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    • New Seekers of Adoulin missions have been added.
      * The amount of fame required to proceed with previous Seekers of Adoulin missions has also been reduced.
      Name:  Event001.jpg
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    • New quests have been added.
    • A quest which enables players to reforge their artifact armor has been added.
      Name:  Event012.jpg
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Size:  30.2 KBName:  Event013.jpg
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Size:  38.4 KBName:  Event011.jpg
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      • Receiving the quest
        Players are able to receive the quest by speaking with Monisette in Port Jeuno (I-8)
        Name:  Event002.jpg
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Size:  43.2 KB
        * This quest does not cover relic or empyrean equipment.
      • Acquiring items needed in the reforging process
        Specific items are needed to reforge your artifact armor, and can be acquired in the following new battlefields aimed at players of level 99 or greater.
        Orb Exchange Rate Available Battlefield Battlefield Name Entry Restrictions Piece for which materials are obtainable
        Macrocosmic Orb Twenty Sacred Kindred’s Crests
        (Added on Nov 13th, 2013)
        Horlais Peak Dismemberment Brigade All Levels Feet
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Waughroon Shrine Grimshell Shocktroopers All Levels Feet
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Balga's Dais Divine Punishers All Levels Feet
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Qu'Bia Arena Demolition Squad All Levels Hands
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Qu'Bia Arena Brothers D'Aurphe All Levels Hands
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Chamber of Oracles Legion XI Comitatensis All Levels Legs
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Sacrificial Chamber Amphibian Assault All Levels Head
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Sacrificial Chamber Jungle Boogymen All Levels Head
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
        Throne Room Kindred Spirits All Levels Chest
        Thirty Minutes
        Six Person Party
      • Required Items
        Clearing the battlefield will reward all players with these items in addition to the standard battlefield rewards.
        The number of items acquired varies by difficulty.
        Difficulty No. Acquired
        Very Easy 1
        Easy 1
        Normal 2
        Difficult 3
        Very Difficult 4
    • A quest which enables players to reforge their relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons has been added.
      Name:  event01.jpg
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Size:  32.5 KBName:  Event014.jpg
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Size:  32.6 KBName:  Event010.jpg
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      • Prerequisites
        • Players must be in possession of a relic, mythic, or empyrean weapon only equippable by level 99 characters.
        • Players must either be in possession of either the detached stinger, flame-scarred skull. or craggy fin key items; or have cleared the “difficult” or “very difficult” version of one of the battlefields for which a macrocosmic orb is required for entry.
          * For mythic weapons, players must have viewed the associated cutscene that comes with acquiring them.
        • Note
          Items already delivered in the Magian Trials to augment relic, mythic, or empyrean weapons to what would be their most powerful forms prior to this update also count toward the completion of trials that augment the weapons' newly reforged versions.(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      • Receiving the quest
        Players must meet the prerequisites given above and speak with Oboro in Port Jeuno (E-6).
        Name:  Event003.jpg
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      • Items required to reforge the weapons
        The requisite items by be obtained by vanquishing NMs and boss monsters in Delve content.
        * These items may be obtained regardless of whether the NMs are vanquished in the field or within a fracture.
      • Obtaining items in battlefields
        These items may also be obtained as rewards in battlefields for which macrocosmic or microcosmic orbs are required for entry.
        * These items can only be acquired on normal, difficult, or very difficult settings.
        * The chance of receiving these items varies by difficulty level and type of orb used.
    • A quest has been added in which players are able to acquire weapon skills that could previously only be used when equipping the requisite empyrean weapon or weapon obtained in the Walk of Echoes in the main hand or as a ranged weapon.
      • Prerequisites
        • Players must be in possession of a level 99 Walk of Echoes weapon or level 90 empyrean weapon.
        • Players must be able to enter Walk of Echoes.
        • Players most have cleared the quest “Guardian of the Void.”
      • Receiving the Quest
        Players are able to receive the quest by examining the ??? target in Walk of Echoes and speaking with Kupofried.
        Name:  Event006.jpg
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        * Aftermath does not apply to weapon skills obtained via this quest.
    • The following areas have been added.
      Name:  Event004.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KBName:  Event005.jpg
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      Woh Gates / Kamihr Drifts
    • New coalition assignments have been added to these areas.
    • The following adjustments have been made to Monstrosity.
      • Players are now able to combat manipulators as a gladiator.
        Name:  Event017.jpg
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        Read on for details.
      • New sub-families have been added.
        Name:  Event018.jpg
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      • Certain background music will now play when players are monipulators. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)

