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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XII Q&A

Q: Despite the implementation of a role bonus, tanks still remain in short supply. Have you considered other ways of encouraging players to play as tanks?
A: We review player data every day, and recently there are actually a significant number of players leveling tank classes. When participating in the low level duty roulette, for example, you'll encounter players leveling their tanks and even players that just started a tank class. The number of tanks around level 40 is growing as well, and I believe this number will continue to increase. However, as you all know, there are also a number of players who are simply leveling a tank class because it's easier to queue in the duty finder, so whether or not these players will continue to play as tanks in the long term is still an issue. As things stand now, however, the number of tanks is growing, and I'm sure there are many players who will find tanking to be fun and continue leveling them up, so we're going to keep an eye on how many decide to use their tanks as their main class. If tanks are still in short supply, we would like to consider adding various bonuses such as a specialized mount.

Q: Please tell us what you think of the game as of patch 2.1, and what direction you plan to take the game in future updates?
A: Directly after release there were a number of FATEs that were not activating properly, which greatly inconvenienced players, but we made sure to fix this issue as quickly as possible. There were also several balance issues in the Wolves' Den that were addressed in patch 2.15, and in patch 2.2 we plan to make additional balance changes such as implementing matching based on rank. Dungeons will also be adjusted as we move forward, as the difficulty of high-level dungeon bosses is a bit too hard compared to the rewards you can obtain, discouraging some players. Just looking at the numbers, though, players are trying a little bit of everything, so I believe we have succeeded in our goal of giving players more options to enjoy themselves.

Q: Are there any plans to improve the in-game economy?
A: There are a few factors which account for the recent economic lull, with the most significant being the high cost of housing and reduced spending of players as a result. The ease with which players can obtain Allagan tomestones of philosophy and the items they're exchanged for is another issue. Lastly, the average item level of players who've been playing constantly since launch has been steadily increasing, eliminating the need to purchase equipment from the market.

We've received a separate question regarding the high cost of housing, and we'll be answering this in just a bit with how we will be lowering the prices and when this will happen, but making housing affordable is will be our first step. I think players will be more inclined to start spending gil again once they're able to purchase houses. Also, the item level cap will increase in patch 2.2, and a vast number of items will be added along with high-level crafting recipes. With advanced materia melding, it would be quicker to outfit oneself with gear from the market, giving crafters an opportunity to make money and revitalize the market. A host of new crafting materials will also be added, so you'll want to keep an eye out.

The economic balance of FFXIV: ARR is set up in such a way that players save up to fill the gap created by the item level cap, or perhaps craft equipment and meld it with materia to raise their item levels faster, gradually procuring equipment until the next patch. At the time of the next patch, players will have procured most of their equipment and the economy will begin declining, but the patch to follow will add a large amount of new items which will revitalize the economy, and the cycle will begin again. Updates will continually introduce new items and materials for use by both battle and crafting classes, and we believe economic conditions will vary greatly when new patches are implemented. The first wave of this change will come in patch 2.2, so please keep an eye out for this. I realize some players would simply have us change the drop rates of materials already in the game, but this would have little effect on the market. Additionally, the upcoming glamour system will involve Disciples of the Hand, so please look forward to this.

Q: What kinds of new battle mechanics will you be adding in the future?
A: Currently in the extreme Titan fight, there is a lot of attention being given to the fact that if someone is knocked off the platform, it's difficult to recover. However, for Titan it's been made so if you're able to memorize the attack patterns and learn where to move when the attacks come you'll be able to clear it. Naturally there is that psychological pressure that you’ll fall, which makes it easier to make mistakes, but this is why nothing has been made random and there are no elements that suddenly make you panic. This fight has been designed with the concept that if you execute it according to the patterns, you'll be able to clear it.

In the future, we're thinking of adding encounters similar to Turn 4 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, where players must defeat wave after wave of enemies, figuring out how to effectively defeat them before being overwhelmed. The order in which enemies must be defeated will change with every encounter, so you can expect a fair bit of variety. We'll also be implementing elements where someone will have to operate certain mechanics.

Q: Will the cost of housing continue to go down?
A: Yes, it will go down. At the end of February, the prices for all Worlds will reach their lowest prices and there will no longer be differences between Legacy Worlds and new Worlds, so I believe players will be able to purchase land by the end of February. If there are still Worlds with poor economic conditions at this point, there's a possibility the cost of housing will be re-evaluated again. We've announced this previously, but the prices will continue to decrease quickly every week. Also, it's likely that once free companies begin buying land, the plots you've been watching may be purchased by another free company. We expect this trend will start this month, so be ready!

