Good day, adventurers!
Matsui here with details on the August version update.

The rainy season should have been over in Tokyo a little while ago, but as I write my greetings for this month, we’re still stuck in the middle. Many places in Japanese have experienced record-setting torrential rains and flooding, with many lives lost and communities devastated. I’d like to take this opportunity to hope that relief come to these communities—and indeed, any other communities around the world—and that calmer summer skies will be upon us soon.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for August.

The most exciting news I have to share is that a brand-new storyline will be coming to Vana’diel! This story, which will play out over the course of many version updates rather than just a few, explores a side of Vana’diel that’s never before seen the light. Be aware that full completion of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel is required to experience this wonderful new content, so I hope that those of you who haven’t set experienced Iroha’s tale in full will take this opportunity to do so.

Next up are job adjustments, which will be coming to beastmasters this month. We’ve got some adjustments to accuracy, magic accuracy, and subtle blow that take effect when a beastmaster and their pet are attacking the same target. We’re also adding a veritable herd of new pets to your menagerie! Rather than one-size-fits-all pets, we’ve elected to bring ones with very specific strengths and weaknesses. One thing of note: Our beastmaster adjustments for this month are predicated on the belief that beastmasters’ strength should be fighting together with their pets, while leaving the door open for other adjustments at a later date.

Intense Ambuscades this month will feature an all-new battle against magic-wielding Mamool Ja. As you would expect from an Intense Ambuscade, this battle is intended for veteran players who understand the roles that their jobs should play. Since recent Intense Ambuscades have been revivals of previous ones, we wanted to bring you a new battle for you and your allies to puzzle out. We’ve also got Mamool Ja-themed equipment as a reward for this Ambuscade, so make sure to try your hand at the new battle before it goes away in September!

The Normal Ambuscade this month features a Rafflesia whose combat prowess is tied to its mandragora allies. While defeating the mandragora may weaken it, beware of defeating too many! Try to defeat only as many as you need to to seize victory.

On an unrelated note, it occurs to me that most of my greetings start off with talking about the weather or other seasonal topics, which I’m sure strikes some of you as rather banal. For those of you living outside of Japan, I’ve often asked you to envision the weather in a place you might never have set foot in before—now I’d like you to do the opposite, and tell me about what summer is like where you’re from. Some places have wet, sticky summers, and others have hot, dry summers. I find learning about the world an incredibly fulfilling topic, so let me know what summer is like where you’re from.

Wherever you may be, I hope that you’re looking forward to spending August in Vana’diel!

Below is the usual table of items to be added to the next version update. Be aware that some items are currently undergoing final testing, so there’s a possibility certain bits may have to get pushed off to the future.

Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustRecords of Eminence・Add new objectives
・Update monthly objectives
AugustNew Scenario・Add new quest-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustAmbuscade・Add new notorious monsters
・Create new items
・Replace reward items
AugustPorter Moogle・Add to list of supported items-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustBeastmaster・Add new job traits
・Create new pet
・Adjust certain pets
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and DetailsIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustSynthesis Recipe・Add new recipes-
AugustSynergy Recipe・Add new recipes-
AugustItem・Add new items-