Greetings and salutations adventurers!

Due to the most recent emergency lockdown issued in Japan, the January Freshly Picked Vana'diel Digest unfortunately had to be canceled.

However Matsui has made a post on the Japanese side of the forums sharing the contents they had planned to share during the livestream and we've gotten the go ahead to translate and share some of that information with you!

(Please send your warm regards to Zhexos, he worked very hard to get this out to you all!



In January and February, we're planning to implement new Sheol content, where players will be able to upgrade their gear using points earned by defeating Notorious Monsters under certain conditions.
Up to six players can participate, and time limit is set to 15 minutes per Notorious Monster. You can fight up to 3 Notorious Monsters with each attempt.

Participation Requirements:
  • Complete the Records of Eminence Objective: Content - Odyssey - Sheol C
  • Have 3 Mogolophone II (*Item name may be subject to change.)
  • Have 3 jobs at level 99


After entering the instance from Rabao, you can trade the Moglophone II to the Pilgrim Moogle.

Preparation Area
In the preparation area, you'll be able to change jobs, as well as access the Mog Safe, Mog Satchel, Storage, and Wardrobes.
However, you won’t be able to access the Delivery Box.

Boss Area
You can call out your Alter Egos in the boss area.
Defeating the Notorious Monsters will send you back to the preparation area.

When participating as a party, on top of the requirement of having 3 jobs at level 99, party members cannot select the same job at the same time.

New Notorious Monsters
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Here's an example of some of the rewards. Once you upgrade it all the way, the following augments will be attached:
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N. Stringer
Acc+10 Weapon Skill Damage +5%
Automaton: Lv119 DMG+10
Lv99 - PUP
[1] Automaton: Acc+20 Magic Acc+20
[2] Automaton: HP+20

Opshitena sash
Enfeeblement magic duration+5%
[1] Magic Accuracy+15
[2] Enfeeblement Magic Skill+5
Obtaining Gear
  1. Defeat the Notorious Monster to obtain a key item.
  2. Purchase the item associated with the key item from the Pilgrim Moogle.
    (There aren't any Notorious Monster drops.)

Upgrading Gear
  1. Purchase the gear item.
  2. Earn reinforcement points (RP) by defeating the Notorious Monster at Veng +1 difficulty or higher.
  3. Trade the gear item with the Pilgrim Moogle.
The amount of RP earned will vary depending on the difficulty level, and is calculated based on the amount of HP the enemy has remaining.
Although you’ll still receive RP even if you run out of time, you’ll earn more if you manage to successfully defeat the Notorious Monster.

Future Updates
We're planning to add new Notorious Monsters and gear starting February. Please look forward to it!

In February, we're planning to introduce a new Iron Giant with a new design. We're currently working hard to get this implemented, as well as some nice gear for lockstyling.
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The Voracious Resurgence
We're planning to resume the Voracious Resurgence scenario in February, and this time the story will begin in San d'Oria.
Are my eyes playing tricks, or is that Rahal… dancing? We hope you’ll look forward to it!
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A Note on the Triska Scythe +1
NPCs will be placed in various nations in order to address the Triska Scythe +1 data issue.
If you have one that can't be delivered, please trade the item with these NPCs to have the data corrected.


January 2021 Login Campaign Items
Two new outfit items will be added for this month!
  • Adenium Masque
  • Adenium Suit
The new masque and suit will each be available for 500 points each, so be sure to save your points and exchange them!
(*Please note that there isn’t a HQ item this time around. Players will only need to exchange for one of the items.)

FINAL FANTASY XI BRING ARTS figures are still available for pre-order!
You can reserve either Shantotto & Chocobo or just the Chocobo at their respective links below:
Shantotto & Chocobo

That's all for today, but the January Digest will still be coming out this month and will be going over some of this information, as well as additional info on the Assist Channel!

Thank you all for your continued support!