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    Welcome to the official FINAL FANTASY XI forums!

    Welcome to the official FINAL FANTASY XI forums!

    These forums are a venue for players of FINAL FANTASY XI to communicate with each other and submit feedback on the game, as well as being a centralized location for the development and operations teams to gather user suggestions concerning current and future game content.

    While login is not required to peruse the forums, those wishing to post comments and access other forum features must first log in with a Square Enix Account that has been linked to a PlayOnline ID. Please note that an active content ID for FINAL FANTASY XI will also be required.
    *PlayOnline IDs cannot be used to log into the forums. Only those who have linked their PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix Account may access all forum features. For information on Square Enix Accounts, please refer to the following page:
    North America:

    *A Square Enix Security Token is not required.
    Before posting to the forums, please make sure to read and understand the FINAL FANTASY XI Forum Guidelines(North America/UK), as well as the rules provided in the sticky posts within each individual forum.

    Forum Participation by the Development and Operation Teams
    To differentiate ourselves from players, the representatives from the Development and Operation Teams will have their names displayed in red. Also, you may view a digest of comments from Development and Operation Teams by using the "Dev Tracker" feature.

    Multilingual Support
    The FINAL FANTASY XI Forums will be available in Japanese, English, French and German language versions. Players will be free to access any of these languages regardless of their Square Enix Account region.

    Please note that while moderation and support will be made across all languages, active participation from the Development and Operation teams will be limited to English and Japanese for the time being.

    Changes upon Forum Launch
    With the introduction of these forums, the following changes will be made to existing services.

    - Topics
    From now on, news on upcoming version updates and future plans, as well as comments from the development team will be delivered via the forum. The role of Topics will shift to providing forum update details.

    Furthermore, the periodic Q&A Topics that have appeared recently will be transferred to the forums and will no longer appear on the official site. To refer to articles posted in the past, please use the "Dev Tracker" feature.

    - Information
    General information and server maintenance announcements will initially be posted on both the official website and forum. However, they will eventually be consolidated in the forum in the future.

    - Official Twitter Account
    The Official FINAL FANTASY XI Twitter account, launched simultaneously in Japanese and English as a venue to facilitate communication with players, will change its role and focus on delivering forum update details. Sneak previews on future content and answers to frequently asked questions will instead be posted on the forum.

    Forum Categories
    The forum is organized into the following categories.
    • Information: Hosts general information on FINAL FANTASY XI along with server maintenance schedules.
      *Available for viewing only.
    • Support: Players can discuss in-game technical issues and report any bugs encountered. In the future, the bug report form on the SQUARE ENIX Support Center will be consolidated in the forum.
    • Updates: Hosts the latest information on content planned for upcoming version updates, along with the accompanying version update notes upon release. Threads in this category will be relocated based on development status. More details are available here.
      *Available for viewing only.
    • Gameplay: Players can discuss topics related to in-game systems and content here.
    • Tactics: Player can discuss topics related to tactics and actions of various party roles.
    • Jobs: Players can discuss job-related topics.
    • Feedback: Players can report bugs encountered on the forums as well as offer suggestions on improving official FINAL FANTASY XI websites. In the future, the bug report form on the SQUARE ENIX Support Center will be consolidated in the forum.
    • Community: Players can hold conversations related to various FINAL FANTASY XI topics here.
    • Test Server: “Information (Test Server)” hosts general information on FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server. On “Test Server Bugs” and “Test Server Feedback,” players can report bugs they have encountered during the test and submit feedback to improve the game.

    In closing, we look forward to hosting a wide range of spirited discussions and receiving valuable feedback from our users through these forums. Thank you for your participation!

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