I'd also like to talk a bit about small houses. Plans have been made for the future so you can create an underground workshop, as well as build airships and boats, and there have been questions as to whether it will be possible to do these things with small houses. I'd like to assure you all that there will be no difference in what you can do regardless of your house's size. Obviously the underground workshop can't be seen from outside, but there will be sufficient space in the workshop even for small houses. Also, we're aware that many players feel the small size house is too small to be shared with free company members and have avoided purchasing them, so we're looking into expanding small size houses in patch 2.2 or shortly after that. A basement room will be added and floor space doubled, with the ability to build an underground workshop underneath this basement space. For a 7 or 8 person free company, this size will be much more accommodating, so please consider purchasing a small size house knowing that it will be more spacious with the coming update.

* The video introduces screenshots of the basement that will be added to small houses.

Q: Are you looking into any countermeasures for abuse of the vote dismiss feature?
A: We're aware of reports describing players who have tried to dismiss players who state they are new to a dungeon when matched via the Duty Finder. This is a form of harassment, and we ask that you please stop this kind of behavior. As a countermeasure, we're considering increasing the time players must wait after using vote dismiss, and will be making further adjustments.

Q: Are there any plans to increase the rewards offered in the beast tribe quests?
A: The daily beast tribe quests are not meant to be something players feel obligated to clear for rewards essential to enjoying the game; they're meant to serve as a simple alternative to acquire Allagan tomestones at a leisurely pace. If we were to improve the rewards, it would create the mindset that these quests have to be cleared every day, so there are no plans to make the rewards top tier items. However, as we implement new patches and item level rises, and a lot of items will be added, so naturally if we'll need to add rewards or there would be no reason to continue taking on beast tribe quests. While rewards will not be items absolutely essential to gameplay, we'd like to add rewards that still give players incentive to play these quests such as different colored Cavalry Drake mounts.

Q: What kind of update will patch 2.16 be?
A: Patch 2.16 will mainly focus on minor refinements and balance adjustments.

* The video introduces a list of items to be implemented in patch 2.16

Q: The title of patch 2.1 was “A Realm Awoken,” but what's the title of patch 2.2?
A: Patch 2.2 will be titled "Through the Maelstrom." The keyword here is "Maelstrom" as the main scenario will focus a lot on Limsa’s Grand Company.

* The video shows off a provisional "Through the Maelstrom" logo.

Q: When is patch 2.2 coming?
A: We’re working toward a March release.

* The video introduces slides showing an overview of the Leviathan fight.

Q: What can we expect when fighting against Leviathan?
A: For those of you who have been playing since FFXIV 1.0, Titan was the newest addition to our lineup of primals at the launch of FFXIV: ARR, and we'd like to add a new primal with each major patch. The story in patch 2.2 will focus on the summoning of Leviathan, and the dangers players must face as a consequence of the events that follow, but you can expect to see another primal in patch 2.3.

We've prepared two battles—a hard mode battle undertaken as part of the main scenario, and an extreme battle to serve as a challenging end game encounter. Both of these will be implemented simultaneously and will require a full party to participate.

Q: What's the difficulty level of the Leviathan fight (extreme mode)? Also, what’s the required item level?
A: Not long ago we mentioned that gear with higher item levels will be introduced, but if we were to reveal the maximum item level for patch 2.2, it could lead to a lot of unnecessary speculation about encounters currently available in the game, so we'd like to wait until the next Letter from the Producer LIVE to talk about this.

What I can tell you is that Leviathan will drop some very powerful weapons, and because the average item level requirement will be higher than the battles added in patch 2.1, you can expect it to be much more difficult. The hard mode Leviathan fight will be tied to the main scenario, and thus we're setting the difficulty so you'll be able to defeat him in two or three tries. We felt that Good King Moggle Mog XII was a bit too difficult after patch 2.1 was released, causing many players to get stuck on the main scenario quest, so we've decided to adjust the difficulty for Leviathan with this in mind.

Q: What kind of rewards will we be able to obtain from the Leviathan battle? Can you tell us their item level?
A: I can't reveal their item levels just yet, but rest assured that you'll be rewarded with very powerful items.

