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    • [dev1060] Seven new multi-quest storylines have been added, each pertaining to the acquisition of a unique job. Conditions for starting these storylines are listed in the following chart. For more information on jobs, see the Combat section located further below in the patch notes.

      PaladinPaladin's PledgeLulutsuUl'dah Merchant Strip
      Gladiators’ Guild (5,5)
      Gladiator, Level 30 &
      Conjurer, Level 15
      MonkBrother from Another MotherGagarunaUl'dah Merchant Strip
      Gladiators’ Guild (5,4)
      Pugilist, Level 30 &
      Lancer, Level 15
      WarriorPride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain)NealeLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks
      Marauders’ Guild (4,7)
      Marauder, Level 30 &
      Gladiator, Level 15
      DragoonEye of the DragonHaurtefertGridania
      Lancers’ Guild (8,2)
      Lancer, Level 30 &
      Pugilist, Level 15
      BardA Song of Bards and BowmenGeorjeauxGridania
      Archers’ Guild (8,5)
      Archer Level 30 &
      Conjurer, Level 15
      White MageSeeds of InitiativeSoileineGridania
      Conjurers’ Guild (2,1)
      Conjurer, Level 30 &
      Gladiator, Level 15
      Black MageHearing VoicesYayakeUl'dah Merchant Strip
      Thaumaturges’ Guild (4,5)
      Thaumaturge, Level 30 &
      Pugilist, Level 15
      Currently, each storyline consists of six individual quests. These quests must be completed in order, and will require players to meet certain conditions before they are made available.
      * Experience point rewards for job quest completion will be added to the corresponding job’s base class.
      * Job quests cannot be abandoned.
      * The first quest in each storyline must be completed using the first class listed in the conditions. The remaining quests must all be completed using the corresponding job.

      The following is a list of all the quests in each storyline:


      Honor LostJenlynsUl'dah Hustings Strip (6,5)
      Power StrugglesJenlynsUl'dah Hustings Strip (6,5)
      Poisoned HeartsJenlynsUl'dah Hustings Strip (6,5)
      Parley on High GroundJenlynsUl'dah Hustings Strip (6,5)
      Keeping the OathJenlynsUl'dah Hustings Strip (6,5)

      Insulted IntelligenceErikUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,3)
      The Pursuit of PowerErikUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,3)
      Good VibrationsErikUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,3)
      Five Easy PiecesWidargeltEastern Thanalan (38,31)
      Return of the King...of RuinErikUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,3)

      Embracing the BeastCurious GorgeWestern Thanalan (15,33)
      Curious Gorge Goes to the BazaarCurious GorgeWestern Thanalan (15,33)
      Looking the PartCurious GorgeWestern Thanalan (15,33)
      Proof is in the PuddingCurious GorgeWestern Thanalan (15,33)
      How to Quit YouCurious GorgeWestern Thanalan (15,33)

      Lance of FuryAlbericCoerthas Central Highlands (35,18)
      Unfading ScarsAlbericCoerthas Central Highlands (35,18)
      Double DragoonAlbericCoerthas Central Highlands (35,18)
      Fatal SeductionAlbericCoerthas Central Highlands (35,18)
      Into the Dragon's MawAlbericCoerthas Central Highlands (35,18)

      The Archer's AnthemJehantelSouth Shroud (38,48)
      Bard's-Eye ViewJehantelSouth Shroud (38,48)
      Doing It the Bard WayJehantelSouth Shroud (38,48)
      Pieces of the PastJehantelSouth Shroud (38,48)
      Requiem for the FallenJehantelSouth Shroud (38,48)
      ≪White Mage≫

      When Sheep AttackRaya-O-SennaNorth Shroud (15,22)
      Lost in RageRaya-O-SennaNorth Shroud (15,22)
      The Wheel of DisasterRaya-O-SennaNorth Shroud (15,22)
      In Search of SuccorRaya-O-SennaNorth Shroud (15,22)
      The Chorus of CataclysmRaya-O-SennaNorth Shroud (15,22)
      ≪Black Mage≫

      A Time to KillLalaiUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,6)
      International RelationsLalaiUl'dah Merchant Strip (7,6)
      The Voidgate Breathes GloomyDozol MelocWestern Thanalan (11,28)
      Gearing Up269th Order
      Mendicant Da Za
      Western Thanalan (11,28)
      Always Bet on Black269th Order
      Mendicant Da Za
      Western Thanalan (11,28)
    • [dev1001][dev1002] The following sidequests have been added:

      Quest TitleNPCLocation
      What Glitters Always Isn't GoldLeleyoCoerthas Central Highlands (36,25)
      A Light in the DarkSiboldUl'dah Merchant Strip (5,4)
      The Ink ThiefMytesynLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,4)
      Waste Not Want NotV'korolonGridania (6,6)
      Ring of DeceitOtopa PottopaUl'dah Merchant Strip (6,4)
    • [dev1212] The following instanced raids have been added:

      The Aurum ValeCutter’s Cry
      Class/LevelDisciples of War or Magic
      Lv. 45 and Above
      Disciples of War or Magic
      Lv. 45 and Above
      Party SizeFull Parties of 8Full Parties of 8
      Time Limit60 Minutes60 Minutes
      Wait for Reentry
      (after clearing)
      15 Minutes15 Minutes
      Wait for Reentry
      (after failure)
      5 Minutes5 Minutes
      LocationEver Lakes
      Coerthas Central Lowlands
      Blue Fog
      Northern Thanalan
      Other ConditionsCompleted any one of the three “Into the Dark” Grand Company quests.None
      * Players who leave the area voluntarily, whether via magic or on foot, will be required to wait 15 minutes before they are permitted reentry.
      * Players need not have accepted the aforementioned quests “A Light in the Dark” and “What Glitters Always Isn’t Gold” to enter the instanced raids.

    • [dev1303] A new type of supply/provisioning mission known as “expeditionary missions” is now available to Grand Company members. These tasks involve traveling to certain contested areas and retrieving specific items in exchange for company seals.

      The following are lists of items and their rewards:
      • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
        Rank Requirement: Private Second Class or higher

        Torturer's Monocle200
        Warden's Barbut200
        Brigand's Acton200
        Torturer's Duckbills200
        Warden's Gauntlets200
        Brigand's Gloves200
        Warden's Dagger250
        Charred Axe250
        Joukil's Guile250
        Poacher's Hat250
        Ascetic's Tights250
        Ascetic's Halfrobe250
        Poacher's Tunic250
        Unbreakable Knuckles300
        Tenfinger Tallstaff300
        Heart of House d'Arlendre250
        Waning Sun Pelta250
      • Dzemael Darkhold
        Rank Requirement: Corporal or higher

        Warlock's Pattens600
        Bladedancer's Jackboots600
        Revolutionary's Bliaud700
        Solid Scale Mail800
        Warlock's Buckler750
        Alpine War Jacket750
        Verdant Hora1,500
        Astaroth Cane1,500
        Canopus Shield1,500
        Canopus Bill1,500
        Helm of the Lone Knight1,500
        Mitts of the Lone Knight1,500
        Claret Coif1,500
        Claret Breeches1,500
        Templar's Falchion1,600
        Verdant Shortbow1,600
        Verdant Scepter1,500
        Canopus Guisarme1,500
      • Notorious Monsters
        Rank Requirement: Private Second Class or higher

        Howling Talons120
        Bow of Owls120
        Crimson Tide120
        Nighthawk Visor120
        Thalassian Targe120
        Eternal Shade120
        Taurus Staff200
        Divining Hat200
        Shield of the Savage200
        Kple Kple200
        Elmlord's Tusk200
        Loyalist's Bliaud200
        Fists of the Sixth Sun250
        Boar's Bane250
        Kokoroon's Nestpicker250
        Seer's Cowl250
        Conquistador Elmo250
        Paladin's Trousers250
        Engineer's Leggings250
        Kokoroon's Darkshell Mail250
        Venerer's Bracers250
    • [dev1304] The following changes have been made to supply and provisioning missions:
      • 28 hours (Earth time) after the quota for an item is met, a second request for the same item will now be issued by the Grand Companies.
        * If the second request is set to come less than 10 minutes before the official renewal of the request list, it will not be issued.

      • Requests for the following items have been changed:

        Smothering Powder69Smothering Potion58
        Breathing Salts69Lung Drops58
        Disabling Powder69Blinding Potion35
        Reanimating Salts69Heart Drops69
      • The rewards for the following items have been adjusted:

        Rothlyt Oyster3523
        Box Turtle3523
        Haraldr Haddock5835
        Crimson Crayfish5823
        Black Sole5835
        Velodyna Carp5835
        Paralyzing Potion5869
        Disabling Potion6958
        Growth Formula Gama5869
        Meat Miq'abob3523
        Eel Pie3523
        * In conjunction with these changes, the quotas have also been adjusted.
    • [dev1305] The following changes have been made to Guild Tasks:
      • Rewards have been adjusted
      • Requests for the following items have been changed:
        • Alchemists’ Guild
          Blinding Powder -> Dawn Drops
          Illuminating Salts -> Eye Drops
          Cornmeal -> Potion
          Sunset Wheat Flour -> Ether
          Lavender Oil -> Potion of Piety
        • Fishermen’s Guild
          Dart Frog -> Coral Butterfly
    • The display names of Grand Company NPCs have been revised to incorporate a simplified version of their rank.
      Ex.) Guincum -> Storm Lieutenant Guincum
    • [dev1306] Equippable chocobo gear known as ‘barding’ is now available for purchase at Grand Company headquarters to all players ranked Sergeant Third Class or higher. Barding can be equipped at any chocobo stable.
      * Barding does not, at this time, affect a chocobo in any way aside from changing its appearance.
      * Barding cannot be lost, damaged, or discarded.