    • The following adjustments have been made to Mog Gardens
      • A Porter Moogle has been dispatched to Mog Gardens.
        Name:  Event007.jpg
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      • Players are now able to invite party members to visit their Mog Garden.
        Name:  event015.jpg
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      • Additional items are now usable as seeds.
    • The following adjustments have been made to wildskeeper reives.(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      • Drop rates for spoils obtained from reives in the below areas have been adjusted. Additional spoils have also been introduced.
        Ceizak Battlegrounds / Foret de Henetiel / Morimar Basalt Fields / Yorcia Weald / Marjami Ravine / Kamihr Drifts
      • The key item "anti-glaciation gear" may now be purchased from Dimmian in Eastern Adoulin (E-6).
      • The amount of bayld needed to purchase key items has been reduced.

    • The following adjustments of been made to Trial of the Magians content for acquiring weapons from Walk of Echoes content.
      • Additional trials have been added. These new trials do not require NMs to be vanquished or seals to be delivered.
      • Prerequisites for completing existing Trial of the Magian content have been relaxed.
        The number of seals / coins / devious dice / pouches of liminal residue needed to complete the trials have been reduced.
        * Players who have turned in more than the new requisite number before the November 5 update will not have the excess amount returned.
    • The Reive evaluation system has been adjusted.
      • Actions taken immediately preceding the end of a reive will now be taken into account.
    • New rewards may be received from Reja Ygridhi in Celennia Memorial Library.
    • Survival Guide” targets have been added to facilitate teleportation between outposts.
      Name:  Event008.jpg
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      • Notes
        • This adjustment applies to areas that may be accessed without any expansion packs.(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
        • Teleportation requires that players have already examined the survival guide at their desired destination.
        • Teleporting in this way requires gil.
    • The following adjustments have been made to Treasure Caskets.
      Name:  Event009.jpg
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      • The drop rate has been increased.
      • The number of attempts to open the caskets have been increased.
      • The amount of obtainable items has been increased.
      • New equipment has been added.

    • The following adjustments have been made to magic maps.
      • Rewards have been added to quests that grant magic maps.
      • The following NPCs will now sell magic maps for non-expansion areas formerly obtainable only by quests.
      Violitte – Southern San d’Oria (G-1) / Elesca – Northern San d’Oria (I-8) / Karine – Bastok Mines (H-9) / Rex – Port Bastok (J-7) / Mhoji Roccoruh – Port Windurst (G-9) / Pehki Machumaht – Windurst Woods (H-11)
    • The prerequisites for fellowship quests may now be fulfilled simply by entering Jeuno. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)

