The sheer amount of entries we received for the We Dub to Make it Ours contest was mind blowing. (We received over 200!) There were so many talented entries that selecting the winners was no easy task. It took the Community Team quite a bit of time to listen to each and every voice-over and narrow down the list to our selected winners whose names we have kept under lock and key...UNTIL NOW! A new age of voice acting is upon us and we dub to make it ours!

We added the winning voice-overs to the trailer to make it even more exciting!
Congratulations to the below winners and thanks so much for all the amazing entries!

Grand Prize Winner:

Shuichi Shadowstar - Ridill


Talshara Blade - Hyperion

Aniero Grigori - Sargatanas

Goufunaki Rammstein - Masamune

Aqualin Riversong - Excalibur

Previously we had mentioned that we would release all of the entries a week after the winner announcement; unfortunately however, due to the extremely large amount of entries we received this will not be possible. If you would like to share your entries with your fellow adventurers, we encourage you to post it in this discussion thread! We apologize for the change, but appreciate your understanding.