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    Talking Announcing the Winners of the Eorzea IRL Contest (NA)!

    The EorzeaIRL contest has come to a close and, after much debate and consideration, the winners have been selected!
    We received a lot of awesome entries that made it really difficult for us to choose, but in the end, we are thrilled to share the 10 winners, who had a keen eye for eye for Eorzea in real life!

    Grand Prize Winners
    Moz Muramasa – Gilgamesh

    Menelwen Veara – Balmung

    Clara Lux – Gilgamesh


    Eyredesse Lumia – Hyperion

    Altima Cantabile – Mandragora

    Mike Kanzenshuu – Midgardsormr

    Karralie Fitzgerald – Excalibur

    Grimnir Faltz – Sargatanas

    Wiggy Wiggy – Midgardsormr

    Avery Odette – Excalibur

    Thank you to everyone who submitted entries! All of the submissions really showed off just how much real life can remind us of Eorzea.
    The creativity that went into these entries was FANTASTIC!

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    Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for all the entries!
    Colby "Grekumah" Casaccia - Community Team