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    • Enemies have been introduced to the new Seekers of Adoulin areas.
      Name:  battle003.jpg
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    • Job Adjustments
      • New special abilities that may be learned at level 96 have been introduced.
        Job Ability Effect Effect Duration
        WAR Brazen Rush Increases your chance to execute a double attack to 100 percent. Effect dissipates over time. 30 seconds
        MNK Inner Strength Doubles your maximum HP and increases your current HP by the same amount. 30 seconds
        WHM Asylum Grants party members a powerful resistance to enfeebling magic and Dispel effects. 30 seconds
        BLM Subtle Sorcery Reduces the amount of enmity generated from elemental magic spells and increases magic accuracy. 60 seconds
        RDM Stymie Greatly increases the accuracy of the next enfeebling magic spell. The effect fades after either sixty seconds passes or a spell lands, but will not fade if the spell is resisted. 60 seconds
        THF Larceny Steals one beneficial effect from the target enemy.
        * New special abilities cannot be stolen.
        If the enemy has no beneficial effects cast upon it, Larceny will miss and be considered used.
        PLD Intervene Strikes the target with your shield and greatly decreases its attack and accuracy. 30 seconds
        DRK Soul Enslavement Melee attacks absorb target's TP. 30 seconds
        BST Unleash Increases the accuracy of Charm and eliminates the recast time of Call Beast, Sic, and Ready. Sets pet's TP at 300 when either Charm or Call Beast is used. 60 seconds
        BRD Clarion Call Increases the number of songs that can affect party members by one. 180 seconds
        RNG Overkill Doubles ranged attack speed. For the duration, either Double Shot or Triple Shot will activate 100% of the time. 60 seconds
        SAM Yaegasumi Allows you to evade special attacks.
        Grants a weapon skill damage bonus and increases TP for each special attack evaded.
        45 seconds
        NIN Mikage Grants a bonus to number of main weapon attacks that varies with the number of remaining Utsusemi shadows. 45 seconds
        DRG Fly High Reduces the recast time of jumps to 10 seconds.
        All jump recast timers will be reset when the ability is cast.
        30 seconds
        (Added on Nov 15th, 2013)
        SMN Astral Conduit Eliminates Blood Pact recast times and fully recovers MP when used. 30 seconds
        BLU Unbridled Wisdom Allows for blue magic spells accessible via Unbridled Learning to be cast without recast times and eliminates the recast time for Unbridled Learning. 60 seconds
        COR Cutting Cards Reduces the recast times of other party members' special abilities.
        The degree to which they will be reduced is determined by the number rolled.
        PUP Heady Artifice Allows automatons to perform a special ability that varies with the head used.
        Harlequin Head: Mighty Strikes
        Valoredge Head: Invincible
        Sharpshot Head: Eagle Eye Shot
        Stormwaker Head: Chainspell
        Soulsoother Head: Benediction (Party members and the automaton itself are the only eligible targets.)
        Spiritreaver Head: Manafont
        Mighty Strikes: 45 seconds
        Invincible : 30 seconds
        Eagle Eye Shot: Instantaneous
        Chainspell: 60 seconds
        Benediction: Instantaneous
        Manafont: 60 seconds
        DNC Grand Pas Allows flourishes to be performed without finishing moves and resets flourish recast timers.
        Eliminates the cost and recast times of finishing moves until either the ability effect fades or three finishing moves are used.
        30 seconds
        SCH Caper Emissarius Transfers enmity to a party member of your choice. Instantaneous
        GEO Widened Compass Increases the area of effect of geomancy spells. 60 seconds
        RUN Odyllic Subterfuge Greatly reduces the target's magic accuracy. 30 seconds
    • High-level enemies now drop Sacred Kindred's Crests.
    • New notorious monster battles have been added to certain battlefields.
      In accordance with this adjustment, Shami in Port Jeuno (H-8) now grants adventurers new orbs in exchange for Sacred Kindred's Crests.
      • Difficulty Levels
        Each of the new battlefields has five levels of difficulty, which affect not only the strength of enemies, but the type of spoils and amount of gil received for completing them.
        * Only the player who used the requisite orb may select the level of difficulty for the battlefield.
        * Players must first clear a battlefield on "normal" difficulty before they may select either "difficult" or "very difficult."