    • [dev1307] The Grand Companies of Eorzea have introduced the “aetherial transport network” to make travel within city-states quicker and more convenient. To make use of the network, players must first purchase an “aetherpass” available at Grand Company headquarters for members ranked Private First Class and higher.

      The following is a list of locations accessible via the network:
      • Limsa Lominsa

        Aetheryte PlazaStorm Private GardnerLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,6)
        Drowning WenchStorm Private RichLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,5)
        The BismarckStorm Private PotterLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (7,3)
        Ferry DocksStorm Private HuntLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks (4,5)
        Fisherman's BottomStorm Private AbelLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks (5,6)
        The OctantStorm Private StoneLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks (6,4)
        Procession of TernsStorm Private HoltLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks (9,5)
        Zephyr Gate(*)Lower La Noscea (25,31)
        * Destination is outside the city. As no NPC is stationed here, teleportation is one-way only.

      • Gridania

        Aetheryte PlazaSerpent Private WhiteGridania (5,4)
        Carline CanopySerpent Private HillGridania (7,6)
        Atelier Fen-YllSerpent Private CarverGridania (6,4)
        The Whistling MillerSerpent Private StoneGridania (5,3)
        Quiver's HoldSerpent Private HolmesGridania (8,5)
        Wailing BarracksSerpent Private KirkGridania (7,2)
        Mistalle Bridges(*)Central Shroud (34,28)
        Berlends Bridges(*)Central Shroud (29,27)
        * Destination is outside the city. As no NPC is stationed here, teleportation is one-way only.

      • Ul'dah

        Aetheryte PlazaFlame Private NewtonUl'dah Merchant Strip (5,3)
        QuicksandFlame Private TannerUl'dah Merchant Strip (6,3)
        Frondale's PhrontisteryFlame Private MorningUl'dah Hustings Strip (5,5)
        Onyx LaneFlame Private CoveyUl'dah Merchant Strip (6,6)
        Gold CourtFlame Private AllenUl'dah Merchant Strip (5,5)
        Arrzaneth OssuaryFlame Private YarUl'dah Merchant Strip (4,5)
        Gate of Nald(*)Central Thanalan (26,29)
        Gate of Thal(*)Central Thanalan (28,32)
        * Destination is outside the city. As no NPC is stationed here, teleportation is one-way only.
    • [dev1301] Inn rooms, private areas for the use of players, have been added.
      In each city, players are able to use an inn room after completing a quest issued by the NPC manning the front desk of the inn. Players must first complete one of Treasures of the Main, Souls Gone Wild, or Court in the Sands main quests in order to accept the following inn quests.
      • The Ink Thief (Limsa Lominsa)
      • Waste Not Want Not (Gridania)
      • Ring of Deceit (Ul'dah)
      * Synthesis, repairs, and materia melding cannot be performed inside private rooms.

      ≪Inn Functions≫
      • Replay event scenes
        In the inn, players may access a compendium called The Unending Journey which contains a list of completed quests. They can also select and replay event scenes from this list.

      • Rested Bonus
        When player characters enter an inn, they go into “resting mode,” accumulating a rested bonus as time passes. Even after players have logged out, the rested bonus continues to accumulate up to a maximum limit.

        When player characters are sufficiently rested, experience points earned through combat, synthesis, and gathering are increased by 50%.

        Players continue to benefit from the rested experience points boost until a certain amount of experience points have been earned. The time remaining on the rested bonus is indicated by the experience bar.
        • Green area: When the acquired experience points are within the green area, the experience point bonus continues to be applied.

        • Red area: If the green area exceeds the upper limit of the experience gauge, then the area turns red. This indicates that the rested bonus continues beyond the current level, at which point the upper limit is reset.

        * When playing with a level 50 class, the rested bonus does not decrease.
        * The bonus does not apply to experience points received as part of quest rewards or for completing levequests.
    • [dev1308] Guardian’s Aspect has been abolished, and the following changes made to experience points obtained during levequests:
      • Regional (battlecraft) Leves & Faction Leves
        EXP earned from slaying targets has been increased, as have EXP bonuses rewarded upon levequest completion. These bonuses are now comparable to those awarded when invoking a Guardian’s Aspect.
      • Regional (fieldcraft) Leves
        EXP earned from harvesting items has been increased, as have EXP bonuses rewarded upon levequest completion. As with battlecraft leves, these bonuses are now comparable to those awarded when invoking a Guardian’s Aspect.
      • Company Leves
        EXP bonuses rewarded upon levequest completion have been increased.
    • [dev1309] Changes have been made to several existing quests.
      • EXP rewards for the following quests have changed:
        Clasping to Hope, Traumaturgy, Till Death Do Us Part, A Knock in the Night, An Inconvenient Dodo
      • The recipe used in the class quest “Sleep, Cousin of Death” has been changed.

        ItemRecipe BeforeRecipe After
        Potent MedicationMummified Mole
        Illuminating Salts
        Mummified Mole
        Eye Drops
      • EXP rewarded upon completion of class quests will now be added to the corresponding class’s total.
        For example, EXP earned upon completing a gladiator class quest played as a pugilist will be added to the gladiator EXP bar.
    • [dev1242][dev1244] The completion rewards for several regional levequests have been adjusted.

    • [dev1134] In conjunction with the recipe overhaul (mentioned later in these notes), the requested items for several local levequests have been adjusted.
      * As a result of the aforementioned change, players may find some levequests accepted before the patch impossible to complete after the patch goes live. Please abandon or return these quests.
      * Added on 03/12/2012 at 10:15 (PST) / 06:15 (GMT)

    • [dev1311] Guild marks can now be exchanged for various items or gil. A full list of items available for exchange can be found here.
      * The current exchange rate is 4 gil per mark.
      * Guild marks can no longer be earned through quests and will be completely abolished as of version 2.0.

    • [dev1312] The following NPCs have been added:
      • Momoroon (Limsa Lominsa)
      • Gagaroon (Gridania)
      • Lalaroon (Ul’dah)

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    • [dev1033] A new job system has been introduced to enhance specialization within the main classes.

      <Purpose of the job system>
      In FINAL FANTASY XIV, the core of the growth system is the Armoury System. It is a broad ranging "horizontal" system in which players can develop other classes and thereby strengthen and grow in their main class. In contrast to this, the new job system focuses on growing and strengthening the main character class.

      The system starts at level 30 and features a sequence of special quests available at certain levels that unlock systems, abilities, and job-specific equipment. The series of job quests do not involve extremely difficult tasks such as fighting primals. Rather, they are new game elements intended to boost character growth and motivate players.

      <Acquiring a job>
      Patch 1.21 includes seven jobs with their own dedicated quests. To take on the special quests, player characters must have reached level 30 in any one class and level 15 for one other specified class. Class and level requirements for each series of job quests are shown in the table below:

      Job NameConditions
      PaladinGladiator, Level 30 & Conjurer, Level 15.
      MonkPugilist, Level 30 & Lancer, Level 15.
      WarriorMarauder, Level 30 & Gladiator, Level 15.
      DragoonLancer, Level 30 & Pugilist, Level 15.
      BardArcher, Level 30 & Conjurer, Level 15.
      White MageConjurer, Level 30 & Gladiator, Level 15.
      Black MageThaumaturge, Level 30 & Pugilist, Level 15.
      * See the Event section above for a list of the quests in each job's storyline

      <How to Switch Between Class and Job>
      Upon completing the initial quest, you will receive a "soul crystal" that enables you to switch jobs. To do so, simply open the Gear interface from the main menu and equip the soul crystal to the dedicated gear slot.

      * Soul crystals are classified as key items.
      * You can also change jobs with text commands.

      /job [subcommand] → Toggle the job associated with your current class.
       >> Subcommands:
       on – Activate the associated job.
       off - Deactivate the associated job.
       Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
      <Learning Job-specific Actions>
      In patch 1.21, five job-specific actions have been added for each job. See here for a list of the job-specific actions that have been added.

      The first job-specific action is learned when the character acquires the corresponding soul crystal. The other actions are learned as the player advances through the remaining job quests.
      * See the Event section above for details about the quests.

      Job-specific actions can only be used with the associated job, and are automatically set to the action bar when acquired.
      * With this change, the feature whereby action placement is saved has been expanded. Action bar slots have also been allocated for job-specific actions.
      * Job-specific actions that have already been learned are automatically set when the player switches to that job.

      <What Happens after a Job Change?>
      1. Job-specific actions
        Players are able to use job-specific actions.

      2. Using other class-specific actions (by class)
        When switched to a job, characters can still use the actions they learned for the base class. For example, when playing a paladin, gladiator actions are automatically equipped and available for use. For other class-specific actions, only actions from certain classes can be equipped by certain jobs, as per the table below.

        White MageGladiator/Pugilist
        Black MagePugilist/Archer
      3. Using other class-specific actions
        When players switch to a job, they can use a certain number of other class-specific actions, as per the table below.

        LevelNumber of Class-specific Actions
        For example, a level 35 gladiator can normally equip seven class-specific actions from other classes, but a level 35 paladin can only equip three.

      4. Changes to base attributes
        When the player changes jobs, base attributes change automatically.
        * Attribute points that have been distributed to the main class are carried over to the associated job.

      5. Different rules for equipped gear
        When switched to a job, characters can equip job-specific gear. Existing gear that can be equipped by the base class can also be equipped by the associated job.
        * Class-specific gear, scheduled to be introduced in the future, cannot be equipped when playing as a job.

      6. Changes to automated action setting
        The automated setting of actions to the action bar, introduced in patch 1.20, has been expanded to accommodate job-specific actions.
      <Mutual Class/Job Elements>
      The level of a job and its EXP bar are shared with the base class. For example, if a gladiator switches to paladin, level and experience points are carried over. Likewise, experience points earned as a paladin are retained when the character switches back to gladiator.

