Greetings, adventurers!
Matsui here with information on the November version update.

Halloween is becoming a bit of a fixture here in Japan, and I dare say that it lends an air of mystery of autumn. Vana’diel’s Harvest Festival event is in full swing too, so I hope you’ll enjoy the festivities!

Let’s go over the November version update, shall we?

This month’s Ambuscade Volume 1 is a battle against Mamool Ja. On the other hand, Volume 2 is an arcana battle primarily featuring the Bomb family of monsters. Since it’s the 11th month of the year, we’ve prepared a special bonus for you—but it’ll take a little bit of work to figure out how to claim it! Those of you who usually stick with Volume 1 may want to try out Volume 2 at least once this month!

Additionally, the Assist Channel will be fully functional, following last month’s update where we only implemented the UI elements. The chat channel is designed to assist new and returning players as they become more accustomed with existing communities.

We also implemented countermeasures to help prevent the channel from being used in ways that go against its intended purpose. One aspect of this is re-examination of the mentor requirements, which involves resetting everyone’s current mentor status. Experienced adventurers will be able to quickly acquire mentor status under the new requirements, so have no fear! We’d appreciate any feedback you may have once you’ve tried the Assist Channel.

As for the Voracious Resurgence, the first part of Chapter 2 will be added this month. Chapter 2 will be taking place in Windurst and features a variety of adorable, stalwart, frightening, and rolanberry-loving personages you’ve come to know and enjoy.

The weather is starting to cool down, so make sure to stay healthy and enjoy your life in Vana’diel as well.
Please look forward to the November version update!

Mission and Quest-related
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
November Record of Eminence ・ Update monthly objectives -
November The Voracious Resurgence ・ Add new quests -
Content and System-related
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
November Ambuscade ・ Add new notorious monsters
・ Replace reward items
November Porter Moogle ・ Add to list of supported items -
November Title ・ Add new titles -
November Chat System ・ Add assist chat channel -
November Mentor ・ Change Mentor Requirements -
Implementation Timing Update Task and Details In-progress Task Details
November Item ・ Add new items -