• Deep Breathing
    • Recast time reduced from fifteen minutes to five.
    • Additional merit points no longer reduce casting time, but instead further enhance wyvern breath effects.
  • Empathy
    • Now also increases the wyvern's level at a constant rate.
    • Additional merit points no longer simply increase the number of beneficial status effects to the wyvern granted by Spirit Link, but also increase the rate at which the wyvern gains experience.
  • Restoring Breath adjustments
    • The priority by which status ailments are cured will be adjusted as follows:
      1. Disease/Plague
      2. Curse/Bane/Doom
      3. Paralysis
      4. Blindness
      5. Poison

      1. Paralysis
      2. Curse/Bane/Doom
      3. Disease/Plague
      4. Blindness
      5. Poison
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