Good day, adventurers!

As I'm sure you've noticed, the festivities surrounding FFXI's 22nd Vana'versary are winding down. I would like to congratulate all of you on another successful round of Vana'Bout.
I know that our efforts such as splitting up the relevant content a bit, establishing a new dedicated Records of Eminence objective, and the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign might have made it slightly easier to participate this time around, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect you to exceed a 1,000% completion rate...
There were also some measures taken due to an issue discovered within some of the content, but your efforts still handily exceeded our expectations, even reaching the 150% expanded goal as well! As I've mentioned previously, the new "The Great Odyssey Campaign" that was added in June has been extended and the highly anticipated return of Cornelia's alter ego will be available for a period of six months. Please enjoy the fruits of your labors!

Moving on, I'd like to briefly cover the June version update.
In Ambuscade this month, Chapter 1 features the Sahagin, while Chapter 2 is centered on Hecteyes. They are both accompanied by additional companions, meaning you'll need to change up your plan of attack when dealing with them. I suggest you look back to their previous appearances for strategies on how to approach the battles.

Next, we will have a couple of system-related improvements this month.
  • Addition of an icon to denote items that can be delivered to other characters under the same account

    This new icon will indicate which undeliverable items with the “EX” designation can be sent to other characters under the same account or on another World (so-called "mule" or storage characters). Up until now, you needed to refer to this page for a list of items that could not be delivered within the same account, but you will now be able to check that information in-game. This should make it easier to manage your item storage.
  • Adjustment to the /names command

    Previously, using the "/names off" command turned off the display of names for players (yourself included), monsters, and NPCs alike, but we're adding a new option that lets you hide just the names of other players. In doing so, I think you will be able to avoid situations such as accidentally showing the names of other player characters that happen to appear on-screen while you are streaming online, for example. However, note that this will not affect areas such as the names in your party member list, so please test out the feature for yourself.
That covers what will be happening within the game in June, and I hope you'll pay a visit to Vana'diel and experience these changes that are designed to make your adventures somewhat easier.
Safe journeys!

Mission and Quest-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskDetails
JuneRecords of Eminence・Update monthly objectives -
Content and System-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskDetails
JuneAmbuscade・Replace notorious monsters -
JuneText Commands・Adjust certain commands -
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskDetails
JuneItems・Add new items -
JunePorter Moogle・Add to list of supported items -
JuneItem Help・Add new icon for items that can be shared across characters on the same account -