    • [dev1071] Crowd control (CC) tactics, used to gain an advantage over enemies, have been reformed.

      <Reform Objective>
      While crowd control tactics are central to efficient combat, their effectiveness is such that they potentially lead to one-dimensional battles. In order to discourage the spamming of CC tactics, reforms have been implemented with the following objectives in mind:
      • Keeping battles challenging.
      • Preventing enemies from spamming the same CC tactics against players.
      • Minimizing the number of enemies with complete resistant against CC tactics.

      CC tactics have been made subject to shortened effect duration for each time they are successfully used on a target. This trend continues until that target gains complete resistance against the tactic.
      * CC tactics regain their initial effectiveness after a certain period of time has elapsed.

      <The Cooldown System>
      CC tactics are divided into the categories listed below, each of which is subject to a cooldown period.

      CC categoryCooldown Period (seconds)
      1. Successful use of a CC tactic starts the corresponding timer.
      2. Using a CC tactic while its cooldown timer is still active will render its effect duration halved. Likewise, using a CC tactic when its effect duration is already halved will render it halved yet again (1/4 of the initial duration).
      3. A CC tactic whose effect duration is quartered will be completely resisted by the target the next time it is used. This resistance will remain in place until the cooldown timer falls to zero.
      Players are returned to step 1 above when the cooldown timer falls to zero.
      * Target resistance remains unchanged prior to step 3.

    • [dev1302] Spellcasting specifications have been changed as follows:
      • It is no longer possible to begin casting a spell while moving.
      • Moving now interrupts spellcasting.
      * See here for details about the new spellcasting specifications.

    • [dev1313] The following changes have been made to actions:

      PugilistSecond Wind・No longer consumes TP.
      Sucker Punch・Equation used to calculate amount of MP adjusted.
      GladiatorFlat Blade・Combo bonus now affected by player MND rating.
      ・Enmity incurred by combo bonus increased.
      Tempered Will・Duration set to 20 seconds.
      ・Now grants immunity to knockback and draw-in effects.
      MarauderBloodbath・Absorb HP amount no longer affected by player VIT rating.
      Skull Sunder・Enmity incurred by combo bonus decreased.
      Rampage・Increases even more defense with each hit taken.
      ・Effect now fades over time and ends on reuse, and no longer resets upon moving.
      Enduring March・Now prevents fading of Rampage effect.
      Godsbane・Now resets Berserk effect when active to increase accuracy.
      ArcherRaging Strike・Now increases attack power with bows each time Light Shot hits while effect is active, up to a maximum of three stacks. Also increases enmity generated by attacks. Effect resets upon missing a bow attack and ends upon reuse.
      Quelling Strike・Now ends Raging Strike effect if active to provide a further TP bonus.
      Swiftsong・Casting time removed.
      Chameleon・Effect now affected by player DEX rating.
      LancerFeint・TP cost lowered from 500 to 250.
      ・Accuracy significantly increased.
      Life Surge・Recast time lowered from 30 to 15 seconds.
      ・TP cost lowered from 500 to 250.
      Full Thrust・Accuracy significantly increased.
      ・Amount of TP earned when landing blow increased.
      ・Damage bonus based on player PIE rating added.
      ThaumaturgeSleep・Recast time removed.
      ConjurerRepose・Recast time removed.
    • [dev1314] The following two actions now deal damage to specific areas:
      * A portion of this list was corrected at 7:30 p.m. (PDT) on 3/22/2012 / 3:30 (GMT) on 3/23/2012.
      Spirits WithinHead
      Dragon KickSpecial (Rear)
    • [dev1315] Player motion for the following weaponskills have been changed:
      • Goring Blade
      • Aura Pulse
      • Doomspike
    • [dev1316] The method in which player attributes are calculated into weaponskill attack power has been changed, resulting in an increase in the maximum amount an attribute can affect damage.

    • [dev1317] The accuracy bonus gained when using Comradery has been increased from 5 to 10 percent. The accuracy bonus gained when using Strength in Numbers has been increased from 10 to 20 percent.

    • [dev1318] Icons indicating bonus conditions and execution conditions are now displayed with the action icons.

      Conditions for BonusConditions to Execute
      Front:Following a parry:
      Rear:Following a block:
      Flank:Following a miss:
      Targeted:Following evasion:
    • [dev1344] A pop-up display will now appear when sustaining damage gradually via enfeebling effects such as poison.

    • [dev1319] Several new enemies have been added.

    • [dev1030] The territory for certain notorious monsters has been adjusted.

    • [dev1320] The normal attack range for the following notorious monsters has been increased:
      Great Buffalo, Tarbh Uisge
    • [dev1242][dev1244] Item drops for the following enemies have been changed:
      Dodore / floating eye / evil eye / ahriman / smolenkos / Haughtpox Bloatbelly / hippocerf / cloud hippocerf / giant gnat / pus gnat / gall gnat / buzzard / vulture / scout vulture / lammergeyer / condor / chasm condor / highland condor / cinderwing / nestling buzzard / Qiqirn egg hunter / Qiqirn eggnapper / Qiqirn poacher / Qiqirn scrambler / Qiqirn beater / Qiqirn mercenary / aplha gnat / territorial gnat / recluse hippogryph / sylph whisper / sylph echo / sylph susurrus / sylvan guardian / wild hog / truffle hog / Buata / territorial hog / antelope doe / migrating doe / antelope stag / snowbuck stag / young antelope stag / lone wolf / dreadwolf / feral watchdog / wild jackal / rabid jackal / raging jackal / jackal pup / watchwolf / scarred watchwolf / black wolf / war wolf / Deadeyes / territorial dreadwolf / bumble beetle / beady beetle / dodo / fat dodo / clever dodo / ruffled dodo / star marmot / thistletail marmot / tiny dormouse / dormouse / hispid dormouse / deadly dormouse / mickle mouse / young galago / canopy galago / opo-opo / lemur / ringtail / curious galago / Queen Gougou / cactuar / cochineal cactuar / forest funguar / fallgourd funguar / faerie funguar / mature funguar / shore slug / sand slug / ghost slug / sea hare / bloodsucker / spelaean slug / tree slug / imp / herald imp / devilet / dastardly devilet / alpha imp / kobold acolyte / kobold mendicant / kobold priest / kobold prelate / kobold almsman / kobold kirkman / kobold vestryman / kobold packman / kobold footman / kobold patrolman / kobold pickman / kobold pitman / kobold quarryman / kobold ascetic / U'Ghamaro gurneyman / U'Ghamaro underman / U'Ghamaro potman / Zu Ga's cup bearer / U'Ghamaro ashman / U'Ghamaro overman / Zu Ga's sword bearer / U'Ghamaro gateman / U'Ghamaro junkman / Zu Ga's pick bearer / Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga / kobold cragsman / kobold roundsman / kobold bedesman / gripper / Shearing Sheridan / wharf rat / plains rat / dire rat / arbor squirrel / aldgoat billy / ravenous billygoat / aldgoat nanny / ravenous nannygoat / elder mosshorn / Amalj'aa drubber / Amalj'aa pugilist / Amalj'aa grappler / Zahar'ak sniper / Burned Sister / Zahar'ak halberdier / Burned Brother / Zahar'ak drubber / Flamefist Ahlygg Roh / Zahar'ak feretrar / Zahar'ak chandler / Zahar'ak scriniary / Zahar'ak illuminator / Zahar'ak ostiary / Burned Scrivner / Amalj'aa pennoncier / Amalj'aa pennoncier captain / Amalj'aa high divinator / roseling / thorned roseling / flytrap / battrap / gnattrap / kedtrap / toadtrap / pruned roselet / sourleaf roselet / alpha roseling / deadly nightshade / territorial roselet / Mun--Tuy sapling / mitetrap / saltspray pteroc / pteroc matron / cellar puk / sordes / prison pteroc / goblin thug / goblin freesword / goblin bouncer / little apkallu / apkallu / king apkallu / emperor apkallu / lost lamb / lost ewe / wild ewe / brutal sheep / desert peiste / sandskin peiste / Sagolii serpent / sundrake / draught drake / flamedrake / inferno drake / battle drake / Ranig'oh / ashdrake / branded drake / Zanig'oh / lava drake / antling digger / antling forager / territorial digger / chigoe / carrion chigoe / jumping djigga / buzzing djigga / tainted louse / angler / land angler / reef angler / mad angler / orobon / bigmouth orobon / seagrot orobon / spawning orobon / remora / giant remora / deepsea angler / territorial angler / alpgrot orobon / yarzon scavenger / yarzon burrower / yarzon lurker / territorial scavenger / sewer mole / Moraby mole / Shroud shrew / Drybone shrew / redhorn ogre / spinesnap ogre / headrip ogre / errant soul / bogy / bloated bogy
    • [dev1242][dev1244] The following items are now dropped by enemies:
      Vampire Plant / Matron's Mistletoe / Tarantula / Paprika / Midland Cabbage / Nopales / Millioncorn / Hi-potion / Raisins / Pixie Plums / Chamomile / Puk Egg / White Truffle / Scalekin Blood / Potion of Strength / Maiden Artichoke / Prickly Pineapple / Gil Bun / Desert Saffron / Black Pearl
    • [dev1242][dev1244] The following items, phased out as enemy drops in patch 1.19, are now dropped again:
      Ogre Horn, Hyena Fang, Blue Yarzon Leg, Drake Skin, Black Scorpion
    • [dev1242][dev1244] The following items are no longer dropped by enemies:
      Highland Parsely, Poisoning Potion, Jerked Beef, Potion, Ether

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    • [dev1242] Culinarian recipes have been revamped. The changes are described below.
      * Learn more about the thinking behind the revamping of culinary recipes and food effects.
      • Food items have been changed as follows:
        • Food items now buff parameters not by fixed values, but by percentages. However, enhancements are capped at a maximum value. (Also, some items continue to provide a fixed-value boost.)
          When eating an Eft Steak (attack power +7%, maximum of 51)
          • When attack power is 600: A 7% boost would be 42. Therefore, attack power is increased to 642.
          • When attack power is 740: A 7% boost would be 54. This exceeds the maximum of 51. Therefore, attack power is increased by the maximum amount of 51, to 791.
          When making the calculation, equipped gear counts as part of the attack power value, but bonuses conferred by abilities and medicine do not.
        • Percentage boost, fixed cap, and duration are increased for HQ food items.
          * There is no increase in the experience point bonus.
        • All food items provide experience point bonuses.
        • Neither elemental nor physical parameters have any impact on the effect bonuses provided by food.
        • Eating ingredient items (such as raw meat and fish, fruits, and other unprocessed foods) only grants an experience point bonus.
      • The log display when using items has been changed.
        • The message ending "...and finds it to be divine" is used when the parameter is increased by the maximum fixed value.
        • The message ending "...and finds it to be delicious" is used when the parameter is increased by 90% or more of the maximum fixed value.
        • The message ending "...and finds it to be tasty" is used when the parameter is increased by 80% or more of the maximum fixed value.
        • For other cases, the message is simply "(player) eats (food item)."
        When a food item boosts multiple parameters, only one of the parameter boosts is displayed in the log.
      • The item help for foods describes the effects of the food, duration, and recast time.

