Louverance as trust.


You Either Call the right one or the wrong one. Hence the title "Louverance ???"

If you call the right one You get the Louverance N Mistalle
(Hot-Headed Warrior/Dark Knight)
(Uses Last Resort, Soul Eater, Berserk)
(Weaponskill: Crescent Moon, Herculean Slash, Resolution)
(Text: "Louverance: Hello adventurer, it's been a while".)

If you call the wrong one You get Meransargel But looks Like Louverance.
(Thoughtful PLD/WAR with Greatsword)
(Uses Majesty, Cover, Rampart, sentinel, Provoke, Phalanx, flash, Cures)
(Weaponskills: (Spinning Slash, Torcleaver)
(Text: "Hello <name>, Ready for another adventure (Or something among those lines))"

This is just something i thought of would be nice to see louverance again.