Good day, adventurers!
Matsui here with the latest FFXI news.

As we head into late spring, the refreshing breeze and comfortable temperatures really lift my spirits.
I’ve never dealt well with temperature extremes, so this is one of my favorite times of the year—although I may have said the same thing last autumn!

As you are all aware, FFXI will celebrate its 19th Vana’versary on May 16.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your steadfast support over the past 19 years—but I’ll save the rest of my thanks for the official Vana’versary greetings later in May!

Let’s get right into the new content for the May version update.

First up are job adjustments. I previously mentioned that we had finished up with individual job adjustments and have now turned our eye toward new job progression elements, but there are a couple more adjustments we wanted to make before diving deep into the next set of systems.
Specifically, there are some adjustments coming to rangers and some paladin spells. Don’t fret, though—we’re still on schedule for our new progression systems coming down the pipeline for all existing jobs.

The biggest adjustment comes for rangers. Many of you have commented that rangers feel a little bit weak as far as ranged attackers go, and after careful consideration we reached the conclusion that our upcoming job progression systems alone would be insufficient to solve this issue.
As such, we’re adding a new ability, Hover Shot. While I’ll leave the details for you to read in the version update information, the basic gist is that rangers will be gaining the ability to get increased damage when they move after making a ranged attack.
I hope you try this ability out when it hits the servers and leave us your feedback.

Odyssey is also getting adjustments to currency acquisition.
First, we’re adding a new item called the mog amplifier. This item increases reinforcement points gained in Odyssey, and works in much the same way as Abdhaljs seals.
Mog amplifiers can be purchased in exchange for mog segments, which you can now earn when completing Sheols A through C. Feel free to use those segments to purchase amplifiers.

Now that we’ve circled the three nations in The Voracious Resurgence, we’re heading back to Bastok for the start of the fourth installment.
I don’t want to spoil the content for anyone, so I hope you’ll play through the next chapter and tell us what you think.

Intense Ambuscades feature a return of the Mamool Ja—this time against the mages, marking this battle’s first return.

Normal Ambuscades feature flies this go around, with one pesky insect accompanied by a bevy of smaller, equally as pesky insects. The boss takes more damage when his minions are out and about, so you might be inclined to leave them up and just focus him down—but of course, everything comes at a price. This particular price is a powerful curse effect that grows more potent over time. In Japanese, the word for “noisy” can be written using the kanji for the month of May and “fly,” so this month’s battle is a bit of a play on words that Japanese-speaking players are particularly likely to appreciate—but I’m sure people the world over have suffered at the hands of buzzing insects interrupting an otherwise lovely day outdoors. Get your revenge in Vana’diel this May!

Additionally, with the 19th Vana’versary coming up, last year’s anniversary event, Mandragora Mania, is making a comeback with all new rewards and some new opponents to tackle.
If you’re finding your foes a bit too difficult, you may be able to pick up some hints from watching how the NPCs act!

And with that, I’d like to close out my greetings for this month.
I look forward to seeing you in Vana’diel for this wonderful anniversary month!

Mission and Quest-related
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
April Record of Eminence ・ Update monthly objectives -
April The Voracious Resurgence ・ Add new quests -
Content and System-related
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
May Ambuscade ・ Add new notorious monsters
・ Replace reward items
May Odyssey ・ Adjust Moogle segments
・ Adjustments to Reinforcement Points earned
・ Add new exchange items
May Trust ・Remove limited-time alter ego Matsui-P -
May Title ・ Add new titles -
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
May Ranger ・ Add new abilities
・ Adjust certain abilities
May Paladin ・ Adjust effects of certain spells -
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
May Synthesis Recipe ・ Add new recipes -
May Item ・ Add new items -
May Porter Moogle ・ Add to list of supported items -