* This feature, planned for patch 1.20, is still in development, and therefore subject to change.
  • The Player Search feature will be introduced in patch 1.20, and will function as follows:
    You will be able to search for other players by specifying online status, class(*1), level, location (area), Grand Company, and language(*2) search conditions.
    *1. If a player’s online status is set to “Seeking a Party,” the feature will search by preferred class.
    *2. The default language will be the same as that set under FINAL FANTASY XIV Config.

    * By default, only players within five levels of your current class level in a given area will be included in the search.

    ≪Search Results≫
    • The search results will display each player’s online status, name, current class, preferred class, location, Grand Company, and language.

    • Player Details
      Selecting a player from the search results will allow you to send a Tell, invite that player to your party, and view the following information:
      • Name
      • Language
      • Location
      • Online Status
      • Preferred Class and Level
      • Search Comment
      • Levels for each class
        * The icon for the current class will be a different color.
      • Grand Company
    ≪Online Status Settings / Search Comments≫
    From Your Settings, you can to set your online status, preferred class, and search comment.
    • Your Settings
      You can select your character’s online status using the pull-down menu. The available statuses are
      • None
      • In a Party
        * Joining a party will automatically change your status to this.
      • Seeking a Party
      * Additional online status options will be implemented on an ongoing basis.
      * In patch 1.20, online statuses will only be displayed on the player search screen, but as of FINAL FANTASY XIV version 2.0, online statuses will also be displayed in players’ display names.

    • Search Comment
      Enter or edit your search comment.
      * The text length restrictions are the same as with chat.

    • Preferred Class
      This can only be selected from the pull-down menu when your online status is set to “Seeking a Party.”
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