis Thrallwyn
    New Let's Play FFXIV Video Series (Thread)

    Shaku Kamui
    All Time Lapse Videos (Video Playlist)
    Coerthas Time Lapse (Video)
    Dalamud Time Lapse (Video)
    End Of An Era with Distant Worlds Answers (Video)
    FFXIV Ver. 1 Tribute Video (Thread)
    FFXIV Ver. 1 Tribute Video Complete Version with End of an Era Scenes (Thread)
    Final Fantasy XIV - Before the Fall of Dalamud (Video)
    Grand Companies of Eorzea Videos (Video Playlist)
    Gridania Time Lapse (Video)
    Gridania Videos (Video Playlist)
    La Noscea Time Lapse (Video)
    Limsa Lominsa Ferry Ride Time Lapse (Video)
    Limsa Lominsa Videos (Video Playlist)
    Mor Dhona Time Lapse (Video)
    Path of the Twelve Videos (Video Playlist)
    Pronunciations with Fernehalwes from GamerEscape (Thread)
    Thanalan Time Lapse (Video)
    The Black Shroud Time Lapse (Video)
    Ul'dah Videos (Video Playlist) FFXIV portfolio (website)

    Shelia Lennox
    Shelia's FFXIV Fan Art Thread (Thread)

    Shioban Mooney
    IainMurdock on deviantART (Picture Collection)

    Shippuu Hecatonchires
    Metal Gear Lalafell??? (Picture)
    Final Fantasy XIV by Shawnzy on deviantART (Picture Collection)

    Short Round
    XIV - End Event (Video)

    Siks Kaina
    FFXIV Dalamud Shirt [Fan-made] (Picture)

    Sir Digirotta
    Digi, the Rude Marauder 1 (Comic)
    Digi, the Rude Marauder 2 (Comic)
    Digi, the Rude Marauder 3 (Comic)
    Dragonborn defeats Ifrit (Video)
    Gluttonous Gertrude back attack. (Video)

    Skye Windbinder
    Baby Chocobo (Picture)
    Skye Windbinder doodle (Picture)

    Spikey Sato
    Reimi On The Hunt (FFXIV) (Video)

    Square Enix
    English Community Event (Forum)
    French Community Event (Forum)
    German Community Event (Forum)
    Japanese Community Event (Forum)

    Stephen Masamune
    Yoshi-P GIF (Animation)

    Steven Archofebvre
    [YouTube] What's new in... Final Fantasy XIV: ARR? (Thread)

    Stian Gold (Blog)

    Talia Renton
    FFXIV Related Dreams (Thread)

    Thal Icebound
    Azeyma Meets Nald'thal (Thread)
    Reconstructing Eorzea's geological history. (Thread)

    Technyze Deepforces
    The ULTIMATE, yes ULTIMATE, FFXIV questionnaire!!! (Thread)

    Terri Wambold
    #MarbleBridge on deviantART Gallery (Picture Collection)
    #The-Gobbiebag deviantART Gallery (Picture Collection)

    Teruko Quetzalcoatl
    Gryphon Guild (Picture)

    Tessa Jalloh
    Chibi Tessa (Picture)
    Tessa Jalloh (Picture)
    Tessa Jalloh drawn (Picture)
    Tessa Jalloh drawn emo (Picture)
    Tessa Jalloh Guildleve (Picture)
    Tessa Jalloh Leveplate (Picture)

    Thal Icebound
    Keep calm and summon the twelve (Picture)
    Use your Echo as a Weapon (Video)

    Tokyie Rage
    Final Fantasy XIV [Retribution] (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV "This is Sparta" (Video)

    Tukusi Botan
    FF14 つくしとメモルの「パジャマじゃまだ」 (Video)
    FF14 つくしの「ミコッテハニー」Miq'te Honey (Video)

