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    Seeking Help and Advise For Starting Trial Size Trial by Earth

    Hello everyone!

    I recently filed a bug report in regards to me having issues with starting the quest for Trial Size Trial by Earth to fight the level 20 Titan.

    The bug report was deemed as working as intended, but since I'm still having issues I was hoping maybe a player might have advice for me.

    I appreciate any advice as I will try it all!

    In my bug report, another forum user named Alhanelem gave me some good advice and said to increase my reputation higher than two and try again by speaking with the NPC Ferrol multiple times to see if I can get the tuning fork of Earth from him.

    I've since increased my reputation to three with the nation of Bastok and am still not able to get the tuning fork even after spamming talking with Ferrol.

    Does anyone know if this quest has any other special conditions that I'm not aware of? Is there an item I need to have in my inventory? As far as I know, I only need to have reputation level 2 with Bastok, but I now exceed that requirement even.

    I'm also a level 26 SMN and meet the level requirements that I'm aware of. I have already defeated Ramuh and Shiva and did not run into issues when attempting to get the tuning forks from NPCs in those areas.

    Thanks again in advance to anyone who takes their time to comment!
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    I double checked to see if the NPC is involved in any other quests and they aren't. The only other idea I could come up with is try completing the other ones and then coming back to this. If you didn't fully complete the previous quests, do that as well (the warp with the tuning fork isn't really needed anymore with the home points at the entrance of every battlefield)

    Otherwise, you may just have to do the regular lv60 version of the quest instead. You can just have someone get you there and clear it for you aren't high enough level yet.

    Also, if you can, post screenshots (use imgur) showing what the NPC says when interacted and what the rep check NPC says about you in Port Bastok.

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    Check your fame once again to be sure.

    Fame Checker (Flaco): (E-6) Located in Port Bastok in front of the Steaming Sheep Restaurant.

    1 (Player Name)? What is that, some kind of snail? Oh, that's your name. You must be a rookie adventurer, right? If you want the people of Bastok to know who you are, you're going to have to start helping them out. Earn their trust and they will come to count on you to do more things for them.
    2 (Player Name)? Hmm...sounds familiar. Who was it again? Oh. Well uh...not many people know who you are, but if you work hard enough, word will get around about your good deeds.
    3 Oh, you're (Player Name). Yeah, I've heard of you. You're not doing too bad for an adventurer. Keep working hard, and the people of Bastok will come to recognize your efforts.
    4 Hello there, (Player Name). Quite a few people are talking about the things you've done for Bastok. People are starting to talk about you. Keep on doing whatever you're doing!
    5 Hello there (Player Name). A lot of people know what you've done for Bastok. People are saying good things about you. Keep up the good work!
    6 Most everyone in this country knows your name by now, (Player Name)! People are saying great things about you. You don't know how proud that makes me feel--I've been following your progress ever since you came to Bastok.
    7 You must be (Player Name). Don't look so surprised, as everyone knows your name and what you've done for Bastok. [Name], we're very proud to have someone like you as a Bastoker.
    8 Master/Miss (Player Name)! You are a hero to the people of Bastok! Everyone here knows your name and what you've done for us! You are the example every Bastoker should follow!
    9 Oh, it's you, (Player Name). I've known you since you started off here in Bastok, but I never thought you would come this far. You've become a household name in these parts. You're even considered a hero by some... like me. I pray that the Goddess Altana looks down upon you favorably in your journeys!

    I recommend this quest if you need more fame:

    Make sure you are on SMN when talking to the NPC.
    Do an /itemsearch for the mini tuning fork, see if it's not in your mog house or other bag by accident.

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    Fame should not matter any longer (possibly since the Feb 18, 2014 (JST) Version Update).

    Most important right now for us to be able to tell what is going on is to know what Ferrol actually says. :]
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