Small FC on lamia looking for members, new or old. Were a tight group of friends who all work together or are family and friends IRL and wanting new members to play with.

Were a rank 13 FC with a small house by the shore in Shirogane. We keep Thrill of battle 2 up at all times and keep the 2nd slot empty for requested buffs.

We have a mix of play styles, with some doing Extreme and Savages day one with PUGs and others who prefer the casual content. We have players who are close to maxing out all combat classes and a few of us have maxed DoL/DoH.

We run current endgame normal raid weekly usually on reset, tho it can be postponed if need be. We do maps weekly. mount, minion and glamour farming when requested an roulettes daily.

We have a discord and we also use ps4 chat, when we have only ps4 players on.

If your interested in joining up on our small group, send me a message here or message me ingame.

Baxcel Farshot of Lamia

Thank you for your time