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    [patch1.22b] Patch 1.22b Notes

    • [dev1441] The following special quest has been added:

      Quest TitleClientLocation
      A Relic RebornGeroltEast Shroud (50,32)
      This quest is necessary to gain access to special job-specific weaponry, and will require a great deal of time and dedication to complete. Further updates to the storyline will also be added in forthcoming patches.

    • [dev1001][dev1002] The following sidequests have been added:

      Quest TitleClientLocation
      The Usual Suspect-The Hourglass (Ul’dah)
      In Plain Sight-The Roost (Gridania)
      Private Eyes-The Mizzenmast Inn (Limsa Lominsa)
      To trigger these quests, players must first obtain a Gauwyn the Gannet Wanted Notice from Otopa Pottopa, who can be found on the Merchant Strip (6,4) in Ul’dah. Otopa Pottopa will only give notices to those who have already completed each of the following three quests:
      The Ink Thief (Limsa Lominsa), Waste Not Want Not (Gridania), Ring of Deceit (Ul’dah)
      Once the item has been obtained, players will then need to log out from their own room at one of the aforementioned inns, and log back in after a certain amount of time has passed.
      * Players who accidentally dispose of the wanted notice may obtain another by speaking again with Otopa Pottopa.
      * The wanted notice is a quest item only used to trigger The Usual Suspects, In Plain Sight, and Private Eyes, and will not be used for any other purpose.
      * Please note this quest will not trigger should the maximum number of quests already be underway, even when the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

      Players can enter their inn rooms by speaking with innkeeps.

      The HourglassKopuru FupuruUl'dah Merchant Strip (6,5)
      The RoostV'korolonGridania (6,6)
      The Mizzenmast InnMytesynLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,5)
    • [dev1003] The following Grand Company quests have been added:

      Quest TitleClientLocation
      Don't Hate the Messenger (Limsa Lominsa)GuincumLimsa Lominsa, Maelstrom Command (1,1)
      Don't Hate the Messenger (Gridania)Syro FulkeGridania, The Adder’s Nest (1,1)
      Don't Hate the Messenger (Ul'dah)Hollin AubreyUl’dah, The Hall of Flames (1,1)
      United We Stand (Limsa Lominsa)Jakys RyderMor Dhona (9,13)
      United We Stand (Gridania)Jakys RyderMor Dhona (9,13)
      United We Stand (Ul'dah)Jakys RyderMor Dhona (9,13)
      Oil CrisisSyngsmydLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,7)
      A Taste for DeathZuzupojaGridania (6,5)
      Challenge AcceptedI'paghloUl'dah Merchant Strip (5,4)
      • The three “United We Stand” quests feature a battle recommended for parties of 4–8 Disciples of War or Magic level 45 or higher.

    • [dev1424] The Garlean stronghold Castrum Novum is now accessible.

      The stronghold is made up of several sectors, each separated by heavy gates, and populated by a wide array of powerful foes. Stronghold searchlights can be used to discern which gates are open and closed.
      * Locked coffers can also be found throughout the stronghold.

      Castrum NovumMor Dhona (6,12)
    • [dev1425] The following changes have been made to caravan escort duty:
      • Completing any of the Don't Hate the Messenger quests will allow players to undertake caravan escort duty for Grand Companies other than their own.
        * Players will always be rewarded in seals from their own Grand Company.
      • Several new rewards are now being offered.
      • A variety of new enemies have been spotted attacking caravans.
      • Experience point rewards for Disciples of the Land and the Hand have been reduced.
    • [dev1426] Treasure coffers have been added in the following areas:
      The Aurum Vale / Cutter's Cry
      * These coffers will only appear after accepting the quest “A Relic Reborn” and fulfilling certain special requirements.

