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    Viera Naming Conventions

    In this post, we’ll be sharing with you the linguistic and lore-related conventions that dictate the names commonly used by the Viera race. We hope that it will be helpful in naming your characters and developing a more complete understanding of the world of FFXIV!

    The Rava and Veena clans share many traditions, naming practices among them. Thus, a Viera’s forename is not indicative of the clan to which they belong─rather, it is the lifestyle they lead that determines whether they bear a “forest” or “city” forename.

    Traditional Viera forenames given at birth are also referred to as “forest names,” as they are used by those Viera still residing in their homeland─which is the Golmore Jungle, in the case of the Rava, or the forest skirting the Skatay Range for the Veena. Forest names resemble real-world Scandinavian names and are pronounced similarly─in the names “Theja,” and “Nojra,” for instance, the “j” sounds more like an English “i.”

    Because a Viera’s male or female characteristics are not present at birth, parents typically opt to bestow their children with names that are considered appropriate for any sex and gender. Nevertheless, in line with the cultural tradition of adopting a new name to suit one’s newfound environment or identity, many Viera choose to change their names upon reaching adulthood. Though in many cases male Viera will choose a traditionally “masculine” name, or female Viera a traditionally “feminine” one, there are myriad examples of Viera who eschew these patterns by keeping or choosing names that are culturally recognized as non-binary or associated with a different gender. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to determine whether a Viera is male or female by forename alone.

    Furthermore, in keeping with the aforementioned tradition, the majority of Viera who choose to leave their homes and strike out into the wider world also adopt new “city names” to mark their parting from the traditional Viera way of life. These names are often inspired by the names of other races they encounter, or simply things that they like, such as “Cherry” or “Morning Glory,” and so vary widely between individuals. Incidentally, “Fran” is one such name.
    • Forest names include:
    In the Viera’s forest homeland, surnames are taken from the name of the village of one’s birth. As many female Viera remain in the same forest that they were born, they tend to keep their childhood surnames throughout their lives. However, as with forenames, surnames are generally discarded or replaced once one chooses to venture into the wider world, as a means of symbolizing the severing of ties with one’s homeland. Thus, the majority of female Viera abroad, as well as most male Viera, do not make use of their original surnames.

    Though female Viera may choose their new surnames, male Viera typically take the same surname as the elder male under whom they train upon first departing their village for the wider forest. The conventions for such surnames vary by clan, but in all cases mark their bearers as noble guardians of the wood.
    • Rava surnames include:
    • Veena surnames include:
    Male-specific Rava Surnames
    Male Rava inhabit the forest surrounding the village in which female members of their clan reside, forming a sort of perimeter in defense of both the wood and its people. They believe that their purpose is to maintain the natural balance of the six elements in their dual polarities─to ensure harmony between the twelve aspects that comprise our star and the heavens above.

    In accordance with this philosophy, each Rava surname begins with a syllable to represent either the celestial realm (Djt) or the worldly realm (Rehw), followed by a word that represents one elemental aspect within it. It is believed that those sharing a realm or an element possess a bond that grants them insight into one another’s minds, and as such are wont to join forces when the need for collaboration arises. Further rumors suggest that the Rava consider it necessary that all twelve different surnames be present among the Wood-warders’ ranks at any given time to ensure the forest’s safety and, should any be unaccounted for, will rename a member with a close affinity to said surname to fill the open spot.
    • Male Rava surnames include:
      Rehw-Nong (“Frost” – worldly ice)
      Djt-Nong (“Moon” – heavenly ice)
      Rehw-Marouc (“Spring” – worldly water)
      Djt-Marouc (“Star” – heavenly water)
      Rehw-Bidit (“Treetop” – worldly wind)
      Djt-Bidit (“Tempest” – heavenly wind)
      Rehw-Dvre (“Arrow” – worldly lightning)
      Djt-Dvre (“Thunderstrike” – heavenly lightning)
      Rehw-Gilda (“Sword” – worldly fire)
      Djt-Gilda (“Brush Fire” – heavenly fire)
      Rehw-Setlas (“Fertile Soil” – worldly earth)
      Djt-Setlas (“Cliff” – heavenly earth)
    Male-specific Veena Surnames
    In the mountainous region inhabited by the Veena, villages are frequently enveloped by heavy snows. A male Veena’s surname marks him an integral, albeit small, part of this landscape, combining references to snow crystals with the word “wesfv”─“guardian.” However, as the snowflake-based themes employed and the number of surnames in use differ from village to village, the examples below should be considered only a small sampling of the possibilities.

    Unlike the Rava, the Veena are not known to regard their Wood-warders as sharing any particular affinities or bonds due to their surnames.
    • Male Veena surnames include:
      Sjadarwesfv (“Needle”)
      Jgnewesfv (“Sheath”)
      Monnawesfv (“Prism”)
      Huorlwesfv (“Shield” – referring to what naturalists term “plates”)
      Ornedwesfv (“Fan” – referring to “sectored” plates)
      Qufiswesfv (“Bullet”)
      Foixewesfv (“Spear”)
      Ubmuawesfv (“Wand” – referring to gohei twins)
      Copihwesfv (“Branch” – referring to dendrites)
      Rawbewesfv (“Bone” – referring to hollow crystals)
      Phiitehwesfv (“Seagull”)
      Gahjewesfv (“Rime”)

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