    進撃のバハムート【進撃の巨人OPx†FF14+FF14ARR】 (Video)
    (05.07.2013) Interview with Naoki Yoshida at the Japan Expo, Paris (Article)
    8 Disciples of War and Magic [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    A FFXIV DeviantART group (Picture Collection)
    A Goblin & Chocobo, and Tonberry wallpaper by Randis (Thread)
    Anime Characters within FFXIV
    Baby Behemoth Plush (Picture)
    Bard [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    Believe (Picture)
    Black Mage [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    But for every end, a new begining emerges... (Picture)
    Call me piggy again...I DARE YOU (Picture)
    Classy Cactuar (Picture)
    Copper Barbut (Comic)
    Cornelia's Almost Heroes: Linkshell introduction video (Video)
    Cute Female Lalafell Plainsfolk during Alpha (Video)
    [Death Race] Midsummer's Eve Madness by Hot Chocolate Corp of Lindblum (Video)
    Dodo Tamer (Picture)
    Dominoes of Lalafells by the Lalafells of Cornelia (Video)
    Dragoon [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    E3 '13 Final Fantasy XIV Ifrit Battle Challenge (Video)
    Early FFXIV game Weapon Skills, abilities and spells (Video)
    FF14 Animated Clip (Video)
    FFXIV @ Gamer Escape (Comics)
    FFXIV Fan-art Community Thread (Official Forums) (Thread)
    FFXIV Holloween AMV (Video)
    FFXIV Rebirth Trailer by SilverTearRen of Besaid (Video)
    FFXIV Tall Grass (Comic)
    FFXIV: You Touched My Tra La Fell (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - 14 reasons to play (Video)
    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - Black Shroud (Piano) (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gameplay Demo - IGN Live - E3 2013 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Round One, FIGHT! (Article)
    Final Fantasy XIV Angry Joe Interview (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell Odyssey (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Miqo'Te Cosplay
    Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Movie Trailer [E.S. Garlamund Posthumus] (Video)
    Invisible Crafting (Video)
    Japanese MP3 "Ul'daHalloween" (Video)
    Jersey jacket Miqo'te (Picture)
    Kaboom's FFXIV Fanart Collection (Picture collection)
    Lalatte (Picture)
    Living on a Prayer (Fan Fiction)
    MithraTales's Youtube Channel (Video Playlist)
    Monk [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    My Little Final Fantasy (Picture)
    Offical FFXIV Youtube Channel (Video Playlist)
    "On Windy Meadows" Symphonic Odysseys - A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (Video)
    Paladin [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    Re-creation of FFXIV in Crysis (Video)
    Reaction to FFXIV "End of an era video." (Video)
    Realistic Moogles by RANDIS (Picture)
    Reason why FFXIV will fail (Video)
    Sabotender LS Vs. Los Amos de las Bestias (Video)
    Square Enix's N.A. Branch 7th floor elevator doors (Picture)
    Summoner [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    TEST - FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part VI (Video)
    The Giant Dodo (Picture)
    The Immortal Flames [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    The Lore Train: Interview With Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (Fernehalwes) (Article)
    The Maelstrom [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    The Order of the Twin Adder [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    Tom Brady's Facebook Timeline Halloween image (Picture)
    Traveling Jake (Video Comic Website)
    Warrior [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    White Mage [Final Fantasy XIV] (Picture)
    Why I Play: Final Fantasy XIV (Article)
    Xfire FFXIV Videos (Video Collection)

    Uriah Nool
    Uriah Nool's FFXIV Blog (Website)

    Urist Mcstronghuge
    Fall Perdiction XIV (Comic)
    FFXIV Comic (Thread)
    hur hur hur-lander (Picture)
    March of the Lalafells - Community Event! (Thread)
    XIV Hardcore Vs Casual (Comic)

    Uzura Damako
    FFXIV (Picture Collection)
    LinkShell_Event_101121 (Picture collection)

    Vayle Akashi
    Reflections on friendships (Thread)

    Venat Aqurian
    PSP Wallpaper 1 (Picture)
    PSP Wallpaper 2 (Picture)

    Veran Ramaden
    FFXIV Meme's (Thread)

    Verence Meillune
    Community Service Message (Picture)
    SSJ activate! (Picture)
    Stand ye warned! (Picture)
    This is a stickup... (Picture)

    Vergil Renata
    (Art!) A "Mini Minstrel" Companion?! (Thread)