    • [dev1427] The following changes have been made to Hamlet Defense:
      • The top three provisioners will now receive a reward bonus when participating in a victorious campaign.
      • Bonus points awarded for the following two achievements have been increased:
        • All Melee Units Dispatched
        • All Magic Units Dispatched
      • The highest-rated treasure coffer will appear upon obtaining a cumulative score of 60,000 or better.
      • The number of points required to raise a player's supply rating have been reduced for the hamlet defense battles on Ragnarok only.
      • Time remaining until the next beastman strike can be viewed on the Timers tab located under Attributes in the main menu.
        * Players must have participated in Hamlet Defense at least once for this timer to appear.

      • New militia archers have been stationed in the following locations:
        Aleport, Western La Noscea (11,23)
        Hyrstmill, North Shroud (24,14)
        Gold Bazaar, Eastern Thanalan (39,19)
    • [dev1428] Sanctions can now be received from all three Grand Companies, regardless of affiliation.
      To receive sanction from a Grand Company outside their affiliation, players must first have completed one of the Don't Hate the Messenger quests and have been promoted to at least sergeant.

    • [dev1429] The following chapters have been added to The Unending Journey, accessible from inn rooms:
      • Instanced Raids
      • Other
      The following requirements must be met to access instanced raid cutscenes:
      • Hamlet Defense: Participate in a victorious campaign.
      • Instanced Dungeons: Defeat the area boss.
      • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak: Defeat Shaula.
    • [dev1430] A new aetherial gate has been discovered.

      Jagged Crest CaveMor Dhona (9,13)
      * No changes will be made to the “Taking in the Sights: Mor Dhona” achievement.

    • [dev1431] Several new enemies have been added.

    • [dev1442] The area of effect for the chimera Voice of the Dragon action has been expanded.
      * This adjustment is being made to balance changes to class and job actions made in patch 1.22a.

    • [dev1432] Several new items have been introduced.

      Items added in patch 1.22b

    • [dev1433] Several adjustments have been made to expeditionary missions.

      The following items are now being requested:
      • Target: Ifrit - The Bowl of Embers (Hard)

        Required Rank: Sergeant Second Class or higher

        Ifrit's Claws2,800
        Ifrit's Blade2,800
        Ifrit's Battleaxe2,800
        Ifrit's Bow2,800
        Ifrit's Harpoon2,800
        Ifrit's Cudgel2,800
        Ifrit's Cane2,800
      • Target: Notorious Monsters

        Required Rank: Private Second Class or higher

        Uraeus Skin1,200
        Dodore Wing800
    • [dev1434] The rate at which elements grow unstable or chaotic has been adjusted.

      Increasing Control reduces this rate.

    • [dev1435] New synthesis recipes have been added.

      Recipes added in patch 1.22b

    • [dev1436] An option to display a breakdown of multi-hit weaponskill attack results has been added.

    • [dev1437] The following options have been added to under main menu » Configuration
      • Map
        • Map Transparency
          Adjusts the transparency of the world map.

      • Log Settings
        • Log Auto-hide
          When set to On, doing nothing for a period of 60 seconds will cause the text displayed in the log to be hidden.
          * This option can also be set using the /textclear text command.
          /textclear, /tc
           USAGE: /textclear [log #] [subcommand]
           The [log #] value (1–2) designates the log window.
           on Turn on the log text auto-hide feature.
           off Turn off the log text auto-hide feature.
           Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
           * By default, this feature is set to off.
        • Text Transparency
          Adjusts the transparency of text displayed in the log.

        • Display Detailed Weaponskill Damage
          When set to Off, only the number of hits and total damage will be displayed for multi-hit weaponskills.

    • [dev1438] Subcommands for the /search (/who) text command can be input directly in the language selected in the FINAL FANTASY XIV Config.
      * Searches can also be made using words found in the auto-translate dictionary.
      To search for a gladiator in English, the following command format can be used:
      /search gladiator
    • [dev1439] An ever-so-subtle animating effect has been added to the targeting cursor when moving between targets.

    • [dev1440] The Mor Dhona region has been split into smaller areas.
      * The new area borders are indicated by the red lines in the image below.

