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A. Official Rules
The Official Rules for this Promotion consist of both (i) these key rules summarizing the important rules for participating in the Promotion (the “Key Rules”) and (ii) the Additional Promotion Official Rules (“Additional Rules”) applicable to your place of legal residence. Please review the Additional Rules at the following URL:
B. Territories
This Promotion is open only to individuals who are legal residents and physically and permanently located in one of the following countries/territories at the date and time of entry (the “Promotion Jurisdiction”):
  • The United Kingdom (excluding the British Overseas Territories).
  • Germany, France (excluding Overseas France), Finland, Sweden, Austria, Spain, and Norway.
  • Australia.

C. Age Limit
This Promotion is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older at the date and time of entry.

D. Entry Period
Between 21 October 2021 at 17:00 (BST) and 20 October 2022 at 23:59 (BST) (the “Entry Period”), the Sponsor (identified below) shall host one or more livestreams on Twitch at (each, a “Livestream”). Sponsor will publicly announce the specific date and time for each livestream in advance. Sponsor reserves the right to not hold a particular Livestream, or to change the date or time of a particular Livestream.
During the Livestreams, Sponsor will announce one (1) or more Promotion entry periods (each, a “Contest Entry Period”) which shall last approximately two (2) minutes after the Sponsor announces the start of the Contest Entry Period.

E. Entry Procedure and Limitations
During each Contest Entry Period, the FFXIV Community Team shall present one (1) or more questions related to Final Fantasy XIV: Online (“Quiz”).
In order to enter the Promotion, you must complete the following steps during the Contest Entry Period:
  • sign into your Twitch account (if you do not already have a Twitch account, you can sign up for one for free at;
  • be present in the Livestream in the Twitch chat window during a Contest Entry Period; and
  • enter the correct answer(s) to each question in the Quiz in a single line in the Twitch chat window during the relevant Contest Entry Period.
The Sponsor will, in its sole discretion, determine the valid and official Contest Entry Period should any discrepancies of time occur. The Sponsor reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to extend or alter the Contest Entry Period without notification.
Depending on the difficulty of the Quiz, the FFXIV Community Team may accept one (1) or more answers to the Quiz.
You may submit one (1) entry during each Contest Entry Period, but only one (1) entry per person per Contest Entry Period. If you submit multiple entries during a single Contest Entry Period, only the first one submitted will be accepted.
The Livestreams and the Promotion will be run in the English language.
There is no purchase necessary to enter or win the Contest.

F. Winner Selection
The Sponsor (listed below), or Sponsor’s designee, shall select one (1) or more (depending on the number of prizes available) winner(s) by tilizing a computer process to identify and determine the winner(s) in order of correct entries received on a first-come-first-served basis for each Contest Entry Period (the “Winners”).
The Sponsor may choose to send notification messages to each Winner during the Livestream and, if so, the Sponsor may ask each Winner to reply to the notification message within ten (10) minutes (or any other period of time specified by the Sponsor) and to provide their mailing address. If the Winner fails to provide his or her mailing address within the time allotted by the Sponsor notification message, the Winner shall be deemed ineligible and the Sponsor may select another entry as the Winner.
The Sponsor may publicly announce the name, username, and/or other identifying information about the Winner of each Contest Entry Period in the Livestream, on Sponsor’s social media platforms, and/or elsewhere.

G. Prize(s)
The Appendix details the prizes and approximate retail value of the prizes for each Livestream. The Appendix will be updated prior to each Livestream to list the specific prizes for that Livestream.
Each Winner (as defined below) shall receive the prize listed in the Appendix for the relevant Livestream.

H. Winner Notification
Sponsor, or Sponsor’s designee will notify the Winners within twenty-one (21) days of the conclusion of the applicable Contest Entry Period.

I. Sponsor
The sponsor of this Promotion is Square Enix Limited.

By entering the Promotion, you agree to be bound and abide by these Key Rules and the Additional Rules applicable to your place of legal residence, and you represent that you satisfy all eligibility requirements to enter the Promotion.

For more information about how Sponsor uses your data, see the Additional Rules and visit Square Enix’s Privacy Notice at



Last updated 28 October 2021

Live Stream DatePrize(s)
28 October 2021The first three Winners of the Contest Entry Period shall receive the following prize:
  • The Prize Pack (as defined below)
  • One (1) Alphinaud Figurine (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)
  • One (1) Alisaie Figurine (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)

The subsequent four (4) Winners of the Contest Entry Period shall each receive each of the following prizes:
  • One (1) Fat Cat USB Stand Light (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)
  • One (1) Momora Mora plush (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)
  • One (1) Major General plush (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)
  • One (1) Namazu Hand-Held Fan (approximate retail value of $19.99 USD / €13.99 EUR)
  • (together, the “Prize Pack”).