The PLD set bonus isnt operating properly in Dynamis Divergence. Normal Absorb Process will absorb an amount of damage as if you were naked, but in Dynamis D it does 2 different things based on what monsters you are fighting. On Squadron/Regiment monsters and commanders, the Absorb process like a normal hit. On Volte monsters, it seems the Body specifically will cause the whole set to not Absorb but will still process the hit as if you were naked. We have seen damage in excess of 20,000 from these foes, numbers never seen before.

The SCH Feet's Klimaform and Magic Burst Bonus 2 dont seem to function either. This may be specific to Phoenix Server as people on other servers do not experience this. They report a 20% Damage bonus with the feet equiped and Klimaform active. It doesnt activate for me and testing shows the Magic Burst bonus doesnt seem to be taken into account either.

Lastly the RDM Set bonus and Feet enhancing magic duration arent functioning either. After upgrading and testing, no increase in duration is seen. Again, this maybe just Phoenix as no one other server has had issue.