* The following changes are scheduled for the 1.21 patch release.
* Features are under development and subject to change or postponement.
  • Patch 1.21 will include a revamping of high-quality items (HQ items).
    Currently, the conditions for producing HQ results during synthesis are not clear, and players are finding it difficult to make HQ items, even when using HQ ingredients. We are therefore reassessing the synthesis process to make it easier to judge the quality of finished items. We are also changing the specs for the following features: adjusting the Quality of a finished item, touching up, and displaying the HQ odds of a finished item. With this overhaul, it will be easier than before to synthesize an HQ item when using HQ materials.

    Furthermore, equipping HQ gear will now boost bonus parameters in addition to base parameters.
    • Changes to the Synthesis Process
      Quality and HQ odds will be changed as follows:
      • During synthesis, HQ odds will be displayed as a percentage.
      • When synthesis materials consist exclusively of normal items, the initial Quality will be close to zero. If all materials are HQ items, then the initial Quality will be around 500.
      • When using Disciple of the Hand equipment and the appropriate abilities, Quality will improve during synthesis by 300 to 600 points.
        When all items are HQ items
        Final Quality will be between 800–1,000 (odds of producing an HQ item range from 50% to 100%).

        When all items are normal items
        Final Quality will be between 300–600 (odds of producing an HQ item range from 0% to 10%).
        * Actual figures are still under development. They may be adjusted or changed depending on feedback.
    • Changes to Touching Up
      The process of touching up will be changed from "finishing" to "risky finishing," and tweaked as follows:
      • If the synthesis does not result in an HQ item after the HQ assessment is carried out, players may make one attempt to touch up the item.
      • On a touch-up attempt, the odds of successfully producing an HQ item will be half of those on the initial attempt.
        If the touch-up succeeds, the finished item becomes an HQ item.
        If the touch-up fails, the finished item is lost.
      • Should the player decide that the HQ odds are too low and there is little chance of success in touching-up, the process may be skipped to keep the finished item as is.
      • Touch-up can be used with any and all recipes.
      Along with these changes, we also plan to change the name of the feature.
    • Changes to Experience Point Bonuses
      The experience point bonus that is given in proportion to the quality of finished items will be increased.
    • Changes to the Attributes of HQ Gear
      As before, HQ gear will boost basic parameters (physical defense, damage, attack delay, etc.), but will now boost bonus parameters as well (physical attack, magic attack, evasion, etc.)
      * For each equipped item, only some bonus parameters will be enhanced.
      * The change will also apply to existing HQ gear (with certain exceptions).

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