      Details for the new battlefields are as follows.
      Orb Exchange Rate Available Battlefield Battlefield Name Entry Restrictions
      Microcosmic Orb 10 Sacred Kindred's Crests Horlais Peak Tails of Woe All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Waughroon Shrine The Worm's Turn All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Balga's Dais Steamed Sprouts All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Qu'Bia Arena Factory Rejects All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Macrocosmic Orb 20 Sacred Kindred's Crests Horlais Peak Dismemberment Brigade All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Waughroon Shrine Grimshell Shocktroopers All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Balga's Dais Divine Punishers All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Qu'Bia Arena Demolition Squad All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Qu'Bia Arena Brothers D'Aurphe All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Chamber of Oracles Legion XI Comitatensis All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Sacrificial Chamber Amphibian Assault All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Sacrificial Chamber Jungle Boogymen All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
      Throne Room Kindred Spirits All levels
      Thirty minutes
      Six person party
    • The following adjustments have been made to Monstrosity.
      • Elemental resistances are now active for the family the manipulator is possessing.
      • Certain monsters have been adjusted
        Monsters will now be affected by the phases of the moon.
      • The help text for certain monster skills is now more detailed. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      • The following monster skills have been adjusted.
        * Not all abilities share the same numerical increase/decreases.
        • Damage Increased
          Dust Cloud / Lamb Chop / Ram Charge / Campiric Lash / Spinning Top / Fireball / Snort / Cyclotail / Snowball / Venom / Sprout Spin / Critical Bite / Cannonball / Aqua Fortis / Regurgitation / Seedspray / Nox Blast
        • Damage Decreased
          Lamp Chop / Razor Fang / Stomping / Vicious Claw / Frog Kick / Somersault / Needleshot / Sharp Sting / Mandible Bite / Wild Rage / Double Claw / Ripper Fang / Big Horn / Wild Horn / Shock Wave
        • TP Cost Increased
          Spinning Claw / Leaf Dagger / Hi-Frequency Field / Rhino Guard / Spoil / Sticky Thread / Numbing Breath / Cold Breath / Filamented Hold / Plaguebreath / Infrasonics / Foul Breath / Frost Breath / Thunderbolt (Raptor) / Palsy Pollen / Pounce / Rapid Dance / Toxic Spit / Venom Breath / Tortoise Stomp / Sickle Slash / Spider Web / Crossthrash / Viscid Secretion / Wild Ginseng / Mighty Snort / Flailing Trunk / Sulfurous Breath / Amber Scutum / Heat Barrier / Chupa Blossom / Rhinowrecker
        • TP Cost Decreased
          Lamp Chop / Rage (Sheep) / Sheep Charge / Rage (Ram) / Claw Cyclone / Mandibular Bite / Cold Stare / Berserk / Vicious Claw / Blank Gaze (1) / Drill Branch / Pinecone Bomb / Dream Flower / Spore / Queasyshroom / Numbshroom / Shakeshroom / Somersault / Needleshot / Cocoon / Earth Pounder / Sharp Strike / Brain Crush / Bone Crunch / Soporific / Petrifractive Breath / Charged Whisker / Lowing / Geist Wall / Nimble Snap / Blank Gaze (2) / Antiphase / Chaotic Eye / Slumber Powder / Evasion / Tail Swing / Tail Smash / Great Sandstorm / Harden Shell / Earth Breath / Aqua Breath / Miasmic Breath / Putrid Breath / 2,000 Needles / Predatory Glare / Barrier Tusk / Stampede / Incinerate / Thermal Pulse / Delta Thrust / Calcifying Mist / Viscid Emission / Bloody Caress / Asuran Claws / Sudden Lunge / Nepenthean Hum / Spiral Burst / Petalback Spin / Preternatural Gleam / Blighted Bouquet / Booming Bombination / Whirling Inferno
        • Required Level Adjusted
          Lamb Chop / Sheep Charge / Magma Hoplon / Gates of Hades
        • Effect Duration Adjusted
          Rage (Sheep) / Berserk / Rage (Ram) / Cocoon / Evasion / Amber Scutum
        • MND Bonus Added
          Healing Breeze / Magic Fruit / Wild Carrot / Pollen / Proboscis Shower
        • VIT Bonus Added
          Tail Smash
        • INT Bonus Added
          Mighty Snort
        • Effect Dependency on Level Added
          Photosynthesis (Mandragora) / Leaf Dagger / Photosynthesis (Sabotender) / Spoil
        • Casting Time Increased
          1,000 Needles / 2,000 Needles / 4,000 Needles
        • Casting Time Decreased
          Rhino Attack / Tail Blow / Thunderbolt (Behemoth) / Sudden Lunge
        • Accuracy Decreased
          Death Scissors / Uppercut
    • The respawn times for certain enemies in the original areas of the game have been reduced, while drop rates for spoils obtained from them have been increased.(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
    • The following techniques may now be learned by blue mages.
      • Nature's Meditation
        Enhances attack.
      • Tempestuous Upheaval
        Deals wind damage to enemies within area of effect.
      • Rending Deluge
        Deals water damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: Dispel.
      • Embalming Earth
        Deals earth damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: Slow.
      • Paralyzing Triad
        Delivers a threefold attack. Additional effect: Paralysis. Damage varies with TP.
      • Foul Waters
        Deals water damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area originating from caster. Additional effect: Drown.
      • Glutinous Dart
        Damage varies with TP.
      • Retinal Glare
        Deals light damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area originating from caster. Additional effect: Flash.
    • Only usable while under the effects of Unbridled Learning:
      * These may only be learned from enemies that spawn in Delve content. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      • Droning Whirlwind
        Deals wind damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: Dispel.
      • Carcharian Verve
        Enhances attack and magic attack. Reduces spell interruption rate.
      • Blistering Roar
        Enemies within an area of effect are frozen with fear.
    • The levels of the following wildskeeper reive enemies have been adjusted.(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      Colkhab / Tchakka / Achuka
    • The degree to which the following boss monsters weaken based on the colonization rate has increased. (Added November 12, 2013)
      Colkhab / Tchakka / Achuka / Yumcax / Hurkan / Kumhau
    • The black magic spell Tractor has been adjusted.
      Casting Tractor on other players during a reive no longer counts as moving them to another area.
      * Casting it on players in any other circumstance functions normally.
    • The placement of certain enemies in the Eldieme Necropolis has been adjusted.

