Hello fellow spriggans!

Comfy Disconnect is a small and casual Free Company who consists of people from all over the place. Aiming for a member count of around 30 people to keep it "small and simple". A lot of us are working and thus not online all the time. We do have a discord server to make up for that though.
We regurlarly hold events from treasure maps, deep dungeons, over Extremes and old savage content. And always open for new ideas.

Looking for a relaxed and laid-back group to hang out with in your escape from the hectic daily life? Perhaps we are the right bunch for you! Everyone, young or old, new or veteran is welcome!

You can contact us in game or via discord: Valdis Helskad / Valdis#7819, Mel Miki / Meltandriel#7894 or Norrec Vizharan.
Discord may be easier in case we are trapped inside duty after duty (aka roulettes).

Hope to hear from you soon!