Once again another contest has come and gone, and after the development and operations teams reviewed all of the wonderful submissions, we have selected our winners.

These entries were a treat to review and I think I speak for the entire team when I say they made us feel a range of emotions, some of them were hilarious and others were very touching. Without further ado, here are your One Year Anniversary Video Contest winners! Winners, your prizes will be delivered via Mog Letter at a later date, so be sure to keep an eye out for it! We'll reply to this thread once we've confirmed that prizes have been sent!


Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Mylo View Post
Mylo Aegis - What better way to celebrate the first anniversary of A Realm Reborn than with a collection of clips of all of the events that took place. Here's til next year!!!
Quote Originally Posted by semuer View Post
Semuer Cosmos - Cherish our memories and enjoy the next XIV year!
Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur-Aegis View Post
Excalibur Aegis - Yay, one year since the re-launch of FFXIV. It's been fun and even though not all of us have been here from the start, all of us will be here for it's 10th year anniversary. Rock on Eorzea!!!

Quote Originally Posted by Cass_MsKar View Post
Xaeleon Idaisu - Happy anniversary to a great game!! It's been a blast and the future looks bright.
Quote Originally Posted by Nalin View Post
Nalin Frostclaw - As the video explains, I never thought I'd keep playing this game after it went live. Yet here I am, one year later; having one of the best times I've ever had in an MMO. My Free Company and I want to thank you so much for giving us such a fantastic game to play. Happy One Year Anniversary FFXIV, you very much deserve it and more! Now onward to a great second year!
Quote Originally Posted by SeleneArtemis View Post
Caeryn Argall - "One Year" is the true story of a Legacy player and a fresh ARR player that met on launch day and formed an intense bond of friendship. It doesn't matter your experience level; old or new, ARR is an amazing game for anyone!
Quote Originally Posted by luggie View Post
Luggie Carbuncle - Year full of Runs and helping people as a summoner with my free company Moogle tails
Quote Originally Posted by Nemissa_Avral View Post
Nemissa Avral - Happy 1st Anniversary, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! In this video, our adventurer, Nemissa Avral, revisits her old friend, Jehantel, The Godsbow, and shares her story.
Quote Originally Posted by BaraMonokuro View Post
Bara Monokuro - Looking back on the past year, my experiences with my wonderful raidmates stands out the most. One year ago, I never would have imagined that I would be raiding the First and Second Binding Coils of Bahamut and competing for server firsts. Here's to another year (and hopefully many more) with my awesome raid group.
Quote Originally Posted by Khione View Post
Abigail Puell - I haven't even been here for a year, but I've enjoyed the time that I have. Keep having fun and give everything your best shot.
Quote Originally Posted by Ashiirra View Post
Ashiirra Azaria - This past year has been a total BLAST!!! Here are some of our FAVORITE things from this past year! Here's to many many more just as exciting!
Quote Originally Posted by Dav View Post
Della Wanderer - Happy One Year Anniversary! My video is a calm look at some of the wonderful landscapes of Eorzea. I wanted to make something relaxing this time for everyone to enjoy. The entire Explorer LS and Hand of the Twelve fc helped.
Quote Originally Posted by Ceilia View Post
Rhianna Oruissi - My husband, friends, and I all started playing this game in the new beta and over the past year we've had quite a few adventures. We're far from hardcore players, but we go at our own pace and enjoy ourselves immensely. Unfortunately, all of the fun and adventures are impossible to show in a 2 minute video, so I opted for a summary of Rhi's adventures. Not my best work, but it's something. I hope you enjoy!


Quote Originally Posted by teqlovesimmy View Post
Mizzteq Aran - Happy anniversary FFXIV! Thank you for all the amazing moments and here's to many more.
Quote Originally Posted by Haeresis View Post
Ophelyah Grispher - You ruined my real life forever <3 I'll keep looking foward!
Quote Originally Posted by Niroken View Post
Celcey Niroken - Final Fantasy 14 keeps getting better with every patch! Happy Anniversary~


Quote Originally Posted by TheRedWolf View Post
Revii Ackerman - It has been a very fun year playing FFXIV:ARR! We hope this keeps going for as long as possible


Quote Originally Posted by Enns View Post
Alte Brantyn - Happy aniversery FFXIV! I'll never forget our FC's first time primal clears. We're looking forward to more
Quote Originally Posted by ZakGaiGar View Post
Zak Shishioh - Even though I've done all these cool things through this long year, I can't help but remember the friends I made that helped me do them!