      • Graphics have been added when using food items.

    • [dev1242] Alchemy recipes have been revamped. The changes are described below.
      * Read about the thinking behind the revamping of alchemy recipes and medicine effects.
      • Medicine items have been changed as follows:
        • Medicine items now boost parameters not by fixed values, but by percentages.
          However, enhancements are capped at a maximum value.
          When drinking a Mega-potion (20% HP recovery, maximum 600)
          A character with maximum HP of 2,000 recovers 400 HP.
        • Recovery items are no longer usable on other characters.
        • The boosts provided by medicines that buff players' own parameters have been capped at a maximum value.
          (Example) When drinking a Mega-potion of strength (attack power +18%, maximum of 125)
          • When attack power is 600: An 18% boost would be 108. Therefore, attack power is increased to 708.
          • When attack power is 700: An 18% boost would be 126. This exceeds the maximum of 125. Therefore, attack power is increased by the maximum amount of 125, to 825.
        • The effects of medicines that debuff foes have been tweaked.
        • When using debuffing medicines against a foe, the odds of success are no longer affected by the player's status (magic accuracy, etc.).
      • The item help for medicines describes the effect of the medicine, duration, and recast time.

      [dev1244] The accessory system has been revamped. View the reasoning behind these changes here.
      • Slot cost has been abolished.
      • In conjunction with the abolishment of slot cost, the following changes to gear slots have been made:

        Right EarEars*1
        Left Ear
        Right WristArms*2
        Left Wrist
        Right Index FingerRight Finger*3
        Right Ring Finger
        Left Index FingerLeft Finger*3
        Left Ring Finger
        *1 Earrings (other than the moonlet) now come in pairs.
        *2 Bracelets (other than the patriot’s bracelet) now come in pairs.
        *3 All rings implemented as of patch 1.21 are worn on the index finger. Rings worn on the ring finger will be added in the future.

      • New recipes have been added for gear with optimal levels that better correspond with the levels at which the materials can be obtained.
    • [dev1237] High-quality items (HQ items) have been revamped, and synthesis specifications changed.

      ≪Reason for the Change≫
      Previously, the conditions for producing HQ results during synthesis were not clear, and players found it difficult to make HQ items, even when using HQ ingredients. We have therefore reassessed the synthesis process to make it easier to judge the quality of finished items. We have also changed the specs for the following features: adjusting the Quality of a finished item, touching up, and displaying the HQ odds of a finished item. With this overhaul, it is easier than before to synthesize an HQ item when using HQ Materials. Furthermore, equipping HQ gear now boosts bonus parameters in addition to base parameters.

      ≪Changes to the Synthesis Process≫
      Quality and HQ odds have been changed as follows:
      • During synthesis, HQ odds are displayed as a percentage.
      • HQ odds change depending on Quality.
      • When synthesis materials consist exclusively of normal items, the initial Quality is close to zero. If all materials are HQ items, the initial Quality is around 500.
      • When beginning synthesis, durability will now always begin at 100, regardless of the Quality of the synthesis materials.
      • The use of standard synthesis, rapid synthesis, or careful synthesis changes how quickly durability is consumed and how quickly progress and Quality increase.
        • Standard synthesis increases progress and consumes more durability.
        • Rapid synthesis does not increase Quality.
        • Careful synthesis dramatically increases Quality.
        • A set amount of durability is consumed regardless of whether or not the standard synthesis or careful synthesis succeeds.
        By checking the remaining durability, it is now easier to determine how many synthesis attempts remain. If rapid synthesis succeeds, durability is not consumed at all.
      • Odds of elements becoming unstable or growing chaotic have been reduced.
      • Even if elements grow chaotic, Quality is not reduced.
      • Set abilities can always be used. If five or less abilities are set, all synthesis commands are displayed. If six or more abilities are set, five of them are randomly selected and displayed as synthesis commands.
      • Time allowed for the input of synthesis commands has been increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
        * This time limit is scheduled to be eliminated altogether in an upcoming patch.
      ≪Changes to Touching Up≫
      The process of touching up has been eliminated and replaced with the "Double Down" command.

      • If the synthesis does not result in an HQ item after the HQ assessment is carried out, players may make one attempt to double down.
      • On a Double Down attempt, the odds of successfully producing an HQ item are half of those on the initial attempt.
      • If Double Down succeeds, the finished item becomes an HQ item.
      • If Double Down fails, the finished item is lost.
      • Should the player decide that the HQ odds are too low and there is little chance of success with Double Down, the process may be skipped to keep the finished item as-is.
      • If the odds of successfully producing an HQ item with Double Down are zero, then the Double Down does not take place and the item is completed as normal.
      • Double Down can be used with all recipes.
      ≪Changes to Experience Point Bonuses≫
      The experience point bonus that is given in proportion to the quality of finished items has been increased.

      ≪Changes to the Attributes of HQ Gear≫
      In addition to basic parameters (physical defense, damage, attack delay, etc.), HQ gear now also boosts bonus parameters (physical attack, magic attack, evasion, etc.)
      * For each equipped item, only certain bonus parameters are enhanced.
      * The change also applies to existing HQ gear (with certain exceptions).

    • [dev1310] After repeatedly crafting the same recipe a set number of times, synthesis will be interrupted.

    • [dev1321] Several new items have been added.
      View the details.

      * The Keeper’s Hymn, used to reset attribute point allotment, will be usable from patch 1.21a.

    • [dev1076] Job-specific gear has been added.
      Requires: BRD (can only be equipped by bards)
      Requires: WAR (can only be equipped by warriors)
      Requires: MNK (can only be equipped by monks)
      Requires: WHM (can only be equipped by white mages)
      Requires: BLM (can only be equipped by black mages)
      Requires: DRG (can only be equipped by dragoons)
      Requires: PLD (can only be equipped by paladins)

      * Gear with class restrictions can also be equipped by the corresponding job.

    • [dev1242][dev1244] Several new recipes have been added.

    • [dev1242][dev1244] The quantity of items created in certain recipes have been adjusted.

    • [dev1237] High quality versions of the following items can no longer be crafted using main-hand tools:
      Eye Drops, Throat Drops, Dawn Drops, Spine Drops, Blood Drops, Lung Drops, Heart Drops, Peach Confetti, Cherry Confetti
      Successful synthesis for these items is now measured by how many of the items are created with each attempt.

    • [dev1322] The stack limit for several items has been increased from 12 to 99.
      Meat Dish / Egg Dish / Grain Dish / Vegetable Dish / Mushroom Dish / Sweet / Drink / Seafood Dish / Soup & Stew / Egg / Dairy Product / Vegetable / Grain / Spice / Fruit / Mushroom / Seasoning / Foodstuff / Freshwater Fare / Saltwater Fare / Meat / Potion / Remedy / Ether / Toxin / Panacea / Reagent / Dye / Paint / Oil
    • [dev1323] The categories for the following two items have been changed:

      Maddening PotionToxinsPanaceas
      Nerve DropsRemediesPanaceas
    • [dev1324] The selling prices for several items have been adjusted.

    • [dev1325] The buying prices for several items have been adjusted.

    • [dev1326] The stats for the following items have been adjusted:

      Item NameBeforeAfter
      Sorcerer's RobeDefense: 117
      MP: +40
      Magic Crit Evasion: +5
      Magic Crit Rate: +5
      Enmity: -5
      Defense: 117
      MP: +40
      Magic Crit Evasion: +5
      Magic Crit Rate: +35
      Enmity: -10
      Sorcerer's RingbandDefense: 49
      Magic Accuracy: +5
      Magic Crit Potency: +10
      MND: +3
      Defense: 49
      Magic Accuracy: +7
      Magic Crit Potency: +35

      MND: +3
      Sorcerer’s TightsDefense: 86
      Attack Magic Potency: +10
      INT: +5 VIT: +2
      Defense: 86
      Attack Magic Potency: +10
      INT: +7 VIT: +2
      Sorcerer’s HatDefense: 60
      MP: +30 INT: +5
      Enmity: -5
      Defense: 60
      MP: +30 INT: +5
      Enmity: -20
      Sentinel's CuirassDefense: 182
      HP: +50 VIT: +4
      MND: +4
      Defense: 182
      HP: +50 VIT: +4
      MND: +4 Block Rate: +5
      Mercenary's SlopsDefense: 89
      Evasion: +10
      Attack Power: +10
      Defense: 89
      Evasion: +10
      Attack Power: +15
      Sipahi SarouelDefense: 94
      Evasion: +15
      HP: +15 MP: +15
      Defense: 94
      Evasion: +25
      HP: +15 MP: +15
      Mercenary's ActonDefense: 146
      HP: +30 MP: +30
      STR: +9
      Defense: 146
      HP: +50 MP: +40
      STR: +9
      Sipahi TurbanDefense: 65
      STR: +5 Enmity: -3
      Wind Resistance: +3
      Defense: 65
      STR: +7 Enmity: -7
      Wind Resistance: +3
      Sentinel’s SabatonsDefense: 70
      HP: +27 VIT: +3
      Enmity: +3
      Defense: 70
      HP: +27 VIT: +3
      Enmity: +9
      Sentinel's Plate BeltDefense: 29
      DEX: +2 VIT: +2
      Stun Resistance: +1
      Defense: 29
      DEX: +4 VIT: +4
      Stun Resistance: +1

    • [dev1242][dev1244] Items obtainable from gathering points have been adjusted.
      * Information on certain gatherable items has been corrected at 3:15 a.m. (PDT) / 12:15 (GMT) on 3/13/2012.

