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    QOL Changes that i think would be nice to have ingame lol.

    Increase the number of charges NPC's can hold for Key Items to 7 and reduce the cooldown for receiving a new KI to 12 hours.

    Omen Canteen
    Odyssey Moglophone

    Reduce the Cooldown for Entering Dynamis D to 48 hours after leaving that instance.

    Increase the Number of Merit Points you can hold from 75 to 100.

    Add more Mog Wardrobes depending on the number of Characters on your account. Mog Wardrobes are now shared across all your Characters.

    Increase Maximum inventory space to 200.

    Add a material storage on the Mog Gardens where you can store all the crafting mats sorted by Craft.

    Add more AH Selling slots which is shared across all your account's characters.

    AH Selling slots increases depending on how many characters you have by 5 per additional Character

    Increase stack size of all items to 99.

    Using Sparks to purchase REM Chapters/Exp Rings/Etched Memory no longer count towards your weekly.

    Add Item: Experience Ring to the Sparks NPC. Functions like the Capacity ring but instead boosts experience points.

    Allow the Accolades NPC to sell Empyrean ilvl109 Upgrade mats for 10000 accolades provided you defeated that Empyrean NM (Example: Sobek Skin) before.

    Add an NPC where you can exchange 5 REM Chapters for 1 REM Chapters of your choice.

    Reduce the Omen Card Trading ratio from 10:1 to 2:1

    Rework Abyssea 15min timed NM's so they spawn every 5 minutes instead.

    Add Weekly ROE's for Delve/Incursion/Odyssey on the A.M.A.N. Trove

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    These would indeed be some nice QoL changes, but tossing my own opinions about them here too. :D

    Much agree with increasing omen and odyssey entry KI upper limit to 7 as some people are able to only play during weekend (due to work and stuff). As the system is, it forces these weekend warriors to waste 3-4 key items every week. Which in turn makes them lose out compared to people who are able to play daily. Touching the cooldown timer would lead to even more wasted key items though.

    Reducing Dynamis D timer likewise could potentially lead to loot price crashing even further when supply increases from more farming opportunities. Do we players want that? :3

    Merit points limit should indeed be increased. There's no particular reason to have it capped at 75 anymore. And let's not stop at 100, let's make it 500 like job points limit?! :D

    Sadly anything related to inventory and mog wardrobes place some serious strain on connection requirements. They would have to fix the server upload/download bandwith limitations first. Four wardrobes filled with gear are already pushing these limits. They should totally do job specific wardrobe that can only store job specific gear and that are only loaded when you change into that specific job. Perhaps add a moogle that manages all job specific equipment? And from which you can access the wardrobe of every job separately to add/remove gear.

    More AH selling slots would be very welcome and would also save tons of inventory space too. Handling all these extra server side "slots" would cause more strain on SE servers. Can they handle it? :3 The extra money gained from players having more characters should be a good incentive to create such system tho.

    Think they are working on increasing various stack sizes to 99. No idea how actively they follow that stack size thread in here though.

    They should totally adjust that sparks and accolades weekly limit to not include exp/cp rings and chapters as those have no monetary value. And thus not something RMT can abuse.

    Those empyrean upgrade mats are also used for empy weapons. If they were added to unity npc as purchasable items, nobody would ever again enter abyssea for anything aside zeni farming. :D

    REM chapter conversion system would be great. Even at 10 to 1 rate like omen cards. Sucks having to toss specific chapters because npc already has capped amount stored.

    Likewise adjusting omen cards trade ratio would be great. Some people are stuck on certain jobs for eternity (like the only person with white mage on group) and have hard time getting cards for other jobs. 10 to 1 ratio is just torture for these players.

    Delve and Incursion still require 3 people to enter. Locking A.M.A.N Trove RoE behind such condition could be difficult to clear for solo players. They should actually remove the 3 person entry condition. From Dynamis D as well.

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    If you didn't notice already, we have a super thread on this subject which is incidentally right next to this one in the index at the moment. I would suggest making use of that.

    Stack sizes to 99: Sounds nice in theory, but it causes problems for items that are really uncommon that no player is likely to accumulate 99 of or want to buy 99 of, forcing everyone to deal in singles instead. Only items that are common enough to stack 99 should stack 99.