    • [dev1443] Imperial stronghold markers have been added to the minimap.

    Fixed Bugs
    • Random class and job changes no longer occur during combat.
    • Pressing cancel while selecting a slot for the Action Bar Layout no longer closes the entire Actions & Traits screen.
    • The bars under the actions for each class on the Actions & Traits screen are now displayed in the correct color.
    • Icons on the action bar no longer light up when the corresponding actions cannot be performed.
    • Settings for the number of members being sought in the party recruitment feature now function properly.
    • The items dropped by wandering wights have been corrected.
    • The Return feature now works when a player is KO’d while performing Stone Throw and other actions.
    • Minimap markers now appear properly during hamlet defense battles.
    • Graphics for certain items now display properly when equipped by certain races.
    • The display of Dalamud under certain conditions has been corrected.
    • Toggling the Target Highlight option under main menu » Configuration » Target Settings to On now displays the correct highlight brightness.
    • The targeting cursor no longer lingers for a period of several seconds when a target lock is removed under certain conditions in The Howling Eye, The Howling Eye (Hard), and Good King Moogle Mog XII battles.
    • The cursor now functions properly when moved using the up, down, left, and right directional controls.
    • Certain functions of the /search text command have been corrected.
    • Materia melding level information is now displayed in the help text of items found using the item search feature.
    • Repair level information is now displayed in the help text of items found using the item search feature.
    • Market area system messages no longer appear when purchasing items directly through the item search feature.
    • The explanatory text for the conjurer trait Enhanced Magic Crit Potency has been corrected.
    • Party members in an area other than that of the leader now receive a message notifying them when a member leaves the party.
    • Certain popup help text messages have been corrected.
    • Certain system messages have been corrected.
    • Messages for certain NPCs have been corrected.
    • Text for certain achievements has been corrected.
    • The list of classes which can equip the following items has been corrected:
      Aubriest’s Allegory / Militia Hat / Militia Belt
    • All ringband item names have been changed to the plural, ringbands (ex. dodoskin ringband is now dodoskin ringbands). Players with macros containing these item names are asked to please adjust them accordingly.
    • Auto-translation dictionary entries now appear in the correct order.
    • Synthesizing during hamlet defense battles no longer causes the game to switch to the synthesis background music.
    • The correct sound effects are now played when using song abilities as an archer or bard.
    • Sound effects for certain areas have been corrected.
    • Traveling to certain locations in northern Thanalan no longer causes players to be warped before Cutter’s Cry.

    Known Bugs
    • Cutscenes for instanced raids may also appear under the Sidequests tab when viewing The Unending Journey in an inn room.
    • Icons are not displayed next to the names of certain quests in The Unending Journey.
    • Messages do not display correctly when viewing certain cutscenes in The Unending Journey.
    • Text commands do not function properly after purchasing an item not in your inventory from either a bazaar or retainer.
      * Players experiencing this difficulty are asked to please log out and log back in.
    • Map Transparency settings are not reflected on maps opened via the Journal.