      In addition to the aforementioned changes, the following items also can now be obtained through gathering:
      Nopales, Almonds, Tinolqa Mistletoe, Chanterelles, Matron's Mistletoe, White Truffles, Black Truffles
      The following items can no longer be obtained through gathering:
      Million Corn, Buffalo Beans
    • [dev1242][dev1244] Several items that were rendered obsolete due to their removal from recipes in patch 1.19 can now be used in recipes newly added in patch 1.21.

    • [dev1327] Several additions/changes have been made to the list of items available for purchase with company seals.
      • The following items have been added:

        ≪Materiel (All City-states)≫

        Dried PrunesSweetDried pixie plums, sweetened in the sun.
        Ginger CookieSweetA sweet and spicy cookie cut into the shape of a legendary black mage said to have recovered MP by eating the crispy treats.
        Hi-potion of PietyPanaceaThis concoction temporarily increases piety.
        Hi-potion of VitalityPanaceaThis concoction temporarily increases vitality.
        ≪Maelstrom – Storm Private First Class≫

        Lominsan AetherpassKey ItemA writ of permission issued by the Maelstrom, granting its bearer aetherial passage within Limsa Lominsa.
        ≪Maelstrom – Storm Sergeant Third Class≫

        Lominsan Half BardingKey ItemA lightweight suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
        Lominsan BardingKey ItemA full plate suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
        Lominsan Crested BardingKey ItemAn elaborately decorated suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
        ≪Order of the Twin Adder – Serpent Private First Class≫

        Gridanian AetherpassKey ItemA writ of permission issued by the Order of the Twin Adder, granting its bearer aetherial passage within Gridania.
        ≪Order of the Twin Adder – Serpent Sergeant Third Class≫

        Gridanian Half BardingKey ItemA lightweight suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
        Gridanian BardingKey ItemA full plate suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
        Gridanian Crested BardingKey ItemAn elaborately decorated suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
        ≪Immortal Flames – Flame Private First Class≫

        Ul’dahn AetherpassKey ItemA writ of permission issued by the Immortal Flames, granting its bearer aetherial passage within Ul'dah.
        ≪Immortal Flames – Flame Sergeant Third Class≫

        Ul'dahn Half BardingKey ItemA lightweight suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
        Ul'dahn BardingKey ItemA full plate suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
        Ul'dahn Crested BardingKey ItemAn elaborately decorated suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
      • The following items have been replaced:


        Dated Silver RingSilver Ring
        Dated Pearl RingPearl Ring
        Dated Silver ChokerSunstone Choker
        Dated Electrum ChokerMythril Gorget
        ≪Order of the Twin Adder≫

        Dated Silver RingSilver Ring
        Dated Pearl RingPearl Ring
        Dated Silver ChokerMalachite Choker
        Dated Electrum ChokerMythril Gorget
        ≪Immortal Flames≫

        Dated Silver RingSilver Ring
        Dated Pearl RingPearl Ring
        Dated Silver ChokerFluorite Choker
        Dated Electrum ChokerMythril Gorget
      • Quantities and prices of the following items have been adjusted:

        Dusken Draught (Maelstrom)15150
        Kiss of the Morning Meadow
        (Order of the Twin Adder)
        Onyx Tears (Immortal Flames)15150
        Blood Drops12102010
        Throat Drops1210560
        Dawn Drops12101015
        Spine Drops12105100
        Grade 5 Dark Matter2022520150
      • The following items are no longer available for purchase:
        Jerked Beef, Stone Soup, Ironhide Unguent, Ironwill Unguent

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    • [dev1328] It is now possible to Teleport, Return, or log out while incurring enmity. However, the player must avoid being attacked for 15 seconds (shown via a timer gauge) before the command is executed.
      * Teleport offers cannot be accepted.

    • [dev1329] New achievements have been added.

    • [dev1330] New achievement categories have been added.

      CurrencyOrrickUl’dah Merchant Strip (5,3)
      Grand CompanyStorm Private RhofMaelstrom Command (1,1)
      Serpent Private LarkeAdders’ Nest (1,1)
      Flame Private Nonoku NokuHall of Flames (1,1)
      * Available only to those officially enlisted in a Grand Company. To unlock this category, please speak to the NPC representing your organization.

    • [dev1229] The following information has been added to the Attributes interface:
      • Current job.
      • Acquired jobs.
    • [dev1244] The following changes have been made to the Gear interface.
      • The Soul Crystal slot will now appear for those who have unlocked at least one job.
      • Slot cost has been phased out for accessories.
      • Accessory slots have been consolidated as follows:
        Ears / Neck /Wrists / Right Finger/ Left Finger

    • [dev1229] The following information has been added to the Actions & Traits interface:
      • Current job.
      • Acquired actions.
    • [dev1229] A filter for job quests has been added to the Journal interface.

    • [dev1331] The following changes have been made to the Achievements interface:
      • Each achievement now displays detailed conditions and a progress gauge.
      • Each achievement category now displays the name and location of the associated NPC.

    • [dev1332] The following changes have been made to the Search interface:
      • The option to search by job has been added.
      • Multiple preferred classes can now be specified.
    • [dev1302] The Action Subtargets option has been added to the Configuration menu, under Target Settings. Toggling off disables the selection of alternate targets for actions executed directly from the action bar; actions will instead be performed on the current target.
      * Setting can also be toggled via a text command.
      /subtarget(/st) [subcommand]
       >> Subcommands:
       on - Enable Action Subtargets
       off - Disable Action Subtargets
       Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
       * Enabled by default.
    • [dev1302] The Face Target command has been changed.
      The action is no longer accompanied by a motion; characters will now instantly face the target, and those in motion will come to an immediate halt.

    • [dev1333] The text command /search (/who) has been added for performing player searches.
      For example, the following command line performs a search for pugilists between levels 10 and 20, whose status is Online.
      /search online pgl 10-20
      The following conditions can be specified:
      * All conditions are selected when none are designated.
      • Player Status
        ONLINE (logged in) / INVITE (seeking invite) / PARTY (currently in party)
        Ex.) /search invite
      • Class
        DOW (Disciples of War) / PGL (pugilist) / GLA (gladiator) / MRD (marauder) / ARC (archer) / LNC (lancer) / DOM (Disciples of Magic) / THM (thaumaturge) / CNJ (conjurer) / DOH (Disciples of the Hand) / WDK (woodworker) / BSM (blacksmith) / ARM (armorer) / GSM (goldsmith) / LTW (leatherworker) / WVR (weaver) / ALC (alchemist) / CUL (culinarian) / DOL (Disciples of the Land) / MIN (miner) / BTN (botanist) / FSH (fisher)
        Ex.) /search con
      • Job
        Search for only those players who have obtained the jobs affiliated with the designated class.
        Ex.) /search job
      • Level
        • XX: Search for exact match.
        • XX-YY or XX
        Ex.) /search 45-50
        * Omitting a value will result in a search for players within 5 levels of your own.

      • Grand Company Affiliation
        GCL (Maelstrom) / GCU (Immortal Flames) / GCG (Order of the Twin Adder) / GCN (no affiliation)
        * All conditions are selected when none are designated.
        Ex.) /search gcg
      • Area
        Search for players in the designated area.
        Ex.) /search [South Shroud]
        *As is the case with all subcommands, place names with more than one word need to be in brackets.
      • Language
        EN (English) / JA (Japanese) / FR (French) / DE (German)
        Ex.) /search en
      If the Search interface is open when /search is executed, the conditions on the intertace will change to reflect those specified in the text command.

    • [dev1244] The /equip text command now accommodates the consolidated accessory slots (ears, wrists, L.finger, R.finger). Subcommands specifying former slots can still be used, but will instead equip to the following slots:
      • R.ear → Ears
      • L.ear → Ears
      • R.wrist → Wrists
      • L.wrist → Wrists
      • R.index → R.finger
      • L.index → L.finger
      • R.ring → R.finger
      • L.ring → L.finger
      In accordance with these changes, the following Auto-translation Dictionary terms have been revised:
      • R.ear → Ear
      • R.wrist → Wrist
      • R.index → R.finger
      • L.index → L.finger
      * These changes will also be reflected in character portraits on the Lodestone.

    • [dev1229] Character profiles viewed via the Check command now include the target’s current job.

    • [dev1334] New pop-up help messages have been added.

    • [dev1335] The following information has been added to the experience bar:
      • Current job.
      • Rested bonus (when accumulated).
    • [dev1336] An icon indicating movement speed has been added to player unit frames.

    • [dev1337] When targeting objects such as aetherytes, aetherial gates, or aetherial nodes, the name of the target will now appear on its unit frame.