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    • New synthesis recipes have been introduced.
    • New items have been introduced.
      Name:  Item004.jpg
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Size:  26.5 KBName:  Item006.jpg
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Size:  26.3 KBName:  Item005.jpg
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Size:  26.9 KB
    • The attributes for the staff Nirvana have been adjusted.
      Mythic weapons were designed to benefit specific classes. The previous version of Nirvana, however, was not as user-friendly as other weapons. Therefore, the attributes for it have been adjusted in conjunction with the reforging quests to better suit summoners.

      * Other weapons have also undergone adjustments, but we felt that Nirvana's were rather extensive and warranted mention in this post.
    • The attributes for the sword Excalibur have been adjusted.
      Excalibur's additional effect will now take precedence over En- spells.
    • Adventurers may now store new seals called "Sacred Kindred's Crests" with either Shami or Shemo in Port Jeuno (H-8). Players may also exchange these crests for new orbs once they have accrued the requisite amount.
    • The attribute "Magic Accuracy skill +[x]" now appears in the help text for equipment which has its item levels displayed.
      * The attribute already existed as of the October 8, 2013 version update, but will henceforth appear in the help text of corresponding items as well.

    • Peacekeepers' Coalition Equipment Exchange(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      • Additional weapons and armor have been introduced.
        Name:  Item001.jpg
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Size:  28.0 KBName:  Item002.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  26.1 KBName:  Item003.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  27.9 KB
        * The newly added pieces of armor may be engraved with arcane glyptics.
      • The prices of equipment pieces available prior to this update have been reduced.
    • Signal Pearl Adjustment(Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      Its reuse time has been reduced, while both the amount of time players are able to call their fellows and the maximum amount of enemies that may be slain before fellows leave have been increased.
    • The following item is no longer considered rare.
      * Now that they are no longer rare, meteorites may no longer be used to increase one's daily tally for Gobbie Mystery Boxes.
    • Additional items may now be stored via the Porter Moogle.
      • Storage Slip 11:
        Bomb Masque / Bomb Masque +1 / Nanaa Mihgo Statue II
    • Vendor prices for the following items have been adjusted.
      Goshisho's Scythe / Demon's Axe
    • New synergy recipes have been introduced.

