Platform: Windows
ISP: Telia
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 210 Mbps
Date & Time: 1/25/2021 17:00 GMT
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Hikarushi
Race: Mithra
World: Ragnarok
Main Job: Summoner
Support Job: Red Mage
Area and Coordinates: Odyssey - Sheol: Gaol
Party or Solo: Solo, Party
NPC Name: none
Monster Name: none

1. Prepare to enter Odyssey content Sheol: Gaol in Rabao: no abnormal connection behavior.
2. Enter Sheol: Gaol content: no abnormal behavior on entry.
3. Character/Party loads into Sheol: Gaol: abnormal connection behavior begins immediately upon zoning in, which causes various issues related to connection such as server response delay/lag. Bytes received per second (as can be seen on Windows process monitors networking tab) begin to increase rapidly, capping the ffxi download bandwith limit. This particular Sheol: Gaol specific issue persists whole run and does not disappear over time.
4. Clicking the Veridical Conflux inside Gaol and staying on the boss choice menu causes connection receive value to decay until it reaches normal amount comparable to being outside in Rabao and delay/lag disappears as long as player stays within said menu,
5. The moment player leaves this menu, either via cancelling decision or choosing which boss to face, bytes received per second begin again to rapidly increase while standing idle and doing absolutely nothing. Capping the innate download bandwith limit of ffxi and causing severe delay/lag on server response. No similar issue is experienced anywhere else in Vana'diel. Something within Sheol: Gaol is downloading abnormal amounts of data from FFXI servers every second and whole run, way more than the innate 3000 bytes per second limitation can handle. Latency remains consistent 360ms all run, yet server is sending so much data at once it takes several seconds to fully load. All actions done likewise get pushed behind all this data load, causing several second wait until server sends the action back and it happens on player side.