    • [dev1343] The following terms have been added to the Auto-translation Dictionary:

      Crafter ActionsThrowing
      Gatherer ActionsThrowing
    • [dev1338] The following emotes have been added:
      • /airquotes
      • /blowkiss (formerly exclusive to Valentione’s Day)

    • [dev1339] Selecting a target while performing an emote now causes the character to look towards the target.

    • [dev1340] The behavior of the guildleve issuance menu has been adjusted for actions such as cancelling.

    • [dev1341] In the Lancers’ Guild in Gridania, characters can now enter the training area without having to walk around to the steps.

    • [dev1342] New background music has been added.

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    Bug Fixes
    • The following issues have been resolved:
      • An issue wherein the accuracy bonus received while partying was not functioning as intended.
      • An issue wherein help text for the statuses Gear Damage and Heavy Gear Damage was incorrect.
      • An issue wherein help text was incorrect for certain abilities.
      • An issue wherein food effects boosting Craftsmanship, Magic Craftsmanship, Control, Gathering, Output, and Perception were not being reflected in the Attributes interface.
      • An issue wherein the level requirements for certain quests (such as seasonal events) erroneously included the shield skill.
      • An issue with the Auto-translation Dictionary wherein the list of synthesis items was fixed to certain items.
        * Based on this revision, items possessed by the player are now given priority.
      • An issue with the Inventory interface wherein sorting Materials First would send materia to the top of the list.
      • An issue wherein the log message pertaining to gear condition was not being displayed when players equip damaged gear.
      • An issue wherein, under certain circumstances, the maximum HP and MP of Disciples of the Hand did not increase upon leveling up.
      • An issue wherein executing the Face Target command while seated would cause the character to rotate unnaturally.
      • An issue wherein players could not target certain other party members when in a party comprising three or more characters.
      • An issue wherein consecrated chocolates could be used on certain NPCs.
      • An issue wherein switching targets in Thornmarch produced the wrong sound effect.
      • An issue wherein items could incorrectly be used on enemies appearing in Thornmarch and Dzemael Darkhold.
      • An issue wherein the Guard ability used by enemies did not reduce damage as intended.
      • An issue with the marauder class wherein the graphic accompanying the ability Provoke was not displaying correctly.
      • An issue wherein the effect of Chameleon was not working as intended.
      • An issue wherein Feint could be used even when activation requirements were not met.
      • An issue wherein casting the spells Cure and Cura on targets with full HP would incur enmity.
      • An issue wherein an incorrect log message was shown when HP is restored via the effect of Necrogenesis.
      • An issue wherein the effect of reduced TP generation was not working as intended.
      • An issue wherein the effect of Rampage would fade even when stationary.
      • An issue with the archer class wherein performing a normal shot attack in the middle of a combo would interrupt that combo.
      • An issue wherein the effects of Blindside, Bloodbath, and Blood for Blood could be triggered via shot and throw attacks.
      • An issue with the archer class wherein the Enhanced Hawk's Eye trait reduced the effect duration of Hawk’s Eye.
      • An issue with the pugilist class wherein the attack motion would not be shown if the second strike (right hand) of a normal attack misses the target.
      • An issue wherein performing an action in the middle of spellcasting would cause the casting bar to disappear, rendering it impossible to cancel spellcasting.
      • An issue wherein the amount of HP recovered was incorrectly displayed when a Cure spell is cast on a target with full HP.
      • An issue wherein the action icon would light up even if combo requirements have not been met.
      • An issue wherein Throw could not be set via the /equipaction text command.
      • An issue wherein journal entries were not being updated for certain sidequests, and an exclamation point did not appear above NPCs.
      • An issue wherein the graphics for certain NPCs were incorrect.
      • An issue wherein the graphics for certain characters were incorrect.
      • An issue wherein certain NPC messages were incorrect.
      • An issue wherein certain journal entries were incorrectly displayed.
      • An issue wherein the instructions for certain levequests were incorrect.
      • An issue wherein help text for certain actions were incorrect.
      • An issue wherein help text for certain items were incorrect.

      • An issue wherein function keys could not be used to target KO'd players and NPCs.
      • An issue with item search wherein item quantity was not displaying as intended.
      • An issue with item search wherein setting screen resolution to 1024x768 would cause item information to display incorrectly.
      • An issue with item search wherein the icon for HQ and materia-enhanced items was not being displayed on the direct purchase screen.
      • An issue wherein changing text color would cause the color of log messages to change.
      • An issue wherein the /assist text command allowed players to temporarily lock on to targets that are beyond range.
      • An issue wherein the effect of Brink of Death was not functioning as intended.

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    Items Exchangeable for Guild Marks

    ItemPrice (guild marks)
    Bloodthirst Materia I2,000
    Bloodthirst Materia II3,000
    Bloodthirst Materia III8,000
    Bloodthirst Materia IV30,000
    Manathirst Materia I2,000
    Manathirst Materia II3,000
    Manathirst Materia III6,000
    Manathirst Materia IV16,000
    Lifethirst Materia I2,000
    Lifethirst Materia II3,000
    Lifethirst Materia III6,000
    Lifethirst Materia IV16,000
    Strength Materia I2,000
    Strength Materia II3,000
    Strength Materia III7,000
    Strength Materia IV20,000
    Vitality Materia I2,000
    Vitality Materia II3,000
    Vitality Materia III7,000
    Vitality Materia IV20,000
    Dexterity Materia I2,000
    Dexterity Materia II3,000
    Dexterity Materia III7,000
    Dexterity Materia IV20,000
    Intelligence Materia I2,000
    Intelligence Materia II3,000
    Intelligence Materia III8,000
    Intelligence Materia IV30,000
    Mind Materia I2,000
    Mind Materia II3,000
    Mind Materia III7,000
    Mind Materia IV20,000
    Piety Materia I2,000
    Piety Materia II3,000
    Piety Materia III10,000
    Piety Materia IV36,000
    Ironman's Will Materia I2,000
    Ironman's Will Materia II3,000
    Ironman's Will Materia III7,000
    Ironman's Will Materia IV20,000
    Swordsman's Cry Materia I2,000
    Swordsman's Cry Materia II3,000
    Swordsman's Cry Materia III10,000
    Swordsman's Cry Materia IV36,000
    Watchman's Vigil Materia I2,000
    Watchman's Vigil Materia II3,000
    Watchman's Vigil Materia III7,000
    Watchman's Vigil Materia IV20,000
    Loresman's Wit Materia I2,000
    Loresman's Wit Materia II3,000
    Loresman's Wit Materia III10,000
    Loresman's Wit Materia IV36,000
    Wise Man's Vision Materia I2,000
    Wise Man's Vision Materia II3,000
    Wise Man's Vision Materia III10,000
    Wise Man's Vision Materia IV36,000
    Vestryman's Faith Materia I2,000
    Vestryman's Faith Materia II3,000
    Vestryman's Faith Materia III10,000
    Vestryman's Faith Materia IV36,000
    Fire Materia I10,000
    Fire Materia II20,000
    Fire Materia III60,000
    Fire Materia IV200,000
    Ice Materia I10,000
    Ice Materia II20,000
    Ice Materia III60,000
    Ice Materia IV200,000
    Wind Materia I10,000
    Wind Materia II20,000
    Wind Materia III60,000
    Wind Materia IV200,000
    Earth Materia I10,000
    Earth Materia II20,000
    Earth Materia III60,000
    Earth Materia IV200,000
    Lightning Materia I10,000
    Lightning Materia II20,000
    Lightning Materia III60,000
    Lightning Materia IV200,000
    Water Materia I10,000
    Water Materia II20,000
    Water Materia III60,000
    Water Materia IV200,000
    Fire Veil Materia I10,000
    Fire Veil Materia II20,000
    Fire Veil Materia III60,000
    Fire Veil Materia IV200,000
    Ice Veil Materia I10,000
    Ice Veil Materia II20,000
    Ice Veil Materia III60,000
    Ice Veil Materia IV200,000
    Wind Veil Materia I10,000
    Wind Veil Materia II20,000
    Wind Veil Materia III60,000
    Wind Veil Materia IV200,000
    Earth Veil Materia I10,000
    Earth Veil Materia II20,000
    Earth Veil Materia III60,000
    Earth Veil Materia IV200,000
    Lightning Veil Materia I10,000
    Lightning Veil Materia II20,000
    Lightning Veil Materia III60,000
    Lightning Veil Materia IV200,000
    Water Veil Materia I10,000
    Water Veil Materia II20,000
    Water Veil Materia III60,000
    Water Veil Materia IV200,000
    Heavens' Fist Materia I4,000
    Heavens' Fist Materia II16,000
    Heavens' Fist Materia III36,000
    Heavens' Fist Materia IV86,000
    Heavens' Eye Materia I4,000
    Heavens' Eye Materia II16,000
    Heavens' Eye Materia III36,000
    Heavens' Eye Materia IV86,000
    Hells' Fist Materia I4,000
    Hells' Fist Materia II16,000
    Hells' Fist Materia III36,000
    Hells' Fist Materia IV86,000
    Hells' Eye Materia I4,000
    Hells' Eye Materia II16,000
    Hells' Eye Materia III36,000
    Hells' Eye Materia IV86,000
    Savage Might Materia I4,000
    Savage Might Materia II16,000
    Savage Might Materia III36,000
    Savage Might Materia IV86,000
    Sagacious Might Materia I4,000
    Sagacious Might Materia II16,000
    Sagacious Might Materia III36,000
    Sagacious Might Materia IV86,000
    Battledance Materia I4,000
    Battledance Materia II16,000
    Battledance Materia III36,000
    Battledance Materia IV86,000
    Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I4,000
    Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II16,000
    Gatherer's Guerdon Materia III36,000
    Gatherer's Guerdon Materia IV86,000
    Gatherer's Guile Materia I4,000
    Gatherer's Guile Materia II16,000
    Gatherer's Guile Materia III36,000
    Gatherer's Guile Materia IV86,000
    Gatherer's Grasp Materia I4,000
    Gatherer's Grasp Materia II16,000
    Gatherer's Grasp Materia III36,000
    Gatherer's Grasp Materia IV86,000
    Craftsman's Competence Materia I4,000
    Craftsman's Competence Materia II16,000
    Craftsman's Competence Materia III36,000
    Craftsman's Competence Materia IV86,000
    Craftsman's Cunning Materia I4,000
    Craftsman's Cunning Materia II16,000
    Craftsman's Cunning Materia III36,000
    Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV86,000
    Craftsman's Command Materia I4,000
    Craftsman's Command Materia II16,000
    Craftsman's Command Materia III36,000
    Craftsman's Command Materia IV86,000
    Bloodflight Materia I4,000
    Bloodflight Materia II16,000
    Bloodflight Materia III36,000
    Bloodflight Materia IV86,000
    Manaflight Materia I4,000
    Manaflight Materia II10,000
    Manaflight Materia III30,000
    Manaflight Materia IV100,000
    Bloodwall Materia I4,000
    Bloodwall Materia II16,000
    Bloodwall Materia III36,000
    Bloodwall Materia IV86,000
    Cactuar Foot Materia I4,000
    Cactuar Foot Materia II16,000
    Cactuar Foot Materia III36,000
    Cactuar Foot Materia IV86,000
    Wyvern Skin Materia I4,000
    Wyvern Skin Materia II16,000
    Wyvern Skin Materia III36,000
    Wyvern Skin Materia IV86,000
    Bomb Blood Materia I4,000
    Bomb Blood Materia II16,000
    Bomb Blood Materia III36,000
    Bomb Blood Materia IV86,000
    Pixie Tongue Materia I4,000
    Pixie Tongue Materia II16,000
    Pixie Tongue Materia III36,000
    Pixie Tongue Materia IV86,000
    Coeurl Eye Materia I4,000
    Coeurl Eye Materia II16,000
    Coeurl Eye Materia III36,000
    Coeurl Eye Materia IV86,000
    Aurelia Kiss Materia I4,000
    Aurelia Kiss Materia II16,000
    Aurelia Kiss Materia III36,000
    Aurelia Kiss Materia IV86,000
    Bison Hoof Materia I4,000
    Bison Hoof Materia II16,000
    Bison Hoof Materia III36,000
    Bison Hoof Materia IV86,000
    Funguar Shriek Materia I4,000
    Funguar Shriek Materia II16,000
    Funguar Shriek Materia III36,000
    Funguar Shriek Materia IV86,000
    Treant Root Materia I4,000
    Treant Root Materia II16,000
    Treant Root Materia III36,000
    Treant Root Materia IV86,000
    Chocobo Down Materia I4,000
    Chocobo Down Materia II16,000
    Chocobo Down Materia III36,000
    Chocobo Down Materia IV86,000
    Touch of Rage Materia I4,000
    Touch of Rage Materia II16,000
    Touch of Rage Materia III36,000
    Touch of Rage Materia IV86,000
    Touch of Serenity Materia I4,000
    Touch of Serenity Materia II16,000
    Touch of Serenity Materia III36,000
    Touch of Serenity Materia IV86,000
    Healer's Hand Materia I5,000
    Healer's Hand Materia II18,000
    Healer's Hand Materia III40,000
    Healer's Hand Materia IV100,000
    Fire Shard20
    Ice Shard20
    Wind Shard20
    Earth Shard20
    Lightning Shard20
    Water Shard20
    Fire Crystal60
    Ice Crystal60
    Wind Crystal60
    Earth Crystal60
    Lightning Crystal60
    Water Crystal60
    Fire Cluster1,200
    Ice Cluster1,200
    Wind Cluster1,200
    Earth Cluster1,200
    Lightning Cluster1,200
    Water Cluster1,200
    * Players may also choose to exchange unused guild marks for gil. The current exchange rate is 4 gil per mark.

