Platform: Windows
ISP: Telia
Type of Internet Connection: Broadband Cellular Network (4G)
Internet Connection Speed: Approximately 28/4 Mbps
Date & Time: 2020-09-24T18:03+00:00
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Dragoy
Race: HumeM
World: Fenrir
Main Job: Samurai
Support Job: Warrior
Area and Coordinates: Adoulin
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: Waypoint
Monster Name: None

1. Have access to warping via waypoints in Adoulin.
2. Use, for example, the waypoint at (G-6) of the Eastern Adoulin.
3. Select 'Accept destination confirmation.'.
4. Receive the message: "You will be asked to confirm your choice of destination. Returning to normal teleportation mode."
5. Observe that the option has not changed from 'Accept destination confirmation.', and that no confirmation will be asked when selecting a destination.

Also reported in: Alter Egos won't teleport within a zone

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