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    What a ending to VR.

    I was watching my twin brother doing the epilogue today and i gotta say. WOW! If this doesn't make people want more XI I don't know what will. What a great way to set up for more story involving Altana's children and Promethia's children working together. I hope that Uran Mafran comes back in a big way.

    I would really love it if this was the direction the team goes in:
    With a new enemy nation from the Northern Continent, Uran Mafran gathers his power and joins a nation that believe that all of Vana'diel is sick and must be purged with the power of Chaos. Uran Mafran is given some of the finest warriors of that nation to find the second World Eater egg. While the rest of the nation begins its assault on the rest of Vana'Diel. Now The children of both Promethia and Altana must come together to fight off this mysterious and powerful foe.
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