    Vilhem Dijkstra
    Bad Boy (Picture)
    FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live VI - First 17 minutes subbed (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - Answers by Susan Calloway [ Video Edit ] (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event Day 1 (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event Day 2 - Attack on Ul'dah (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event Day 3 - More Monsters! (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event - Day 4 - Attack on Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event Day 5 - GM Fun in Ul'dah (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV 14 - End of the World Live Event Day 6 & 7 - More GM Troll and Relics In My Bed! (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV's Thancred Dancing La Macarena (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV's Thancred Dancing to Gangnam Style (Video)
    Final Fantasy XIV Thancred Dancing to Gangnam Style - Now With Music! (Video)
    Male Miqo'te Kitten (Picture)
    Nadien Kirisame Dreams (Picture)
    Some Cosplay Fun! (Thread)
    Thancred Miqo'te Style =3 (Picture)
    Unreleased Dialogue & Music - Final Fantasy XIV 14 ~ Ul'dah Themes (Video)
    Y'shtola Dansen (Animation)

    Vivily Noa
    Dragoon Vivily Noa (Picture)
    Echo: I Remember (Picture)

    Warlock Warlord
    FFXIV Artwork Collection (Thread)

    Websites FFXIV
    Disciples of the Land (Community)
    Eorzea Reborn (Blog)
    FANTAJI (Social community)
    FF14 Character Name Generator (Tool)
    FFXIV Map Information (Information)
    FFXIV Miners Continuum (Information)
    FFXIVARR (Information/Social community)
    FFXIV-DB (Database)
    FFXIVPRO (Database)
    Final Fantasy XIV hub (Information) (Information) (Community) (Videos) (Web-radio)
    Hydaelyn Role-Players (Community)
    (Database) (Database)
    XIV Nation (Website)
    XIVdb (Database)
    XIVPADS (Information/Social community)
    Yellow Gremlin Final Fantasy XIV Online (Database) (Information/Blog)

    Xenedra Ambreaus
    Flowers (Picture)

    Xtaru Drops
    New Site Seeking Writers / Contributors"]New Site Seeking Writers / Contributors (Thread)

    Yggr Laufreyson
    Hildibrand Lives (Picture)
    What about Hildibrand? (Picture)

    Yru Ejk
    Lore-Friendly Pun Names (Thread)
    Seven Hells? (Thread)
    The Misadventures of Edgar Bookman (Thread)
    Yru Ejk (Picture)

    Yssen Van
    Some questions on Elezen, Duskwights in particular. (Thread)

    Yukikaze Yanagi
    The Unending Journal (Website)

    Yumi Hibiki
    5000 Hits! (Picture)
    Applejack as Paladin (Picture)
    BLM Nerf (Picture)
    Dalamood Yumi Wallpaper 1680x1050 (Picture)
    Eorzea Stuck (Picture)
    Food Chain (Comic)
    Galka Tails (Picture)
    Happy Birthday Yoshi-P (Picture)
    henshin final (Picture)
    henshin signature (Picture)
    fluttershy as whitemage (Picture)
    Fluttershy as Whitemage 2 (Picture)
    Monk (Picture)
    Moon Keeper of Masamune (Picture)
    Pony Yumi Hibiki (Picture)
    Rarity as Bard (Picture)
    Shirt Print (Picture)
    Sir Munchsalot (Picture)
    Yumi The Professional (Picture)

    Yuri San
    Post your best Action Screenshot! (Thread)

    Zaelous Gear
    FF14 - a set on Flickr (Picture Collection)

    Zaphod Beeblebrox
    FFXIV Song Parody (Thread)

    Zeno Ira
    Hand-drawn Lalafell (Picture)

    Zirgon Soul
    Picture of New NMs!!!! (Thread)

    Zettai Ryouiki
    Conviction FFXIV Linkshell (Video)
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    @MiNuN Thank you^^ We really enjoy making them.......and I was surprised at how many people like the hour format. Not too many sites make vids that long, and many people watch our vids while doing other stuff lol. ^^

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    Here's one of me going to jail.

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    Lol! I love it, Lalafell's make me laugh every time xD

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    I like this. It's good to see positive influence about the game for a change. Go Pika team ;p

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