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    FFXIV Squadron - Easy squadron management


    I've been working on a little app to manage squadrons, and the last results are encouraging, thus this is the good time to share it.

    The link is :

    From here you can manage your squadron, and find the working or 'future' working combinations (after some trainings) for a given mission, based on what you have in your squadron.

    Just fill the form one time (recruits in squadron and bonus from training). You can then simulate the trainings or the exp awarded after a mission, and it'll update your squadron and the bonuses automatically.

    Fill the mission form with the stat of your mission, hit the 'Resolve' button, and see if you can do it.

    Note that this tool is still under under development. You may thus encounter wrong, incomplete or unoptimized results. I'll try to fix these issues if they are reported to me with enough datas.

    Have fun o/
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