Q: Will we be able to obtain a new egi after defeating Leviathan?
A: If we were to add a new action for summoners, we would have to do the same for all jobs. Considering that new actions will be added when the level cap is raised, Leviathan cannot be added as a new egi in patch 2.2. However, we've already started work on our first expansion, and we will increase the level cap when it is released. Summoners will have something to look forward to then—as for whether or not that will include Leviathan, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: Since Leviathan is associated with the sea, will there be rewards related to fisher, such as rare fishing rods?
A: Because this new encounter requires Disciples of War and Magic, and takes place during a rather intense part of the main scenario, it would be rather difficult to incorporate fishers. However, we plan to add a new challenge for fishers in patch 2.2.

* The video shows screenshots of the Leviathan battlefield.

Amdapor Township (Official Name TBD)
* The video shows off slides that introduce an overview of Amdapor Township.

Q: What can you tell us about the Amdapor Township?
A: It's a completely new high-level dungeon for light parties.

Q: How difficult will it be, and what's the required average item level to enter the Amdapor Township?
A: This will be slightly more difficult than the light party dungeons implemented in patch 2.1. We’ll be making adjustments to Pharos Sirius as we feel the difficulty of Siren does not match the rewards, but considering the fact that players can obtain a new type of Allagan tomestone here, you can expect the difficulty of Amdapor Township to be slightly higher.

Q: Will we be able to learn more about Amdapor in the new patch? Also, will the main storyline be tied to it?
A: Amdapor is mentioned in the white mage job quest line as well as several other sidequests, but this is a city-state that existed near Camp Tranquil. I'm sure many of you have seen the gated area in the western part of Camp Tranquil, but there is an ancient city past these gates deep in the forest, and this will be the dungeon. Players will face a great evil linked to the fall of this civilization,, so please look forward to this challenging new addition to Eorzea.

* The video shows off screenshots of Amdapor Township.

Q: What kind of rewards can you obtain from Amdapor Township? What is the item level of the rewards?
A: The biggest reward is perhaps the new Allagan tomestones that can be obtained here, but we're preparing gear rewards as well.

* The video shows off new equipment, chocobo barding, hairstyle concept art, and the Leviathan battlefield.

Q: Will there be only equipment rewards for Amdapor Township or will there be minions and housing materials as well?
A: We're making final adjustments for the rewards in this dungeon, so please wait just a little bit longer for information.

The next phase of the Binding Coil of Bahamut
* The video shows an overview of the next phase of the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Q: What can we expect to see added to the Binding Coil of Bahamut?
A: This second installment of the Binding Coil of Bahamut will be the hardest dungeon in the game, and will require a full party. We'll be adding four new turns, and considering their difficulty, we expect only top players to be able to take them on at the outset.

Q: How difficult will the new encounters of the Binding Coil of Bahamut be?
A: Considering the item level requirements, and the fact that the gear players will have after clearing through these new turns will be different from gear that's currently available, it's difficult to compare them to the current Binding Coil. To give you an idea though, try to imagine the difficulty of the Binding Coil at launch when information about it was hard to come by.

Q: Will there be five additional turns added to The Binding Coil of Bahamut?
A: We’ll be adding four turns, with bosses in each turn. There won't be any areas similar to turn 3.

I’d like to mention one other thing; there are a lot of you who have the impression that you’ll be continuing deeper underground with the next Binding Coil of Bahamut. However, we don't want you to think of this as a simple continuation of the same dungeon. Players who've cleared turn 5 and watched the cutscene will understand, but the entrance to this next part of the Binding Coil will be in a completely different area. The first installment of the Binding Coil of Bahamut is over when you clear turn 5, so please think of the second installment as a newly discovered entrance to another area of the Binding Coil.

Q: Can you take on the new turns if you haven’t cleared turns 1-5?
A: No, you cannot. However, in patch 2.2 the maximum item level will increase, allowing players to get stronger without necessarily entering the Binding Coil. This should make it easier to clear turns one through five. Also, we’ll be adding a new system that will gradually reduce the difficulty of the first installment of the Binding Coil of Bahamut. Once you clear turn 5 you will be able to challenge the next phase.

* The video shows off some slides of the inside of the next phase of the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Q: Will progress be recorded in the new Binding Coil of Bahamut?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Will the difficulty of turns 1-5 be eased? And will the weekly lockout be removed?
A: Since we’ll be adding the second installment of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, which exceeds the difficulty of the first installment, we'll be removing all the limitations on the first five turns of the Binding Coil. The weekly limitation will also be removed, so you can take on the first five turns as often as you like. Also, every week that passes after patch 2.2 is implemented “The Echo” buff will start being applied, and while you are in the dungeon you will become stronger, and since your item levels will also be higher, it will be much easier to win. Ultimately it will be eased to the point where even if you eat Piercing Laser or some member dies while passing Allagan Rot around, you’ll be able to endure. You’ll also be able to remove the buff if you want to challenge the Binding Coil of Bahamut at its original difficulty. Rather than saying the difficulty itself will decrease, I think it's more accurate to say that players will be getting stronger every week. Similar adjustments will be made to the second installment of the Binding Coil further down the line, when the time is right.

