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Thread: New Players!

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    New Players!

    When joining Asura (its been great so far, lots of nice people) i noticed a lot of Link shell groups were kind of higher level. A lot of them didn't feel like answering questions, or helping in lower end content. I can't really blame them, im sure they have helped hundreds of people just for them to disappear . Not sure if its allowed, didn't see anything against recruiting on here. But we are building a small team of new / returning players. We started the Link shell 3-4 days ago and we have grown to 15-20 players (mostly new, higher level players willing to help answer hard questions). If you are interested in joining, and tackling some of the end game content down the road, while getting to know each other along the way, please reach out to Solen, or try and look up someone in the Wishfulthinking Linkshell. Our purpose is to help one another level, and group for end game content. Thank you! And good luck out there
    -Solen Asura (originally Leviathan)

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    There was a recently introduced feature, t he assist channel, which was designed to help with such things like asking questions and help for new/returning players. You may find that while you see "lots" of people on Asura, there tend to be more close knit communities on other servers. Becuase it's been so popular it's caused a variety of issues. Now I'm not suggesting you change anything right now, but I felt like you should know the advice on going to asura that all newbies seem to get is flawed, and other servers would benefit from new players joining as well.