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    [Moogle][Social] Crystal Explorers FC Open To New Members

    Company Slogan: “Banding together to explore the world of Hydaelyn! Mysteries to solve, regions to chart, and cake to bring back home.”

    "United we stand, now and forever; in truth, divided we fall. Hand upon hand, brother to brother; no one shall be greater than all!"

    The Crystal Explorers is open to any adventurer – new or veteran – who are seeking friendship, companionship, help with anything or just cookies. We are a small but close knit social Free Company located on the Moogle realm Chaos Data sever and come from a mix of countries (UK, France, Netherlands, Norway & Réunion). We are a predominately English FC as a result.

    The Crystals Explorers was founded in the spirit of friendship, fairness, equality, exploration and most importantly to have fun. Lore wise; we are a group of adventurers who have banded together to explore, chart and discover the world. We are about including as many of our members in activities as we can, looking each other and having a good time. We hope that you share our same ideas if you join.

    Usually there’s a couple of us on most days; especially at the evenings and weekends. We try to arrange FC meetups and events every one or two weeks (mini games, treasure hunts, extreme trials). We also have our own Discord sever which is open to members and friends of the FC. Please feel free to stop by our Crystal Explorer HQ at any time. We are located at Plot 12, Ward 11, Lavender Beds, Gridania.

    If you have any questions, need a hand with anything or would like to know more; feel free to contact Liotae Lunaux, Tsubaki Tsumura or Nekizo Lyehga. If you would like to join send an application in game.
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