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    Announcing the August Version Update

    Good day, Adventurers!
    Matsui here with information on the next version update.

    Just when I thought summer was coming at us full throttle, Tokyo spent an entire week beset by heavy rainfall...followed by Mother Nature upping the difficulty with more oppressive heat. Whether it’s the weather or my age showing, I really find myself craving things with a tart taste these days.

    So let’s do a quick summary of the August version update!

    First up is The Voracious Resurgence.
    Chapter 9, Part 2 takes us to Adoulin, where some shocking truths come to light. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am to see the twists and turns the story will take us!

    Next up, we’re pleased to confirm the implementation of all-new battle content known as Sortie. As I previously mentioned, this patch’s installment of Sortie is your place to go for reforging Empyrean armor to +2 versions, with the required currency and items all found within—together with some job-specific earrings. We’re going to leave you to figure out the mechanics of Sortie on your own, so comparing notes with your friends and allies will be critical in figuring out the best way to tackle the challenges within.

    Both Ambuscades are reruns this month, with volume 1 featuring Ramuh and volume 2 featuring morbols. Volume 1 contains some adjustments to the enemy summoner’s damage resistances to make the mechanics a bit more important, and status ailments such as weight and bind will help make the battle go smoothly.

    Volume 2 features the three lovely morbol ladies of SHINING BLESS, the idol group first introduced in promotional content in 2018. The mechanics you’d expect of the scatterbrained, the serious, and the ravenous creatures make a return, and there will also be everyone’s favorite golden bomb making an appearance this month.

    Additionally, I’d like to say a few words about Ambuscade as a whole. We envision Ambuscade as a place for returnees and players who just hit level 99 to take their first step into end-game content by way of getting better equipment and learning about max level combat systems in a trial-and-error way. However, we believe that the loss of exemplar points when being knocked out has created a situation where seasoned veterans are hesitant to help out their fledgling counterparts for fear of losing hard-earned progress. To this end, we have decided to adjust Ambuscade rewards so that exemplar points are no longer gained or lost there.

    We’re also pleased to host another Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign and Discount Campaign in August. This time around will once again be longer than usual in celebration of the 20th Vana’versary. I hope everyone will be able to enjoy an exciting summer with FINAL FANTASY XI.

    Once again, see you in Vana’diel!

    Mission and Quest-related
    Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
    AugustRecords of Eminence・Update monthly objectives -
    AugustThe Voracious Resurgence・Add new quests -

    Content and System-related
    Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
    AugustAmbuscade・Replace notorious monsters
    ・Replace reward items
    ・Remove loss and gain of Exemplar Points
    AugustSortie・Add new battle content
    ・Add new items
    AugustVoidwatch・Change method of selecting quantities of exchangeable items -
    AugustCurrencies・Add new category -
    AugustAssist Channel・Extend duration of channel privileges for new and returning players -
    AugustTitles・Add new titles -
    AugustAuto-Translate・Add new phrases -

    Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
    AugustAmmunition・Add method to reobtain certain ammunition that have been lost-
    AugustEmpyrean Armor・Add items required for upgrading
    ・Add corresponding NPCs
    AugustItems・Add new items-
    AugustPorter Moogle・Add to list of supported items-

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    Regarding the Implementation of Sortie

    Good day, adventurers,
    Matsui here.

    In the August Version Update roundup, I mentioned that we would be implementing all-new battle content known as Sortie.

    Unfortunately, we have discovered several critical bugs with the content in our final QA checks and are currently in the process of fixing them. It pains me to say that we are unlikely to completely take care of these issues in time for the August 10 version update.

    The bugs in question have a direct impact on the difficulty of the foes present in Sortie and would adversely impact the player experience if we were to let Sortie go live without fixing them. Our current plan is to implement Sortie as scheduled for the August 10 version update but temporarily remove the NPC curating the content to prevent players from accessing it. As soon as the bugs have been properly addressed, we will perform an emergency maintenance to restore the NPC in question.

    We know that many of you were looking forward to Sortie and will be disappointed by this announcement. I would like to apologize for the delay, but feel it is best to prioritize making sure Sortie is an enjoyable, engaging experience rather than something that has the potential to cause consternation. I humbly ask for your understanding and assure you that that we will make Sortie available as soon as the issues have been resolved.