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    New Aussie LF Social LS

    Hello, I'm looking for a social English-speaking LS that plays on JST. I'm currently playing on Bismarck, but I don't mind switching servers since I need to change to an NA account as billing doesn't work on my current EU account (Crysta doesn't work and my card won't link properly).

    My current LS on Bismarck is awesome but their events run at 5-7AM AEST which isn't feasible for me if I plan to run with them in the future so yeah. On weekends I can play from around 2PM AEST onwards, not sure if that'll change much since it still looks like night owl hours in other timezones

    I've already tried asking on Reddit and on their Discord but to no avail, so if there are no LS in my timezone I might either hop around the JP ones or stick with my current LS. Any help or advice appreciated!
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