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    Blue Mage Tanking/Cruel Joke Guide for Odyssey

    This is a guide for blue mage tanking in Sheol C while utilizing Cruel Joke.

    The Party Setup:-

    BRD: Mambo x2, Ballad x1, honor march x1, or Minne x2 .

    BLU Tools:-

    Buff: Aquaveil, Cocoon, Phalanx ,Occultation, Erratic Flutter

    Heals: Restoral(self heal), White Wind(party Heal)

    Enmity+: Actinic Burst (Flashga), Temporal Shift (Stunga), Fantod

    Debuffs: Reaving Wind (TP removal), Tenbral Crush(DEF -),
    Silent Storm (Silencga), Rending deluge(Dispelga)

    Recommended Food: Miso Ramen +1

    Battle scenario:-

    For Nostos Group:-
    Buff >> Pull first Group >> Dream Flower or Sheep song (BRD may assist)>> Pull Second Group to the First Group >> Dream Flower or Sheep song >> Cast Cruel Joke on both groups >> Cor Uses Random Deal/Wild Card >> Repeat the process.

    For Halo Group:-
    Buffs > Pull all >> Sleepga(BRD may assist) >> DDs Destroy Halo >> Cruel Joke on regular mobs >> DDs kill Halo Mobs with blue mage support.

    Note: Cruel Joke's Effect wears off if walking more than 10' from the target.

    For groups that resist Cruel Joke:
    Full Buff > Pull a group >> Cast Dream Flower >> Actinic Burst >> DD Kill.

    Gear Sets:-

    Cruel Joke Set:
    Note Use this set for Dream Flower on 3rd and 4th floor.
    Other option for Ear: Crepuscular Earring from Shinryu.

    Tanking evasion Set:
    Rosmerta's Cape
    Agi 20 Eva 25
    Fast Cast 10
    20 EVA MEVA
    Recommended: Sakpata's Sword Augmented.

    Enmity Set:
    Note: Use it for Temporal Shift, Actinic Burst and Fantod.
    Note: you can use similar equipment as the above for rings earring waist, back.

    Phalanx set:
    Phalanx 3+ Fast Cast +5

    Note: use this before pulls only.

    Fast Cast Set:
    Rosmerta's Cape
    "Agi 20 Eva 25
    Fast Cast 10
    20 EVA MEVA"

    Note: Use this set for Tenbral Crush, White Wind , Silent Storm and Cocoon.

    Blue Magic Skill:
    Note:Blue Magic Skill set has 608 skills including Merits and Job Gifts.
    Rosmerta's Cape: same as the above.
    Other option for Ammo: Mavi Tathlum
    Other option for Waist: Witful Belt
    Other option for Back: Cornflower Cape (Augmented Blue Magic skill 5-15)

    Note: Skills 599~649 = 12 shadows, 650+ for 13 shadows.

    Note: Use it for "Occultation", only before pulling a group.

    All UNM equipments are augemented.

    Blue magic Spell List:

    Tenebral Crush
    Reaving Wind
    Silent Storm
    Tempestuous Upheaval
    Dream Flower
    Sheep Song
    Rending deluge
    White wind
    Delta thrust
    Barbed crescent
    Erratic Flutter
    Temporal Shift
    Actinic Burst
    Sudden Lunge

    List of Sheol C Mobs vulnerable to Cruel Joke and Sleep spells:-

    Proof of concept:

    #1 Odyssey C annihilations segment earned 13610

    #2 Odyssey C annihilations segment earned 14117
    Credit to HeadSparkle

    I hope this guide encourages blue mages to tank in Sheol C, Thank you.

    Credits for Gearsets and spell set: Headsparkle.
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    Please provide more info regarding buffs for other DD and what you mean by BRD: Mambo x2, Ballad x1, honor march x1, or Minne x2.
    Also, why only mention Food: Miso Ramen +1?
    There's some decent evasion food now, blu spells are tuned for evasion as well. what's the needed evasion to cap on floor 4? how much in buffs would these sets require?

    I tried this once on my blu, died on f1 against apkallu w/ another set of jokable slept waiting for my return.

    kite set:
    turtle set:
    agi+20 eva+45 enmity+10 (it doubles as my enmity set cape)

    I am an escucheon goldsmith so orvail ring is a must, can't swap that for shenedik or it'd be easier to gear my blu.
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    BRD: Buff Blu with the mentioned buffs above , for other DD March x2 Minute x2, all the sets are tested by Headsparkle, You can find he's run video above under proof of concept, as for food your free to use other Evasion foods.
    Your sets seems fine, just don't switch sets a lot while pulling.

    EVA need to be 1400+ with songs