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    Windurst Mission 6-2 issues starting

    Issue starting Windurst mission 6-2

    I have Saintly Invitation Mission in my mission log. The gate guard tells me to report to Stary Sibyl. When I go to heavens tower and click vestal chamber door, I do not get a cutscene.

    I cannot get Holy One's Invitation to progress the quest.

    Here are the missons I have in my log:

    RoV: Completed all missions
    Zilart: On ZM17 Awakening. Cannot complete this mission. Cannot get CS's in either Norg or Neptune's Spire.
    CoP: Three Paths
    ToAU: Royal Puppeteer
    WoTG: In the Name of the Father

    Any assistance in understanding which quest or mission is locking me moving with forward would be appreciated.
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