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Thread: Can't log in

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    Can't log in

    Loaded XI on a friend's machine. Can't manage to log in.

    I keep getting "Incorrect user ID or Password" but they are not. They get me into my Square Enix account, and to this board, just fine.

    Its win 7, both FFXI and POL have administrator privileges, and her Norton is set to Allow.

    The POL viewer updated fine, but I am stopped cold logging in.

    Her previous machine, set up about the same, ALSO did this. But FFXI was already installed on that one and hadn't been used in about 16 - 20 months, so I thought possibly it was corrupted.

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    As noted in the general forum rules, this forum is for the discussion of technical issues, and we are unable to assist with any account-related issues. This includes password-related issues such as the one you are experiencing. For assistance with account-related issues, please contact us directly through the SQUARE ENIX Support Center.

    The SQUARE ENIX Support Center can be found at this link:
    SQUARE ENIX Support Center