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    Job-Specific Actions


    for Equipping
    30ActionCoverRedirects a melee attack against target party member to you.
    Target must be within 8 yalms.
    Recast Time: 180 sec.
    35ActionDivine VeilCure and Cura spells cast on you by other players grant a healing over time effect to all party members within range.
    Recast Time: 120 sec.
    40ActionHoly SuccorRestores HP of target. When cast on another player, you also heal 50% of the amount restored.
    Recast Time: 10 sec.
    45ActionSpirits WithinDelivers a melee attack at close range.
    Combo Action: Phalanx
    Increased damage with greater current HP.
    TP: 3000 / Recast Time: 10 sec.
    50ActionHallowed GroundRenders you impervious to physical attacks.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.

    for Equipping
    30ActionShoulder TackleDelivers a charging attack. Chance to inflict Stun when target has no enmity towards you.
    Recast Time: 60 sec.
    35ActionSpinning HeelAdds kick to auto-attacks. Damage of auto-attacks is reduced.
    Cannot be used simultaneously with Hundred Fists.
    Recast Time: 120 sec.
    40ActionFists of WindConverts your attacks into wind attacks and grants a bonus to movement speed and weaponskill recast times. Effect ends upon reuse. MP is consumed while effect is active. Cannot be used simultaneously with Fists of Earth or Fists of Fire.
    Recast Time: 10 sec.
    45ActionDragon KickDelivers a twofold melee attack.
    Combo Action: Sucker Punch
    Combo Bonus: Chance to render target unable to use weaponskills.
    TP: 2000 / Recast Time: 60 sec.
    50ActionHundred FistsTemporarily increases auto-attack speed. Cannot be used simultaneously with Spinning Heel.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.

    for Equipping
    30ActionVengeanceRedirects a portion of physical damage sustained while active back to its source.
    Recast Time: 150 sec.
    35ActionAntagonizeIncreases enmity generated by all actions.
    Recast Time: 120 sec.
    40ActionCollusionRedirects enmity generated by target party member's next attack to you. Target must be within 8 yalms.
    Recast Time: 90 sec.
    45ActionSteel CycloneDelivers a melee attack to enemies in range. Resets Rampage effect when active to increase damage. Chance to inflict Stun when target is attacking you.
    Combo Action: Skull Sunder
    Combo Bonus: Increased critical hit rate.
    TP: 2000 / Recast Time: 30 sec.
    50ActionMighty StrikesGuarantees all attacks made with axes will be critical hits.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.

    for Equipping
    30ActionJumpDelivers a jumping attack, returning you to your original position after the attack is made.
    Recast Time: 60 sec.
    35ActionDisembowelDelivers a melee attack. Chance to inflict Paralysis.
    Combo Action: Feint
    Combo Bonus: Increased Paralysis duration.
    TP: 750 / Recast Time: 30 sec.
    40ActionElusive JumpJumps to a location far behind you. Reduces enmity.
    Recast Time: 180 sec.
    45ActionRing of TalonsDelivers a melee attack to enemies in range.
    Combo Action: Impulse Drive
    Combo Bonus: Increased critical hit rate.
    TP: 2000 / Recast Time: 60 sec.
    50ActionDragonfire DiveDelivers a jumping fire attack to target and enemies near it.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.

    for Equipping
    30ActionBallad of MagiGradually restores MP of all party members within range.
    Recast Time: 10 sec.
    35ActionMinuet of RigorIncreases physical and magic accuracy of all party members within range.
    Recast Time: 10 sec.
    40ActionPaeon of WarConsumes your TP to gradually increase TP of all party members within range.
    TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10 sec.
    45ActionRain of DeathDelivers a ranged attack to target and enemies near it.
    Combo Action: Quick Nock
    Combo Bonus: Chance to inflict Stun.
    TP: 3000 / Recast Time: 30 sec.
    50ActionBattle VoiceIncreases maximum HP of all party members within range and enhances effect of all songs sung while active.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.
    White Mage

    for Equipping
    30ActionPresence of MindRemoves cast time and recast time of next spell.
    Recast Time: 300 sec.
    35ActionRegenGrants healing over time effect to target.
    Recast Time: 5 sec.
    40ActionEsunaRemoves all enfeebling effects from target.
    Recast Time: 10 sec.
    45ActionHolyConsumes all MP to deal damage to enemies in range. Chance to inflict Bind.
    Recast Time: 300 sec.
    50ActionBenedictionRestores HP of all party members within range.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.
    Black Mage

    for Equipping
    30ActionConvertSwitches current HP and MP values.
    Recast Time: 450 sec.
    35ActionFreezeDeals ice damage. Reduces enmity.
    Recast Time: 120 sec.
    40ActionFlareDeals fire damage to enemies in range. Damage dealt increases with proximity. Chance to inflict damage over time effect.
    Recast Time: 120 sec.
    45ActionSleepgaPuts target and enemies near it to sleep.Exclusive
    50ActionBurstDeals lightning damage.
    Combo Action: Thundara
    Combo Bonus: Increased damage with lesser current HP.
    Recast Time: 900 sec.