Q: Will turns 1-5 be available through the Duty Finder?
A: Although there will be item level restrictions, we're planning to allow players to queue up for any turn in the Duty Finder. Unlike the current system where you have to clear them in order from turn 1, players will be able to start from any turn, so it will be possible to head straight to turn 5 if you like.

* The video shows off some slides of the inside of the next phase of the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
* The video shows off an overview of other content to be added in patch 2.2. Check it out here.

Q&A with Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai
Q: What titles have you worked on up to now?
"FINAL FANTASY IV," "Romancing SaGa," "FINAL FANTASY V," "Romancing SaGa 2," "Romancing SaGa 3," "SaGa Frontier," "Legend of Mana," "Bouncer," "FINAL FANTASY XI" "FINAL FANTASY XI: Rise of the Zilart," "Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song-," "Hanjuku Hero 4: 7-jin no Hanjuku Hero," "Last Remnant," and "FINAL FANTASY XIV."

Q: What do you do as an assistant director?
A: Takai: Truthfully, a director's work involves doing a bit of everything. My job is to work on odds and ends that trouble the developers. I'm directly in charge of effects and I oversee the level team that is in charge of planning the fields and dungeons, but essentially my work is really a bit of everything.

Q: I hear that that you are a born and bred warrior. In a time where tanks are in short supply, please tell us why you enjoy playing as a warrior.
A: Takai: While this is just my personal preference, warrior has a lot of HP and their damage is high, and I find it really fun going through the rotations of buffs to reduce the damage taken even by a bit as the healer does their best to heal me through heavy hits in endgame battles, and fighting to keep the party alive.

Q: The PlayStation®3 version of "The Last Remnant" was never released. Are there any plans to release this title on PlayStation®4? Also, are there any plans for a sequel?
A: Takai: I’m certainly not against this, so if there are enough requests, we may consider it. It's a title I’m actually quite fond of, so I would like to have the opportunity.

Q: Your camera work has won you a good number of fans. How did you get this reputation? Also, what did you previously work on?
A: Takai: I feel like this is a bit over exaggerated. Naturally, we use assets that were taken in the development environment, making it possible to utilize camera angles and camera work that cannot be replicated in the actual game.

Yoshida: However, even using debug commands, the camera controls we have access to are similar to those in the actual game. Even the dev team members who made the tools asked us how he got the camera to move like it did for the walkthrough video scenes, like the one where the camera rotates and pans out on a warrior walking through the desert.

Takai: As for past camera work, I was in charge of the editing of the demo scenes for the opening title portion of "Romancing SaGa" and also the opening movie of "Legend of Mana." I was also in charge of the camera work for the battle scene effects in "Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song-."

Q: Compared to other MMORPGs, what do you feel is the most attractive aspect of FFXIV?
A: Takai: I consider it the culmination of everything that has made the FINAL FANTASY series great to this point, but most of all it comes down to the passion of the players. When a game or patch is released, we always receive so many compliments and encouraging words, as well as a fair amount of criticism. There are very few games that evoke such passion from players, and I think this is the best aspect of FFXIV.

Q: Do you have any videos that you can show us?
* The video shows off the Leviathan battle, Amdapor Township, and the next phase of the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Q: Do you have any secrets you've been keeping from Yoshi-P?
A: Takai: Well, that video I just showed was a secret I kept from him. Also, while I'm very much enjoying FFXIV as a player, it's rough trying to both develop and play the game, so I'd like a bit of time off.

Yoshida: Can't grant that wish so without saying a word, head straight back to Tokyo and get back to work.

Q: If we wanted to make a complaint to you about a certain matter, what would it be?
A: Takai: I believe just about anything can be directed to Yoshi-P, but when it comes to dungeons, effects, or not being able to see telegraphs for attacks, I don’t mind if you direct comments to me. In actually playing turn 5 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, I felt that the indicators for Fireball and Liquid Hell where a bit difficult to see, so I secretly made them bigger.

* The video shows off slides on the PlayStation®4 package art, Collector's Edition pre-order bonuses, Beta Test start date, and the official release date.