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    New Items

    Trapper's QuicheEgg DishEggs, cheese, and chopped eft blended together and baked in a flaky crust. A favorite amongst Ishgardian nobles.
    Giant's DrinkPanaceaThis vitality boosting concotion containing a questionable blend of barely-legal ingredients was originally brewed by Ishgardian monks and consumed by knights before their battles with the dragon horde.
    Miser's MythrilOreVery rarely, when consuming the bodies of her victims, the Miser's Mistress will accidentally ingest chunks of mythril ore found lying about the Aurum Vale. The strong acids found within the seedkins' stomachs dissolve away impurities, leaving only a near-pure form of the metal.
    Alumina SaltsStoneA fine-grain form of the mineral alumina found in the stomach of the Chimera of Cutter's Cry. It is believed the creature grinds chunks of alumina ore with its powerful jaws and swallows the resulting powder to use as a catalyst for its firey breath.
    Copper Catrum Coffer KeyMiscellanyA small, rusted key found in the imperial fortres, Castrum Novum.
    Silver Castrum Coffer KeyMiscellanyA small, tarnished key found in the imperial fortess, Castrum Novum.
    Gold Castrum Coffer KeyMiscellanyA small, glowing key found in the imperial fortres, Castrum Novum.
    Wanted: Gauwyn the GannetMiscellanyAn official wanted poster for weapons dealer Gauwyn the Gannet, charged with theft and other various forms of petty villainy.
    EnchiridionMiscellanyA leatherbound copy of the teachings of Halone─the holiest of Ishgardian scripture.
    Allagan BandMiscellanyAn old, weathered ring carved with ancient runes thought to be of Allagan origin.
    Oschon's FingerMiscellanyWhen a thief is caught, a common punishment is to remove a number of fingers proportional to the value of the items stolen. These fingers are then taken and blessed by annointed priests of Oschon the Wanderer. It is thought that, when carried on a journey, these fingers will point out the safest routes, and are therefore cherished by caravan drivers and travelling merchants throughout Eorzea.
    Garlean Steel JointMetalA mechanical joint made with a remarkably light variety of steel unable to reproduce in Eorzean forges.
    Garlean Steel PlateMetal SheetA plate hammered from a remarkably light variety of steel impossible to reproduce in Eorzean forges.
    Garlean RubberReagentA lightweight rubber far more elastic than the common variety found in Eorzea.
    Garlean FiberFiberA lightweight fiber far more durable than any weaed in Eorzea.
    Militia RobeAttireRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Militia CuirassFull PlateRequired Level: 50/Requires: GLA MRD PLD WAR
    Militia HarnessWar GarbRequired Level: 50/Requires: PGL LNC ARC MIN BTNFSH MNK DRG BRD
    Imperial Operative DalmaticaAttireRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Gryphonskin TunicAttireRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of War
    Darksteel HaubergeonWar GarbRequired Level: 50/Requires: GLA MRD LNC PLD WARDRG
    Militia RingbandsGlovesRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Militia GauntletsGauntletsRequired Level: 50/Requires: GLA MRD PLD WAR
    Militia Mitt GauntletsGauntletsRequired Level: 50/Requires: PGL LNC ARC MIN BTNFSH MNK DRG BRD
    Militia DuckbillsShoesRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Militia SabatonsGreavesRequired Level: 50/Requires: GLA MRD PLD WAR
    Militia CaligaeGreavesRequired Level: 50/Requires: PGL LNC ARC MIN BTNFSH MNK DRG BRD
    Spruce PattensShoesRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Vanya SashSashRequired Level: 50/Requires: Discipline of Magic
    Imperial Operative WristletsBraceletsRequired Level: 50/Suits: All Classes
    Imperial Operative ChokerNecklaceRequired Level: 50/Suits: All Classes

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    New Recipes

    • Carpenter

      Spruce PattensGarlean Rubber
      Treated Spruce Lumber
      Undyed Felt
      Raptor Leather
      Wind Cluster x1
      Ice Cluster x1

    • Armorer

      Darksteel HaubergeonGarlean Steel Plate
      Darksteel Ingot
      Hippogryph Leather
      Undyed Felt
      Darksteel Nugget
      Earth Cluster x1
      Ice Cluster x1

    • Leatherworker

      Gryphonskin TunicGarlean Steel Joint
      Hard Hippogryph Leather
      Hippogryph Sinew
      Undyed Felt
      Undyed Linen
      Wind Cluster x1
      Earth Cluster x1

    • Weaver

      Vanya SashGarlean Fiber
      Vanya Silk
      Wind Cluster x1
      Lightning Cluster x1

    • Alchemist

      Giant's Drink(x2)Ogre Horn
      Rock Salt
      Lightning Shard x3
      Water Shard x2

    • Culinarian

      Trapper's Quiche(x2)Eft Tail
      Apkallu Egg
      Pie Dough
      Cream Cheese
      Midland Basil
      Fire Crystal x2

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