Quote Originally Posted by Kuponutz View Post
Mistress Kupo - Happy Anniversary XIV! Looking forward to many more fun times in years to come!


Quote Originally Posted by Ashiee View Post
Ashiee Horokeu - Happy Anniversary Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn! It is time to celebrate, but also a time to reflect on the last year. I ask you all to look back on the last year, and remember how the begining of this game was like for you. Some people tend to forget where they came from...
Quote Originally Posted by Prelucid View Post
Rimmer Ofsmeg - Looking back, I'm glad I jumped in head first and took my time. Looking forward, another year of this wouldn't be bad at all. Eorzea was built to keep pointing you in the right direction regardless of how many times I got distracted by the little things (and I am most grateful for those little things). My memories are the best in slot. I wanna dedicate this to the friendly players I encountered, and all the staff at Square Enix who work tirelessly on the game+community -- Thanks everyone... for providing a wonderful world and experience to spread the shenanigans.
Quote Originally Posted by Goufunaki View Post
Goufunaki Rammstein - Can't believe it's already almost a year since the re-launch of XIV! Been playing the game since the 1.0 days, and it's nice to see how the game has evolved over time. Looking forward to our next adventures!
Quote Originally Posted by Ayasu View Post
Ayasu Lemieux - Happy 1yr anniversary FF14! Like a phoenix, you've reborn from the ashes into something new and spectacular.
Quote Originally Posted by Lister View Post
Lister Ofsmeg - Happy 1 Year to FFXIV and all players of Eorzea !!
Quote Originally Posted by Demacus View Post
Demacus Nightshade - There was some much I wanted to be able to put into this video. Keeping it under the 2 minute restriction was definitely a challenge. It just goes to show how much this game has to offer and I am happy to be a part of it. Thanks SE for making a great game. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.
Quote Originally Posted by Nchynk View Post
Nchynk Tehnshi - Happy Anniversary everyone! And here's to many more! Good luck everyone!
Quote Originally Posted by KylorianOrr View Post
Kylorian Orr - Kylorian Orr celebrates his first year of adventuring through Eorzea!


Quote Originally Posted by Dapplehorn View Post
Magnus Dapplehorn - Happy Anniversary Final Fantasy XIV! Love the game!
Quote Originally Posted by Desansen View Post
E'faran Lani - A Happy 1st Anniversary to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! My home away from home with my friends and family. This is little shout out to my guildmates and friends who've made my life in Eorzea possible. To those who have left, to those who stay and to those I will meet in the future... see you there!


Quote Originally Posted by TimeDilation View Post
Time Dilation - It has been the most magnificent one year of gaming I have done in my life. Not in terms of achievements or progression, but being able to log on everyday to enjoy every moment is something I never had before. Thank you Square-Enix giving us the privilege to play this game. Thank you [SoB] for being the family needed. Thank you [Pls] for being great friends.
Quote Originally Posted by Allura View Post
Serenade Celeste - It has been a wonderful 1st year of FFXIV: ARR, all thanks to my friends and FC!


Quote Originally Posted by Ravenguard View Post
Wolfram Blackthorne - It’s amazing to see how far we've come in what feels like the blink of an eye. In just a year many bonds were forged, with some gone but not forgotten, all the while anticipating what the future has in store.
Quote Originally Posted by Kilyua View Post
Itlia Serenuim - One year anniversary message: This is what it was "A first year in Eorzea" for Itlia.
Quote Originally Posted by CptSkyphantom View Post
Captain Skyphantom - Congratulations on a successful year! I'm looking forward to many more adventures!
Quote Originally Posted by Rukongai View Post
R'khon Tia - Thank you to Yoshi-P and every one at Square Enix. These games have been a part of my life since conscious memory. I owe a lot to Final Fantasy and the games and Square Enix are like a family to me.
Quote Originally Posted by Iroahni View Post
I'roahni Hokaen - Happy Anniversary FINAL FANTASY XIV! I haven't been playing more than 3 months and I'm here to stay, along with the rest of the GOOBers we wish you all a merry YEAR ONE. We submitted late but made GOOB time!