                                 << Rank: Amateur >>
      Item Required Skill Materials
      Alliance Shirt +1 - Alliance Shirt (x2)

                                 << Rank: Artisan >>
      Item Required Skill Materials
      Raaz Arrows Woodworking Raaz Arrowheads, Urunday Lumber, Chapuli Fletchings
      Bismuth Bolts Woodworking Bismuth Ore, Guatambu Lumber
      Bismuth Bullet Alchemy Bismuth Ingot, Firesand

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    • Content level will now be displayed for certain battle content in Seekers of Adoulin areas.
      Levels will display in the log window when participating in the following battle content.
      Content Level Content name Applicable Areas/Monsters
      105 Skirmish Rala Waterways
      Cirdas Caverns
      110 Delve NMs appearing in the field
      113 Delve NMs appearing in the field
      113 Skirmish Yorcia Weald
      116 Wildskeeper Reives Ceizak Battlegrounds
      Foret de Hennetiel
      Morimar Basalt Fields
      Yorcia Weald
      Marjami Ravine
      Kamihr Drifts
      119 Delve Boss monsters appearing in fractures
      • Content Levels
        Content levels are a numerical approximation of difficulty.
        Equipped items of approximately the same level will enable players to more smoothly complete the content, but there are no item level restrictions placed on who may participate.
        * We have previously announced that content levels would be two digit numbers, but going forward we will use three digit item levels instead.
        * The item levels of equipment earned in battle content may not completely correspond to the content level.
    • The time pioneers may remain in a skirmish after using the "fenestral key" temporary item has been extended from five minutes to six. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
    • The interval at which the various kindred's crests drop is now dependent upon the number of members in one's party. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
      * This adjustment does not apply to alliances.
    • Adventurers may now specify the number of specific items they wish to receive from the Greeter Moogle when exchanging points obtained during the Repeat Login Campaign. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
    • New phrases have been added to the auto-translate function.
      Category Phrase
      Place Names 2 Woh Gates
      Place Names 2 Kamihr Drifts

    ["PlayStation 2 Only]
    • The following text command has been added as a blackout prevention measure.
      • /localsettings hidecharaeffect < on/off >

        This command will hide/display the effects of spells and abilities used by entities other than the player1.
        Sub Command:
        On: Hides all spell and ability effects.
        Off: Displays all spell and ability effects.
      • Notes
        Upon logging in, all spell and ability effects are loaded into the PlayStation 2’s memory when they are used.
        Afterwards, stored effects are used when the same effect occurs again, with all loaded effects being removed upon logout.

        Turning this command on will only suppress the loading of new effects and the displaying of all effects, and will not removed effects already loaded into memory.

        Therefore, we recommend turning the command on and then relogging2 in order to take full advantage of this feature.

        * This applies to all NPCs and all other players.
        * The command will remain set to “on” even after logging out.

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    Resolved Issues

    • The issue wherein players were getting stuck on terrain in the following areas:
      Cirdas Caverns / Cirdas Caverns [U] / Marjami Ravine
    • The issue wherein the Group 2 Beastmaster merit point category "Beast Affinity" was erroneously listing a maximum level of 99 in the help text.
    • The issue wherein Rune Fencers under the effects of Battuta would counter the second attack of a double attack even if it missed, as long as the first attack was parried.
    • The issue wherein enmity accrual was not functioning properly for umbrils during colonization and lair reives in Marjami Ravine.
    • The issue wherein monpiulators were unable to open the "Granite Door" target in Ranguemont Pass (E-10).
    • The issue wherein enmity accrual was not functioning properly for the NM Ancestral Rage during the quest "The Communion."
    • The issue wherein the Teleport-Vahzl and Retrace spells were not deleted from the spell list as a monipulator even though they are unable to be used.
    • The issue wherein players level 79 and under who placed more than ten merit points on HP, MP, and certain other base attributes would only receive the effect of ten merit points.
    • The issues wherein the Ninjutsu ability "Kakka" would be resisted under certain conditions.
    • The issue wherein using the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+J" as a manipulator would not open the monster ability menu.
    • The issue wherein the subtarget would appear green when using the<stpt>placeholder while targeting a player.
    • The issue wherein the attack delay for manipulators possessing gnolls was incorrect when they were walking on all four legs.
    • The issue wherein manipulators using "Berserk" while under the effect of the Wivre ability "Granite Skin" would cause the effects of Granite skin to disappear.
    • The issue wherein the "Coastal Fishing Net" target in Mog Gardens occasionally failed to appear.
    • The issue wherein the item "Filiae Bell" erroneously contained the attribute "Geomancy skill +15."
    • The issue wherein the "Coastal Fishing Net" target occasionally could not be targeted with the mouse.
    • The issue wherein the defense of the Buremte Hat, Buremte Gloves, and Uk'uxkaj Boots items was not appropriate for their respective item levels.
    • The issue wherein the defense of the Huactzin Shield was unintentionally low.
    • The issue wherein some plants in Marjami Ravine were floating in midair.
    • The issue wherein the effects of the Apkallu ability "Beak Lunge" stacked in Marjami Ravine.
    • The issue wherein the graphics in Western Adoulin would occasionally display improperly during cutscenes in the Adoulin quest "Raptor Rapture."
    • The issue wherein the amount of points required for the next rank in groups 1 and 2 of Geomancer and Rune Fencer merit points would display even if the maximum amount of points was allocated.
    • The issue wherein certain enemies would not behave properly during the Geomancer and Rune Fencer Artifact Armor acquisition quests.
    • The issue wherein the Mog Sack and Mog Case were not displaying in the help text of the "Mog House" section of the main menu.
    • The issue wherein the shadows of the Command Key and Default buttons in the Key Assignment section of the Config menu would display at an improper size.
    • The issue wherein NPCs appearing during the Adoulin mission "For Whom Do We Toil" would not display properly.
    • The issue wherein the Astral Box would not be deleted properly and otherwise continue to have its name displayed.
    • The issue wherein using the mouse wheel would not switch between item help text pages.

