Good day, adventurers!
Matsui here.

Before we get into the next version update, I have a few words to say about a recent bug fix.

Vendor prices fluctuate for particular shops based on your progression in Odyssey, and certain items improperly did not have the correct minimum price set. As such it was possible to purchase certain non-limited items and sell them elsewhere to make a profit.

It in undesirable for such large amounts of gil to circulate throughout the economic, so we set an appropriate limit on vendor prices as needed.

We know that many of you have used this shop as one of the best places to vendor items in Vana’diel—whether or not those items were included in this recent fix—and we also consider this to be unintended behavior. In light of this and other concerns about the effect on the economy, disruptions to player convenience, and the fact that players were improperly using this vendor to generate large amounts of gil, we reserve the right to make additional changes going forward.

I would like to apologize to all players for any issues or inconvenience caused by the resolution of this issue.

And without further ado, here are the updates for July.

We are taking a month off from The Voracious Resurgence, and the battle team has prepared something special for you—a new high-tier battlefield. While we don’t want to lift the curtain on your foe’s identity just yet, I assume you that we have new rewards available for those who tackle the challenges within.

Expert Ambuscades see the return of the Sahagin, while normal features a battle against mushrooms. When fighting them, it’s best to remember that darkness is best banished using light—so how you handle the dark elemental present will be key. After all, mushrooms grow best where it’s dark...

Other adjustments include a couple make-end changes that we believe will help improve game controls and performance on certain machines. This may have some effect on other areas as well, and we encourage you to look at the version updates notes for more information.

Summer is about to be in full swing, and I, for one, hope it will be a mild one. Not that it matters much to me, as I’ll be spending my time in Vana’diel. See you there!

Content and System-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
JulyAmbuscade・Replace notorious monsters
・Replace reward items
JulyHigh-tier Battlefields・Create high-tier mission battlefields
・Create new reward items
JulyOdyssey・Adjust prices of items obtainable from the Pilgrim Moogle-
JulyTitles・Add new titles-
JulyMnejing's Receiver・Add to list of supported areas-
JulyPerformance・Adjust drawing for certain GPUs-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
JulyMonsters・Adjust certain monsters in accordance with removal of level difference penalty-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-Progress TaskDetails
JulyItem・Add new items-
JulyPorter Moogle・Add to list of supported items-