Quote Originally Posted by Aristes View Post
Arist Leskey - Feels like it's been a pretty fast year. There's something special about this game and I'm happy to be along for the ride. It's not just the game but the community itself it truly amazing. Such a wonderful group of people I'm happy to be a part of.
Quote Originally Posted by Shourai View Post
Giniro Shourai - Thanks for giving this disabled gamer a fulfilling year in Eorzea. Looking forward to many more! Never give up.


Quote Originally Posted by lackofwords View Post
Dalimin Dataru - To those adventurers who have come and gone, to those who have stuck around, and to those who have yet to arrive. Here's to one glorious year, and many more to come.
Quote Originally Posted by Sakuya View Post
Saki Ryuuzouji - Happy 1st Anniversary FFXIV! Thank you for working on a great game that fulfills my role playing gaming needs in every which way. Thank you FFXIV gamers for shaping our world and keeping Hydaelyn alive! Looking forward to many more years of adventures to come!
Quote Originally Posted by Amberwolf View Post
Amberwolf Thorrnblade - A recap of some of the year's past events, as seen through the Echo.
Quote Originally Posted by Mrfox0707 View Post
Kamino Akari - This game has been an amazing experience. From the start of 1.0 to the one year mark of ARR. It's been one wild ride.
Quote Originally Posted by kunic View Post
Felona Venes - It's been an amazing first year; hopefully we get to see many more!
Quote Originally Posted by TamjiN View Post
Tamjin Shu - It's been quite the year in eorzea! I look forward to many more memories! Happy One Year anniversary ffxiv!
Quote Originally Posted by Yukime_Akamadoushi View Post
Yuki Chan - From all in Something Epic Free Company and my family in game, we wish you a happy first anniversary.
Quote Originally Posted by Epo View Post
Aurora Retherea - I've met so many great people this year on FFXIV, and can't wait to meet even more! I love you guys ! \ o /
Quote Originally Posted by Foams View Post
Foams Xiv - Happy Birthday Eorzea!
Quote Originally Posted by Charmin View Post
Charmin Yummyberry - Congratulations on our first FFXIVersary! Celebrating a year of joy, wonder, skill, and camaraderie in the hallowed halls and vast expanses of Eorzea and beyond! You aren't just a player in this game, you are a part of something special. Something endearing. Something unlike other games which have come before.
Quote Originally Posted by Hillo View Post
Hillo Stark - It's been a great year in Final Fantasy XIV! We've had memories, and there are more to come. Whatever happens, or whatever progress made, the most important thing is to have a blast! Happy Anniversary FFXIV! Let's have many more~
Quote Originally Posted by Longhand View Post
Longhand Mayer - Thanks for this year full of EPIC adventures and fun


Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneMiquote View Post
Arashi Kaji - Happy Anniversary FFXIV! I'm looking forward for more fights, additions to the game, and that Ninja Job! Bring on the great content like always!


Quote Originally Posted by GoldenTot View Post
Eloxio Volaero - What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to party?!
Quote Originally Posted by toastystrudel View Post
Toaster Strudel - this is my video of one year of protecting costa del sol!! trust in slaywatch


Quote Originally Posted by Orion_Silversmith View Post
Orion Silversmith - A great year has passed. Many friends have been made, some have been lost, but the strength of the great Heroes of Eorzea carries on. Through the good and the bad, we shall prevail. Happy Anniversary FFXIV. May you have many more!


