• A history function has been added to the Synthesis section of the main menu.
    Selecting the History option will display information concerning pervious synthesis attempts. Simply choose the appropriate item from the list and select "OK" to perform the same synthesis as before.
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    * Players must have the applicable materials in their inventory to perform synthesis using this feature.
    * Up to ten different entries can be displayed in the History menu.
    * In the event that players perform synthesis for an item not already displayed in their history and fail, the resulting item will be "Mangled Mess." If, however, they succeed and synthesize a high-quality item, the name of that high-quality item will display as the entry. The name of the Mangled Mess or high-quality item will be overwritten should a normal-quality item be produced when synthesizing that item again.

  • Favoriting
    Selecting an item shown in the history and clicking "Favorite" will display a star mark (★) next to the entry and ensure that it will remain in one's history.
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