• [dev1010][dev1011] The following adjustments have been made to guildleves:
    • Skill point rewards have been increased for Disciple of War and Magic-specific regional and faction levequests, as well as behests. The increase will vary depending on the quests’ recommended class rank, with those recommended for class 20 seeing the biggest change.
    • Shield skill points are now awarded upon the completion of regional leves, faction leves, and behests.
    • The following adjustments have been made to several fieldcraft levequests:
      • Gathering point locations have been adjusted.
      • Enemy distribution near gathering points has been adjusted.
  • [dev1128] The following city guards now give information on Grand Companies:
    • Thata Khamazom (Limsa Lominsa)
    • Eldid (Gridania)
    • Kokobi (Ul’dah)

  • [dev1032] Potency of the following actions (when used as the indicated classes) has been increased:

    Concussive Blow
    Seismic Shock
    Follow Through
    Simian Thrash
    Brutal Swing
    Storm's Path
    Chaos Thrust

    To offset the implemented increase, these actions will now inflict less damage when used by classes other than those indicated above.

  • [dev1123] Action bar graphics have been enhanced to improve overall visibility.
    * In addition, player and party unit frames have also been adjusted for the same reason.

  • [dev1102] Players can now designate any aetheryte or aetherial gate as their Return destination by selecting “Set home point” from the aetheryte menu.
    * “Assess Guardian’s favor” has been removed from the aetheryte menu.
    * While undertaking regional levequests and behests, the aetheryte where the quest was initiated will be temporarily set as a player’s home point. During instanced raids, players who use Return will be teleported to the raid area’s enterance.

  • [dev1114] The maximum number of retainers dispatchable into a single Ul’dah market area has been increased.

  • [dev1005] The following adjustments have been made to the log:
    • The log will automatically be hidden at the following times:
      • during event cutscenes
      • while the main map is open
      * The log will remain if a tab is active when a cutscene begins or the main map is opened.

    • Once hidden, the log will reappear at the following times:
      • An open chat prompt command is input (Space bar, slash (/) key, Ctrl+S, etc.)
      • Configuration » Chat Log appears in the active log tab. (This does not apply when the active tab is the battle tab.)
        * The log will be hidden after being inactive for a period of 10 seconds.
    • Default log settings have been changed to the following:
      • Two logs are now displayed, with the second tab of the first log being inactive, and the first tab of the second log being active.
      • Log size has been adjusted.
      • Log transparency has been adjusted.
        * If a player’s pre-1.18a log settings are set to hide a second log window, those settings will be reset after updating the client, and must be set again.
  • [dev1124] A new slot option has been added to the /display text command.

    /display main on – Display main hand arms and tools at all times.
    /display main off – Hide main hand arms and tools while in passive mode.
    • When set to off, the main hand arms and tools of all PCs in passive mode will be hidden.
    • /display settings made by you are visible on your computer only. For example, if your main hand display is set to off, your gear will still be visible to other players.
    • /display settings will reset upon logging out.
      *For patch 1.19, we plan to enhance this feature to reflect your /display settings on all other player’s computers. Also, personal /display settings will be saved upon logging out.
  • [dev1125] A new emote has been added.

     USAGE: /pose [subcommand]
     Strike a pose.
    motion Perform motion only.
    Both text and motion will be displayed when no subcommand is specified.
    * No motion will be performed while sitting.
    * /pose has been added to the auto-translate dictionary under the Text Commands category.
  • [dev1126] The Tab key can now be mapped to any function under keyboard settings.

  • [dev1126] The Insert key can now be mapped.

  • [dev1127] Textural changes have been made to the portion of the sea visible while riding on ferries.

Bug Fixes
  • The following issues have been addressed:
    • While gladiator’s ability “Cover” is in use, the character may perform Taunt or Light Stab to other players.
    • Players are unable to set puglist’s ability “Flurry” to battle regimen.
    • By continuously switching between passive and active mode, effect of ability will not wear off.
    • If casting a spell ends right at the moment when the status effect wears off, the timer will stop at 00:00 and both of the icon and effect will remain.
    • Under certain circumstances, players may be unable to close the selection window of faction leves sponsored by Horn and Hand.
    • In case the cursor is moved before the item list loads while exchanging an item with retainer, items cannot be selected on the PC window until the command is executed on the retainer window.
    • Autorun mode may be cancelled by rotating the camera angle while the character is running in autorun mode.
    • The camera position will reset after logging out and logging back in to the game.