Monster Rearing is a new feature of Mog Gardens in which players can raise their own creatures from babe to brute. Revel in the joys of feeding time; laugh, cry, and stew with your bestial buddies; and watch them metamorphose into majestic creatures as they grow up. Adventurers can even receive certain items from their charges, but the beasts will be less willing to part with anything of note should they be dissatisfied with their lot.
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  • Eligibility
    • Have all gathering locations be of rank four or higher
    • Have employed the assistant Susuroon at least once
  • Starting Out
    Speaking to the Green Thumb Moogle after having fulfilled the above conditions will engender a line of quests in which a Qiqirn named Chacharoon visits adventurers' Mog Gardens. After the quest line is complete, Chacharoon will serve as the liaison between adventurers and their monsters.
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    * All adventurers will begin by raising a sheep, but may choose from two other species of monsters later on. There will be three species from which to choose as of the July version update, with more scheduled to come in future version updates.
  • Caring for Monsters
    Adventurers may interact with their creatures in various ways, including petting them and trading items to them as food.
  • Gathering Items
    Adventurers may receive one item from their beasts per Earth day.

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