Adventurers heard the call for “Action!” and answered it in droves! We’re excited to announce the finalists and grand prize winners of the “And…Action!” screenshot contest! We learned a lot about the power of the Group Pose feature by studying the entries and we bet you can too!

Grand Prize Winners:
  1. Shadow_Novus (Original Post)

  2. GlacialRose (Original Post)

  3. Zerachiel (Original Post)


  4. maikuyokho (Original Post)
  5. LegendaryYmir (Original Post)
  6. Yujika (Original Post)
  7. FlaraStarburst (Original Post)
  8. TonyDude (Original Post)
  9. SkeltrHeltr (Original Post)
  10. Xanyre (Original Post)

  11. Daisy (Original Post)
  12. Wyntir (Original Post)
  13. Aracelia (Original Post)
  14. Mewzi (Original Post)
  15. Zero_syndicate (Original Post)
  16. ccakey (Original Post)
  17. RainbowAlarias (Original Post)
  18. CherryRose (Original Post)
  19. FalonDin (Original Post)
  20. Doomfish (Original Post)

  21. TommyWolf5 (Original Post)
  22. Katr (Original Post)
  23. Canvas (Original Post)
  24. Leecy (Original Post)
  25. RubyScarlett (Original Post)
  26. jragontime (Original Post)
  27. Dranyari (Original Post)
  28. Katami (Original Post)
  29. CaptainBun (Original Post)
  30. ilichu (Original Post)

  31. Kailoris (Original Post)
  32. Hatsu (Original Post)
  33. Purrfection (Original Post)
  34. Millotii (Original Post)
  35. Dresden (Original Post)
  36. Mediave (Original Post)
  37. ArcaneAcelerando (Original Post)
  38. syelune (Original Post)
  39. strigiformes (Original Post)
  40. GigaByte (Original Post)

  41. NaturalHarmonia (Original Post)
  42. Erroe (Original Post)
  43. Gallies (Original Post)
  44. Groovin_Magic (Original Post)
  45. Aadrian1234 (Original Post)
  46. SgtBananarz (Original Post)
  47. Khallie (Original Post)
  48. Nordengard (Original Post)
  49. RyukyuSunflower (Original Post)
  50. Carnassial (Original Post)