• [dev1485] Atomos now appears in the following areas:
    • Dragonhead, Coerthas Central Highlands
    • Emerald Moss, North Shroud
    • Crimson Bark, West Shroud
    • Black Brush, Central Thanalan
    • Horizon, Western Thanalan
  • [dev1486] Teleporting to the aetheryte camps listed below no longer costs anima. In addition, Atomos now behaves differently at these locations.
    • Camp Brittlebark, Mor Dhona
    • Camp Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona
    • Camp Ever Lakes, Coerthas Central Lowlands
    • Camp Glory, Coerthas Eastern Lowlands
    • Camp Bluefog, Northern Thanalan

  • [dev1487] New monsters have been added.

  • [dev1488] New items have been added.

    Over-aspected ClusterRemedyA large, crystalline manifestation of aetheric energy exhibiting an extreme elemental charge. When released, the energy has been known to restore the corporeal and spiritual state of those otherwise incapacitated.

  • [dev1489] New weather conditions have been added.

Known Issues
  • An issue wherein Return does not activate under certain circumstances.
    * This issue can be circumvented by logging out once.
  • An issue wherein the weather does not display correctly in certain cutscenes.