Quote Originally Posted by Kiroko View Post
Kiroko Lafihna - Happy One year anniversary FFXIV:ARR! Here's just a tiny piece of the beautiful world we live in.
Quote Originally Posted by Anethum View Post
Anethum Graveolens - This past year I've made and accomplished so much with all of my friends in game. I'm looking forward to the years to come spent playing with them, whether it's crafting, raiding, and more!
Quote Originally Posted by Ferner View Post
Ferner Aurifort - Everyone’s adventure is a little different in Eorzea. Happy 1st Anniversary FFXIV! Many adventures down, many more to go!


Quote Originally Posted by Eijii View Post
Takahiro Eij - Happy 1 year anniversary FFXIV: ARR!
Quote Originally Posted by Cassafina View Post
Cassafina Fina - Happy Birthday FFXIV:ARR! ^^ It's been a fun year.
Quote Originally Posted by Jacien View Post
Jacien Visenad - I've played FFXIV since 2010, but it's only been a year in A Realm Reborn! And I'm looking forward to the many more to come! Here is a small snippet of my usual travels across the realm of Eorzea!
Quote Originally Posted by Zumi View Post
Zumi Kasumi - Happy 1 year Anniversary to Final Fantasy XIV:ARR. Thanks to all the developers and SE staff for bringing us this great game. My video highlights a years worth of Primals and adventure. Looking forward to many more fun years to come.
Quote Originally Posted by Raifuru View Post
Alma Elma - To me, I'm always a soldier to the Maelstrom. I love the friends I play with, but my service goes to Limsa Lominsa. Congratulations on the successes so far, everyone! Let's try harder next year!
Quote Originally Posted by Espresso_Oo View Post
Espresso Oo - Congratulations on this joyous milestone! From the story to the adventures and challenges, this year has been nothing short of breathtaking. While we may recall the past and savour the present, let us welcome in a new dawn and whatever epic moments that they bring. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!
Quote Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
Calypso Vega - One exciting year has passed with scarcely a dull moment. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights, then let down our hair and take in some sun...
Quote Originally Posted by PotatoTree View Post
Momoko Tomoko - It took me a whole year to build the perfect team...
Quote Originally Posted by Mola View Post
Mola Mola - I've had a blast, lets see what is in-store for year #2!
Quote Originally Posted by Gokubuu View Post
Goku Buu - Happy 1 year anniversary FFXIV: ARR!


Quote Originally Posted by Tibricel View Post
Payusha Ragnarok - There is to much that has happened the past year but here a look at just one fun day of making memories. :3
Quote Originally Posted by jakthegreenfox View Post
Revo Rafalen - It's been an amazing year and ill keep adventuring in FFXIV ARR until they pull the plug!


Quote Originally Posted by Kira-Yagami View Post
Light Yagami - Big thankyou to all my friends whom I've met in-game for the past year. Even those who've already left and moved on. SeeD FC's door is always open for you guys
Quote Originally Posted by Merronpan View Post
Melon Pan - Happy one year anniversary to FFXIV & all the players that have been through this journey! Gambateii!


Quote Originally Posted by FriskyBrisket View Post
Frisky Brisket - Happy 1st Anniversary FFXIV! Celebrate it the way only a Manderville can!
Quote Originally Posted by Drakkan View Post
Drakkan Phoenix - Thanks for the great year Yoshi! Now dont forget about the Golden Saucer so I can waste away all my money there.
Quote Originally Posted by Lucas_Angelini View Post
Lucas Angelini - Happy 1st Anniversary! It's been a successful year when A Realm Reborn is released, and may it continue to grow more successful for the future of Square Enix!
Quote Originally Posted by BoofaBill View Post
Boofa Bill - I am so excited to be playing this game and can not wait for the upcoming years!
Quote Originally Posted by Naviz View Post
Naviz Leywalker - A great year for an amazing game. I've had a blast in Eorzea and can't wait for more!


Quote Originally Posted by Aremus View Post
Aremus Blaide - One epic year with friends near and far, old and new! Here's to another year of great moments!
Quote Originally Posted by nickx View Post
Xk Sin - Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

A big thank you to all the players who submitted their entries and to all the players who helped make these great videos. It was an excellent first year to A Realm Reborn and this was a delightful way to celebrate!