Title: Incorrect Mog Bonanza Winnings

Operating System: Windows 10

ISP: Spectrum

Type of Internet Connection: DSL

Internet Connection Speed: 200 Mbp

Date & Time: 13/04/2021 16:30 EST

Frequency: Always

Character Name: Jorja

Race: Mithra

World: Bismarck

Main Job: BRD

Support Job: DRG

Area and Coordinates: Port Jeuno (I-9)

Party or Solo: Solo

NPC Name: Bonanza Moogle

Monster Name: None

Steps: Traded Bonanza Moogle Bonanza Pearl as required with a number of 637. With 37 being the last 2 digits should have received options for a rank 2 prize. Did not and only received a Bonanza Biscuit instead.