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    Can I please. Just. Change. My. Name.

    I started playing because virus quarantine. Started playing trial, wanted to change my name, couldn't because trial. Played for couple days then bought complete edition. Tried to change my name. Can't because error Code: i2501 due to probably my VPN.

    I e-mail support. Got a copy/paste response. Can I Please Just Change My In Game Name without waiting how many days later and HOPE that the flag is lifted from my account. Please. Someone help. I can't help but become discourage to play at all if these are the kind of issues you run into

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    Good afternoon and thank you for posting in the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Forums,

    We do apologize for the delay in responding. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with the issue you are describing in the Technical Support Forum. In order to receive the proper support, please contact the North American Support Center.

    This thread will be moved to ‘Separate Support Required'.

    Thank you for visiting the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.