    [Xbox 360 Only]
    • The issue wherein the client would occasionally crash when a Velkk used the ability "Glutinous Dart."
    • The issue where selecting "200 gil" when changing designations at Debadle-Levadle in Western Adoulin would cause the client to crash.

    [Play Station 2 Only]
    • The issue wherein the "Home" key on the keyboard was not functioning properly.

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    Known Issues

    • If an adventurer has already purchased the following maps, the message that appears when receiving them after completing certain quests displays improperly.
      Map of Castle Zvahl / Map of Delkfutt's Tower
    • The waterfall in Who Gates makes no sound.
    • The recast timers for the newly introduced special abilities will not reset when either a V or VI is rolled for the Corsair ability Wild Card. (Added on Nov 5th, 2013)
    • The Wajaom Woodlands memory "Navigating the Unfriendly Seas" cannot be viewed properly.
    • Blackouts occasionally occur if multiple adventurers enter either a Mog Garden or the Feretory simultaneously.
    • The incorrect cutscene plays and the screen goes black when presenting a Chocopass to the following NPCs.
      • Southern San d'Oria
        Emoussine / Meuneille
      • Bastok Markets
        Eulaphe / Quelle
      • Windurst Woods
        Sariale / Amimi
    • The event that accompanies the completion of certain battlefields does not activate.
    • The accuracy of certain blue magic spells is unintentionally low under specific circumstances.
    • The number that displays as Monks' maximum HP does not immediately return to normal after the effects of their special ability Inner Strength fade.
    • The help text for the samurai special ability Yaegasumi does not state that ranged attacks cannot be evaded.
    • The improper coordinates for one's current location display when opening the map in certain locations within Woh Gates.
    • The graphics for plants in Mog Gardens display improperly when using Grow-M-Good on the furrows then re-entering the area.
    • KO'd players who get disconnected during reives cannot be the target of the black magic spell Tractor even if they relog.
    • The icon that denotes subtargets does not change color when the subtarget moves certain distances away during use of the Rune Fencer special ability Odyllic Subterfuge.
    • The following NPCs give an incorrect explanation regarding gladiator restrictions.
      Northern San d'Oria (L-8): Suspicious Elvaan / Port Windurst (M-4): Suspicious Tarutaru / Port Bastok (K-12): Suspicious Galka
      * They explain that a gladiator cannot give aid to characters outside his party if he possesses a writ of gladiatorial summons.
    • Oboro in Port Jeuno (E-6) will not respond no matter which option adventurers select after trading him a weapon eligible for reforging, thus causing the status of reforging to be unclear.