The purpose of this forum is for players to submit feedback and suggestions related to the FINAL FANTASY XIV official forums, The Lodestone and other official websites concerning FINAL FANTASY XIV. In order for us to be able to offer a better service, we would like to hear your opinions.
* With feedback and suggestions on localization and other English-related issues, please submit them by creating a post on the sub-forum “Localization” under the “FEEDBACK” section.

While we value your feedback and review each submission, please understand that we do not guarantee the adoption of all feedback and suggestions that were submitted. Please be aware that a direct response to feedback and suggestions is not always provided.

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General Forum Rules:
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Website Feedback and Suggestions Rules:
  • If you wish to submit multiple suggestions and feedback on various services, please submit them by creating individual threads based on the type of service.
  • To prevent multiple threads on similar issues, please refrain from creating a new thread with a similar topic. Instead please submit your thoughts by replying to an existing thread with a similar topic.