Conditions for limit break quests will be adjusted as follows:
  • In Defiant Challenge
    • A new method for obtaining the required quest items has been added.
      • Ancient Papyrus
        Collect three "ancient papyrus scrap" key items from ??? targets in the Eldieme Necropolis.
      • Exoray Mold
        Collect three "exoray mold crumb" key items from ??? targets in the Crawlers' Nest.
      • Bomb Coal
        Collect three "bomb coal fragment" key items from ??? targets in the Garlaige Citadel.
    • A new method for opening the Banishing Gates in Garlaige Citadel has been added.
      Players may open the gates alone by obtaining the "perfectly weighted stone" key item from the ??? target in Garlaige Citadel (G-8) and examining each of the three gates.
  • Whence Blows the Wind
    • The Brass Door on the top floor of Castle Oztroja (H-7) will remain open for a longer period of time.
      *This time extension will not apply if opened from the inside using the handle.
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