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    Changes to Gatherable Items

    Edits were made to this post on 4/26/2012 at 23:30(PDT)/on 4/27/2012 at 6:30(GMT)


    Bearded RockTin OreAlumen
    Skull ValleyIron OreRaw Lapis Lazuli
    Sunrise TellinRaw Fluorite
    BloodshoreIron OreRaw Aquamarine
    BrimstoneRaw Amethyst
    CedarwoodIron OreRaw Turquoise
    BrimstoneRaw Spinel
    Cobalt Ore
    Iron LakeIron OreRaw Turquoise
    BrimstoneRaw Spinel
    Cobalt Ore
    Black BrushCopper OreBone Chip
    Rock Salt
    DryboneCopper OreRaw Danburite
    Soiled FemurRaw Sphene
    Bone Chip
    Horizon's EdgeCopper OreRaw Goshenite
    Soiled FemurRaw Heliodor
    Nophica's WellsIron OreRaw Zircon
    Electrum OreRaw Amber
    HalataliIron OreRaw Zircon
    Electrum OreRaw Amber
    BentbranchTin OreMinium
    Emerald MossZinc OreRaw Malachite
    SilexRaw Sunstone
    Tranquil PathsZinc OreRaw Peridot
    Silver OreRaw Garnet
    HumblehearthSilver OreRaw Rubellite
    Mythril OreRaw Tourmaline
    TreespeakSilver OreRaw Tourmaline
    Mythril OreRaw Rubellite
    The Fields of GlorySilver OreMythril Ore
    Zinc Ore
    DragonheadSilver OreMythril Ore
    Zinc OreJade

    Bearded RockRagstoneAll-purpose Red Dye
    Skull ValleyRagstoneAll-purpose Red Dye
    BloodshoreRagstoneWind Rock
    Water RockAll-purpose Red Dye
    CedarwoodWater RockAll-purpose Red Dye
    Wind Rock
    Iron LakeWater RockAll-purpose Red Dye
    Wind Rock
    Black BrushObsidianAll-purpose Yellow Dye
    DryboneObsidianAll-purpose Yellow Dye
    Horizon's EdgeMudstoneLightning Rock
    Fire RockAll-purpose Yellow Dye
    Nophica's WellsMudstoneLightning Rock
    Fire RockAll-purpose Yellow Dye
    HalataliLightning RockAll-purpose Yellow Dye
    Fire Rock
    BentbranchObsidianAll-purpose White Dye
    Emerald MossObsidianAll-purpose White Dye
    Tranquil PathsObsidianIce Rock
    Earth RockAll-purpose White Dye
    HumblehearthSiltstoneIce Rock
    Earth RockAll-purpose White Dye
    TreespeakEarth RockAll-purpose White Dye
    Ice Rock
    The Fields of GloryMudstoneWyvern Obsidian
    DragonheadSiltstoneWyvern Obsidian

    Bearded RockAsh BranchCock Feather
    Ash LogLa Noscean Orange
    Coerthas Carrot
    Skull ValleyAsh BranchCock Feather
    Ash LogCinderfoot Olive
    BloodshoreWalnut LogCinderfoot Olive
    Gridanian WalnutCloves
    CedarwoodWalnut LogDragon Pepper
    Gridanian WalnutSun Lemon
    Iron LakeMahogany LogSun Lemon
    Oak LogSagolii Sage
    Black BrushElm LogCrow Feather
    LatexWild Onion
    Yellow GinsengKukuru Bean
    DryboneElm LogCrow Feather
    NopalesAsh Log
    Horizon's EdgeElm LogAloe
    Nophica's WellsYew BranchNutmeg
    Yew LogDragon Pepper
    HalataliRosewood BranchDragon Pepper
    Rosewood Log
    BentbranchMaple BranchMaple Sap
    Maple LogTinolqa Mistletoe
    Emerald MossMaple BranchMaple Sap
    Maple LogFaerie Apple
    Gridanian WalnutLavender
    Tranquil PathsYew BranchWildfowl Feather
    Yew LogMatron's Mistletoe
    HumblehearthYew BranchIron Acorn
    Yew LogSalt Leek
    TreespeakOak BranchWildfowl Feather
    Oak LogMistletoe
    The Fields of GloryOak BranchChocobo Feather
    Oak Log
    DragonheadOak BranchChocobo Feather
    Oak LogIron Acorn

    Bearded RockMoko GrassSunset Wheat
    StrawHighland Parsley
    Garlean GarlicAll-purpose Blue Dye
    Skull ValleyMoko GrassLa Noscean Lettuce
    Ruby TomatoAll-purpose Blue Dye
    BloodshoreMoko GrassGarlean Garlic
    Ruby TomatoMidland Basil
    Blood CurrantsAll-purpose Blue Dye
    CedarwoodMoko GrassSagolii Sage
    Salt LeekAll-purpose Blue Dye
    Iron LakeMoko GrassLaurel
    Salt LeekAll-purpose Blue Dye
    Black BrushCotton BollWild Onion
    Cinderfoot OlivePearl Ginger
    Garlean GarlicAll-purpose Grey Dye
    DryboneCotton BollPaprika
    StrawRamhorn Zucchini
    Sunset WheatAll-purpose Grey Dye
    Horizon's EdgeCotton BollPearl Ginger
    Garlean GarlicYellow Ginseng
    PaprikaAll-purpose Grey Dye
    Nophica's WellsCotton BollAlmonds
    MarjoramAll-purpose Grey Dye
    HalataliCotton BollDesert Saffron
    MarjoramAll-purpose Grey Dye
    BentbranchMoko GrassLowland Grapes
    All-purpose Green Dye
    Emerald MossMoko GrassCieldalaes Spinach
    Alpine ParsnipRye
    PopotoAll-purpose Green Dye
    Tranquil PathsMoko GrassMidland Cabbage
    Wizard EggplantMatron's Mistletoe
    Button MushroomAll-purpose Green Dye
    HumblehearthFlaxAll-purpose Green Dye
    MandrakeWhite Truffle
    TreespeakFlaxAll-purpose Green Dye
    RolanberryBlack Truffle
    The Fields of GloryMoko GrassGysahl Greens
    DragonheadMoko GrassGysahl Greens

    Bearded RockGrass ViperLugworm
    White ScorpionAll-purpose Brown Dye
    Pill Bug
    Skull ValleyMerlthor GobyRazor Clam
    Box TurtleAll-purpose Brown Dye
    Sea Cucumber
    BloodshoreBox TurtleAll-purpose Brown Dye
    Grass Viper
    CedarwoodTarantulaMoth Pupa
    White ScorpionAll-purpose Brown Dye
    Iron LakeBlack ScorpionBox Turtle
    TarantulaAll-purpose Brown Dye
    Black BrushGrass ViperMoth Pupa
    BloodwormAll-purpose Black Dye
    Muddy WaterStriped Goby
    Dart Frog
    DryboneMuddy WaterAll-purpose Black Dye
    Box Turtle
    White Scorpion
    Grass Viper
    Horizon's EdgeBloodwormAll-purpose Black Dye
    Muddy WaterBox Turtle
    Nophica's WellsMuddy WaterAll-purpose Black Dye
    HalataliBlack ScorpionAll-purpose Black Dye
    Box Turtle
    BentbranchGrass ViperAll-purpose Purple Dye
    Allagan Snail
    Emerald MossBox TurtleAll-purpose Purple Dye
    Allagan Snail
    Tranquil PathsBox TurtleAll-purpose Purple Dye
    Allagan Snail
    HumblehearthMuddy WaterAll-purpose Purple Dye
    Nine IviesTarantulaAll-purpose Purple Dye
    Dart Frog
    The Fields of GloryMuddy WaterStriped Goby
    Allagan Snail
    DragonheadMuddy WaterStriped Goby
    Allagan Snail

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    Updated NPC Vendor Selling Prices

    Meat Miq'abob3,937 1,125
    Grilled Dodo2,812 660
    Blue Cheese1,837 1,260
    Salt Cod530 84
    Flatbread405 97
    Frumenty1,178 64
    Knight's Bread4,860 4,411
    Raisins612 84
    Stone Soup264 2,029
    Fish Soup4,895 6,502
    Distilled Water35 15
    Sour Red982 678
    Aldgoat Milk735 108
    Buffalo Milk1,225 252
    Orange Juice856 168
    Apple Juice3,019 4,590
    Mineral Water127 60
    Aldgoat Chuck4,231 3,938
    Buffalo Sirloin3,381 9,902
    Dodo Tenderloin2,625 1,575
    Mutton Loin1,396 662
    Chicken Breast262 1,964
    Mole Meat2,173 788
    Chicken Egg151 32
    Crimson Crayfish9,475 115
    Tiger Cod115 67
    Ogre Pumpkin2,079 284
    Alpine Parsnip1,449 396
    Salt Leek337 2,664
    Midland Cabbage189 1,688
    Wizard Eggplant459 1,566
    Popoto1,687 842
    Wild Onion675 81
    Ruby Tomato1,566 675
    La Noscean Lettuce675 459
    Maiden Artichoke756 2,511
    Aloe1,944 1,229
    Nopales841 806
    Cinderfoot Olive138 422
    Shriekshroom630 158
    Gil Bun369 720
    Chanterelle869 120
    Jade Peas105 1,546
    Millioncorn176 720
    Sticky Rice705 638
    La Noscean Orange561 120
    Lowland Grapes1,094 34
    Pixie Plums201 806
    Prickly Pineapple1,545 4,526
    Blood Currants1,800 1,310
    Rolanberry720 4,526
    Salted Butter540 90
    Garlean Garlic1,159 65
    Black Pepper1,555 479
    Pearl Ginger673 43
    Cinnamon1,159 25
    Sagolii Sage2,520 3,395
    Marjoram2,386 540
    Dragon Pepper982 2,009
    Thyme540 2,009
    Nutmeg367 2,387
    Desert Saffron2,520 3,715
    Midland Basil900 1,069
    Cloves1,890 479
    Galago Mint1,159 540
    Thanalan Tea Leaves673 3,881
    Sunset Wheat540 43
    Sunset Wheat Flour820 65
    Rye421 43
    Rye Flour673 43
    Cornmeal151 983
    Almonds316 2,009
    Table Salt93 11
    Honey540 43
    Maple Syrup226 11
    Olive Oil604 421
    Ala Mhigan Mustard367 983
    Lavender Oil673 540
    Clove Oil421 479
    Mugwort478 2,009
    Eye Drops2,610 1,463
    Throat Drops3,253 7,400
    Rock Salt460 210
    Minium844 210
    Natron1,075 216
    Animal Glue633 998
    Latex806 58
    Mandrake6,400 10,714
    Chamomile1,920 7,603

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