Spoilers regarding The Voracious Resurgence follows.

Since this seems to be working as intended (see thread 60257), I'll write about it here as well in a more feedback-like form.

During the mission Skokkr Undrborn's Temptation, speaking to Runje Desaali will lead into her saying "Lemme show you the kind o' thing I's be needin'.", and then showing the itembox for Esthete's masque, which is one of the items that we are going to get from her after completing the task, not one the items we are supposed to get for her.

Maaaybe I'm missing something, but to me this seems at the very least very confusing, leading into adventurers going around looking for an Esthete's masque to bring to her, which of course is not possible at this point.

If she really is not supposed to show us one of the items we need to get for her, then she prooobably should be saying something along the lines of "this is one of the items you can get after you bring me at least one of the items I seek (it's a secrrret!)" instead.

Aside from this, I have enjoyed these missions, and the recently added new area is fun! (Or room I probably should say.)

Thank you!