Today we announced a new initiative for FINAL FANTASY XI.

Entitled The Vana'diel Project, this drive consists of three different plans to expand and develop FINAL FANTASY XI to further improve user satisfaction under changing market conditions. Since service began in 2002, FINAL FANTASY XI and its virtual world of Vana'diel have continued to evolve along with our players, and this May marks the beginning of the fourteenth year of operation.

The Vana'diel Project Summary

1. Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: FINAL FANTASY XI's
    Ultimate Scenario Content
The first chapter in FINAL FANTASY XI's final main scenario, Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, will be implemented in the May 2015 version update.
This scenario will serve to tie together fourteen years of FINAL FANTASY XI, and we aim for it serve as the ultimate compilation of all we have accomplished to date, with major characters from throughout the game's history making appearances--a feat that only a game as storied as FINAL FANTASY XI can offer.

The scenario will consist of three separate chapters, debuting in the May, August, and November version updates, respectively.
Coming along with the scenario are exciting new battle content, never-before-seen rewards, and a variety of other additions to engage players of all different stripes.
We plan for this to be a grand conclusion to the FINAL FANTASY series' first MMORPG--and indeed, the first console MMORPG--in a way that will be recorded in the annals of the genre's history.

FINAL FANTASY XI's major version updates will conclude with the implementation of the final chapter of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, but there will continue to be minor version updates that address bugs and contain various balance adjustments.

Further, PlayStation®2 and Xbox 360® service will cease in March 2016. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have enjoyed FINAL FANTASY XI on these platforms and to those who have assisted us in bringing Vana'diel to you.

Going forward, the team will renew its focus on providing an enjoyable FINAL FANTASY XI experience on the Windows platform.

We have also decided to hold a new event known as The Goddess's Gala as a show of appreciation for those who have loved Vana'diel throughout the years.

The Goddess's Gala is a series of various campaigns that have been held previously to great acclaim and can be enjoyed by both regular players and returnees alike.

These campaigns are not limited to in-game events, as we are also considering a welcome back campaign as well as a variety of anniversary events. We will work our utmost to bring everyone who has ever enjoyed Vana'diel an event to remember and hope that players both new and old will take this chance to visit our humble land and her people once more.

The staff is working tirelessly day and night to make Rhapsodies of Vana'diel the most spectacular event for FINAL FANTASY XI, but we also recognize that adjustments to currently existing content are equally as critical. Please continue submitting your feedback and making your voices heard on the official forums.

The development and operations teams alone could not have brought Vana'diel this far; it is because of all of you that adventures in Vana'diel have come to life. The world that you have created together with us is what FINAL FANTASY XI truly is, and nothing can ever change that.

We earnestly look forward to continue working with you in the future.

    Smartphones Set in the World of Vana'diel
FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS is a full-scale online RPG for smartphones that shares the characters and world setting of FINAL FANTASY XI.
Players are able to freely combine their favorite jobs and dazzling equipment to create, strengthen, and power up their characters. Chat and communicate with those you meet, engage in real time cooperative battles, and make new friends as you vanquish foes and assist allies.

Keep your eye on this new generation of FINAL FANTASY scheduled for release in 2015, brought to you in all its glory in collaboration with Crooz Inc., creators of numerous smash hit social games such as The Knights of Avalon.
* At present, the game is scheduled for release in Japan only.

3. A Native App Project Providing A Full-Fledged FINAL FANTASY XI
    Experience on the Mobile Platform
Going forward, FINAL FANTASY XI will aim to transform into a completely new format on the mobile environment so that players can easily experience Vana'diel whenever and wherever they want.
Battles optimized for touch-screen interfaces will feature further improvements to basic FINAL FANTASY XI systems such as jobs and skill chains, providing a speedier and more user-friendly experience, and features such as improved partying systems and solo activities enable players to find a playstyle that suits them.

Additionally, dynamic events that spawn under a variety of conditions help build the world in a way that only a mobile game can.
We are pleased to welcome as our partner NEXON, Co., Ltd., a company that boasts a variety of experiences and a world class track record in both developing and operating MMORPGs on mobile platforms.
We plan to extend service to Japan, Korea, and North America, as well as Europe and the rest of Asia, with an eye toward release in 2016. Be on the lookout for a renewed FINAL FANTASY XI as a massive multiplayer mobile role playing game combining MMOs with mobile devices.

Get ready to experience these new projects that further expand on FINAL FANTASY XI and the world of Vana'diel.
Ask us any questions about the Vana'diel Project.