The forthcoming version update will feature an increase in the crafting skill cap and a host of accompanying adjustments.

These adjustments represent the first phase in a planned overhaul of the synergy and synthesis systems, as outlined below.

  • The Future of Synthesis and Synergy
    The respective roles of synergy and synthesis in obtaining items will be reenvisioned. Rather than a gradual shift in importance from traditional synthesis to synergy, the new vision will preserve and further develop unique roles for both forms of item crafting, with a wide variety of potent new recipes to be introduced.

    The ultimate goal is to allow for equipment that offers players greater customization by armor part and situation—such as Level 75 Relic, Salvage, and Limbus armor—to be crafted and augmented through synthesis and synergy.
  • Characteristics of Synthesis
  • Crafting impressive standalone items
  • HQ synthesis will be reflected in significant attribute bonuses
  • Crafting base items used in more advanced item recipes
  • Chance of losing ingredients upon failure
  • Characteristics of Synergy
  • Crafting items in mass quantities, as well as exclusive items
  • HQ synergy will be reflected in increased yield for mass-production recipes
  • Will specialize in adding value to items via augments, etc.
  • Ingredients (with the exception of fewell) remain intact upon failure
  • March Update Adjustments
    As the first phase in the planned overhaul of synergy and synthesis, the following adjustments will be implemented:
  • Maximum crafting skill will be increased from 100 to 110, and the base cap from 60 to 70.
  • To accompany this change, the option to relinquish craftsman status will be replaced by the option to replace artisan status.
  • Ending a contract with particular guild will no longer result in the loss of guild points.
  • New synthesis recipes will be added.
  • New synergy recipes will be added.
  • The synergy crucible key item may now be purchased for 100 gil.
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1045] tag.