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    The mentality of most of y'all perplexes me. You seem to be more defensive of the strange company practices than empathetic of a fellow player who has been wronged and nothing explained to him. It comes from a strange place of privilege that are glaringly obvious from comments like:
    Have you gone back and read your chat log at all? You were honestly pretty rude throughout the whole thing. I'm not trying to white knight SE, I can only tell you the truth: Most of my encounters with SE support (There have been many, I might have more GM calls than almost anybody lol) have been positive. There have been some snags along the way, however, being calm and courteous to someone who is clearly trying their best to help while following the rules they are bound by, goes a long way towards getting a more positive resolution.

    I'm not saying that being nicer would have magically gotten you what you wanted, but you're basically shooting the messenger. If you want to say you think there's a problem with SE's policies, that's fine, but being disrespectful to the support rep isn't.

    He told you what you were asking is beyond the scope of what he is able to provide. That's not giving you the runaround, that's just telling you the truth. They can't make special exceptions for one person, because then they'll be inundated with trivial calls from people who may try to abuse the support system.

    I think SE's policies on this issue should be re-examined, I agree with you on that. But being disrespectful is no way to get your point across. This wasn't a case of bad support, this was a case of questionable policies that support honestly and earnestly upheld.

    As far as your questions in the above post:

    "how was my account compromised"- There's no way they could tell you this. While a security token does improve security, it is still not 100% impervious to compromise. SE doesn't scan people's computers (in many countries that would be breaking the law) for tools or anything, so whatever method was used to gain access would be unknown to them, other than "they logged in."

    "What date"
    They should at least be able to tell you when a character was deleted if that happened. I'll give you that.

    "Why can't it be restored"
    The most probable answer is the one I already gave you: More than a week had passed between when you were compromised (Though again, they should at least be able to give you a date on character deletion in order to make this determination). Item/account restorations must be requested promptly after an incident.

    (I don't entirely agree with that policy, but if there is no limitation on how far back you can go, this could be abused to undo game activity for reasons other than "I lost something", and they're probably unwilling to roll someone back more than so far, or are unable to (i.e. they likely only keep a certain number of backups.)

    And I think it's really disrespectful of you to paint me / us "victim blamers." We're simply informing you of the policies surrounding your issue, and pointing out some facts. I'm very sorry this happened to you, and I'd agree with the notion that they should examine their policies about this sort of thing for possible improvement. But the support rep did the best they could with the rules they were bound by. I wouldn't wish your situation on my worst enemy, but I also understand why you didn't get the outcome you were hoping for.

    All I can suggest is that you take a lesson from this because it will apply to any online game you play: You are responsible for whatever happens to or with your accounts, even if you aren't the one using them, and you alone bear the consequences if anything happens. i.e. if you let someone use your account in a game and they do something to get that account banned, you have to accept the consequences of that. If your account is compromised and the person who did it gets you in trouble... Well long story short is you're responsible for the security of your account. If the conditions are right they can fix things for you, but don't count on it. Practice good security as your first line of defense.
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    Sure, I'll give you that I was a tad upset in my conversation with him up to a point. I did not go full blown Karen. I never said anything to him and infact called him a kind GM when addressing him if you read my logs. The only time I was close to rude was when I was being condescending (rightfully so?) regarding the "oversight" he eluded to.

    That being said I ain't about to fight a guy who seems to be known for being "contentious" on these boards as pointed out by other members. Seems like a waste of time and effort. Instead let me try to paint this in a slightly different tone:

    Throughout my questions, emails, and run arounds (submitting my photo ID 3x, getting 3 different state licensed notaries to sign the account recovery forms, etc) I was nothing but compliant and patient in my tone. Imagine following the procedures exactly as the company details and then getting back strange email replies like "This is being handled by another team" and "This has already been handled" or "Call our phone lines as this is too complicated to reply back via email".

    I even mentioned I was grateful that I got my account back... but I was also very insistent that I would like to have my character rolled back prior to when I was stripped of all belongings. I did not think I was asking for much truthfully. I was told this was possible and directed to the account recovery form I mentioned above.

    I'm to the point where I just don't care anymore. It's not about getting my stuff back. It's just a message I think SE needs to hear; These policies are unfair and need to be more transparent and/or reworked. No one should lose years worth of progress and have no rationale as to why the parent company cannot help in some way/shape/form. Could we at least agree there?

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    Greetings, Urbanmyth!

    I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention. As an update, your request was escalated and is currently under review. I will be closing this thread, however if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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